Is it evil?

Ponder this mission statement:
" To encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will."

Do you have any issues with that? That is the mission statement of a L.A. Satanic temple.

The L.A. Times ran an article the new generation of Satanists. I've encountered some of these folks in the past. For the most part I find it odd and misguided, but I feel the same way about people who are into Reiki, Scientology or the vibes of the universe. Do your thing, but I'm not interested.

My view changes when something is dangerous. Obviously worshiping evil can be dangerous, but the truly evil people are mixed in with the confused and lost seeking something out there and I guess that is the point. Evil blends in. It wraps itself in the disguise of social causes, feel good movements and attracts those who are looking for a place to release their angst and fear and anger and whatever else they carry.

We all face that. We all have a path to choose.Should the fact that self proclaimed Satanists would are more inviting than Christians be concerning?

Read the article and tell me what you think

Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion

Alisa LaPolt Snow, the lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates has reluctantly shown the true desires of Planned Parenthood. That desire is to kill infants even after they are born. Her statement that the decision of if a child lives or dies should be between the patient and the health care provider provides a telling moment. When a child is born alive that child becomes the patient. A health care provider to is provide health and care. Extinguishing life does neither.

Like every other immoral issue when an inch is given a yard is taken. This has morphed from a personal decision of a woman to control her body to the outright murder of another person by a publicly funded killers in lab coats.

This is sick, evil and even pro choice supporters ought to recognize the facts and speak out against it.

Explaining My Opposition to Same Sex Marraige

I'm rarely asked to explain it. When someone who supports same sex marriage finds out that I strongly oppose the idea, most are quick to label me homophobic, bigoted, or intolerant, but I'm hardly ever asked to explain exactly why I oppose the idea of same sex marriage. Maybe people don't really care why and I guess that's as good a reason as any. But for those who are curious, I can assure you it's not out of bigotry or a mean spirit.

There are actually several reasons why I stand against the idea of same sex marriage and I didn't form my opposition overnight. I've spent a considerable amount of time contemplating the issue.

In my radio days you could not just spout off your opinion without having a solid basis from which to defend it. Thousands of people heard every word and many were lined up to take you to task if you did not completely understand what you were talking about.

Most people tossing out their opinion on gay marriage have not really thought about much. They base their support on emotion. If you are gay and really want to get married, I would much rather talk to you than someone who just posts a little red flag on Facebook to show they are hip. If I reacted based strictly on emotion, I don't think I would have much opposition to the idea. On the surface it sounds perfectly reasonable. If two people love each other and want to get married why should anyone oppose that?

I'm not against love. In fact we could use more of it. The problem is most of us no longer even understand what love is. Love in society had been replaced by "like" or "lust". We love the beach and love our smartphone and that outfit at the mall. We are attracted physically to others and hope that lust leads to some form of love. If it doesn't, oh well on to the next relationship. Even real love does not mandate marriage.

So let me explain a few reasons why gay marriage is a bad idea.:

Equality. All this talk about equality and gay rights is worthless. Things are equal as they stand. Anyone who wants to get married can do so assuming they are of legal age. Even gay people can get married. They just  have to marry a person of the opposite sex. The same rules apply to straight people so marriage today is in fact already equal.

Definition: Marriage means two different things joined together to create something new. If you marry red and yellow you get orange. If you marry red and red you get red. Nothing has happened and therefore it's impossible to "marry" two of the same.

When two people get married they enter into a legal and binding agreement. If the definition of "marriage" is suddenly changed, you have now effectively nullified every agreement under the old definition. No one is married anymore since the basis of the legal definition had been significantly altered. If you buy a house under a contract and the meaning of "house" suddenly changes to a cardboard box that agreement is no longer valid.

Laws of Nature: It's always puzzled me how some gay people try to mirror the heterosexual family dynamic. They want to marry, raise children, have a house and a white picket fence. Putting all opinions aside, and scientifically considering the issue, two people of the same sex can't biologically reproduce. Nature won't allow it. Good luck lobbying to change the laws of mother nature.

Christianity: I know I'm going to offend some dear friends by saying this but if you claim to be a Christian you can not support same sex marriage. Homosexual acts are clearly and expressly forbidden on several occasions in the Bible. It's declared an abomination. The offense is so severe the penalty is death. To have any other view rejects the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

For my Catholic friends, the teaching of the church on this issue is clear. Marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament can't not go against scripture. If you disagree with the church then please stop claiming to be Catholic. You're lying to yourself and being hypocritical to both sides.

Society: There are a million things that have caused the decay of society. I certainly can't blame homosexuality for it. Still there are several steps we have taken that have led us to where we are today. Lewd music, movies, distortion of sexuality, divorce, abuse, destruction of the family, loss of faith and morals the list goes on and on. We have rotted as a nation. We have promoted perversion in the mass media and allowed an entire generation to consume it as entertainment. As a result, we are now actually debating the 2000 year old definition of the word marriage.

There are so many more gay people today because we have failed to demand morals and standards of ourselves and our children. Homosexuality is a choice in the sense that one chooses to act or not act upon it, but boys are not taught to be men. Often times a father is not even in the home. Girls are not taught modesty and expectations are lowered and we continue to spiral out of control with a majority of people cheering it on or simply dismissing issues as no big deal.

For the record, I don't think government should be telling us how to live our life. It's pretty sad the we would turn to Washington, DC to tell us what marriage is and what it isn't. After all the shouting, flag waving and finger wagging is done on both sides, what the supreme court says doesn't even matter. That's because the real Supreme Court isn't in Washington, DC.

The real Supreme Court does not care about your opinion, your Facebook avatar or what bumper stickers you put on you car. It does not care that you think gay rights is the same as civil rights or that people should live how they want to live.

We can change the laws of man all we want, but the laws of God do not change. Those law does not evolve with the times or bend to the cries of political action groups. They don't care about poll results or how you feel about it. So if you really want to understand why I oppose gay marriage it comes down to this. I believe each and every one of us will stand before the true Supreme Court. Gay, straight, believers and non-believers. We will give an account of our life to be judged. At that moment I hope to honestly say that I hated no one, but spoke the truth in and out of season as the Lord commanded. Will you?

Hey Aren't You????

It still happens to me every now and then. I'll be talking with someone and they will remember me from my radio days. "Hey aren't you Powerball?"

The other day I met a gentleman who out of the blue just stuck up a conversation. He told me about how he was raised Catholic but in his teenage years became involved with a Neo Nazi group.

He used to pray the rosary under a poster of Hitler in his room. A bit of a conflict of ideas if you ask me.

You may wonder how he didn't see the conflict himself. If one only goes through the motions of religion and doesn't truly understand the foundation and teaching, then they are vulnerable to any and all ideas, both good and evil.

That is just what happened to this man. He ran from idea to idea thinking each one was right at the time. It wasn't until the responsibilities of a wife and children did he begin to really seek.

I'm happy to tell you he was given a Bible as a gift and began to read and understand. That brought him back to the truth. He shared with me that even though he rebelled against God, it was his early days in the church that showed him the way back home when he was ready to follow.

He talked about this radio show he used to listen to. It was the radio program I produced for years. When I told him I produced that program he smiled and asked, "Hey aren't you Powerball"? That whole time each topic, each guest, each caller was pulling on his heart.

I don't take credit for any of it. I was just blessed to be a part of it and was sorry to see it end when a new path was laid before me.

It funny how life changes so many things, yet was is good and true always remain, even if we spend years trying to bury it.

Assessing the Reassessment

In mid-2011-when all indications were that the County was on pace to complete the court-ordered reassessment and taxpayers would be getting notice of their new values as early as July-the Institute obtained two months of sales data on single family homes in order to compare the existing assessments on the homes with the new assessment as soon as it became available. Similar analysis was carried out in 2005 when the County was scheduled to unveil new assessment values for 2006. Unfortunately, the County chose to scrap the 2005 assessments leading to prolonged court cases ending in a Supreme Court order to reassess.

A week ago the County mailed the last of the 2013 reassessment notices out to residents in the north and west parts of the County. For the County as a whole, the new assessments put the total value of properties 35 percent above the assessed value currently in place. Changes in assessments vary widely across municipalities and school districts.

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