Racist Abortions: Planned Parenthood Audio

You though it could not get any more horrifying. You were wrong.......

After returning raise, LaGrotta took it back

Former state Rep. Frank LaGrotta revoked repayment of his controversial 2005 pay raise after he lost his 2006 re-election bid, boosting his pension benefit. Read More

1 in every 100 Americans in jail

Pennsylvania had the largest prison population growth in the Northeast last year, part of a national trend of proliferating prison populations in which more than one in 100 American adults now is incarcerated, according to a study released yesterday by the Pew Center's Public Safety Performance Project. Read More


Many who stopped paying their mortgage are still paying on the cards. From the story: Rising living costs, along with cheap and plentiful credit, have led consumers to rely more on plastic to pay for necessities they can't live without — and luxuries they don't want to do without.

USA Today


They believe, somehow, 18 year olds with drinking problems will seek help if it’s legal.

Maybe help carrying the case of beer to the car!



Story explains “The execution has been delayed for months by a legal wrangle over who has the authority to approve the executions.”



The 26-year-old explained “It was a commitment I made about three months ago. I'm going to stick to it.”

Boy am I gald there are people like this still left in the world.

ABC News


Even Democrats. The story notes “Tacking to the left on the economy would be vindicated in the eyes of many if Mr Obama won in either Ohio or Texas next Tuesday. But officials on John McCain’s Republican campaign believe Mr Obama has given them ammunition for the general election.”

Financial Times


And urges his followers to do so as well. (CBS News)

As Byron York explains, the Farrakhan trouble isn’t over. (NRO)

Meanwhile, Obama’s middle name has become news. (Time)


She slams down the gender card. (ABC News)

Another story begins “Fighting to survive, Hillary Rodham Clinton is counting on female power to energize her faltering presidential bid.” (Star Tribune)

Some Democrats believe Hillary’s camp will sue over the complicated delegate selection process in Texas. (Houston Chronicle)

AP seems to have chosen their candidate, with a picture of Hillary with a devil right by her head.

Planned Parenthood Agreed to Accept Race-Motivated Donations

In the Planned Parenthood story posted here earlier on Thursday, it appeared that the “eagerness” to accept donations from an actor playing an obvious racist in order to abort black babies was just at the Planned Parenthood office in Idaho. It is actually much worse.

The Family Research Council reports that Planned Parenthood clinics were contacted by the “racist donor” in seven states, inquiring if they would be willing to accept a donation earmarked for the abortion of black babies.

Every last clinic agreed. Not one employee objected or questioned the request, even when the actor insisted that the purpose was to "lower the number of black people" in America. Click here for a montage of these calls.

Meanwhile, Gary Bauer reports that several members of Congress are calling for an end to federal subsidies for the nation’s largest abortion provider. Their call is coming on the heels of yet another scandal involving Planned Parenthood, which is already under investigation in at least one state. (A Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas is facing 107 charges, including nearly two dozen felonies, for violating the state’s 24-hour waiting period law and its parental notification law, among other issues.) The latest scandal involves a Planned Parenthood website that purports to offer “medically accurate” information to teenagers. Evidently, that includes encouraging them to view pornography on the Internet, even while recognizing that it is technically illegal for anyone under 18 to do so.

Responding to this accusation against Planned Parenthood, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said, “We should shut off all federal dollars to any organization that provides abortion services or counseling. There should be no money that goes to any Internet site that promotes promiscuity or sexual license in any way. If there is going to be sexual license promoted, let that happen some place else. But the federal government should not be subsidizing it.”

Catholics Asked to Stop Susan G. Komen Support

The Diocese of Little Rock is urging its members not to donate to a breast cancer foundation known for its fundraising races across the globe because the group supports Planned Parenthood.

The diocese says the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, which has invested about $1 billion in cancer outreach and research, gives money to Planned Parenthood to hold breast exams and offer education to women in its clinics.

"Donors cannot control how an organization designates its funds," a diocese statement reads. "Therefore, money donated for a specific service ... directly frees up funds to support other areas of an organization's agenda."

Marianne Linane, director of the diocese's "respect life" office, said those other agendas includes abortions and contraceptive services. The Catholic church's policy is that abortion is wrong in every instance.

Linane said the Little Rock diocese, which oversees all churches in Arkansas, used the same statement sent out by the church's St. Louis diocese last year. However, the end of the Little Rock letter included addresses of Arkansas hospitals parishioners could donate to that would eliminate "the administrative funds for a middle broker."

Monsignor J. Gaston Hebert sent the statement to parishes and Catholic schools this month and planned to send out a follow-up letter, Linane said. Hebert did not return a call for comment Tuesday.

Little Rock follows other dioceses in raising concerns with the foundation. In 2005, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston abandoned its support of the foundation, while in 2006 the newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix took issue over Komen's Planned Parenthood funding.

Rebecca Gibson, a spokeswoman for the Komen foundation, said the group invested $69.6 million in more than 1,600 community-based education and screening programs during 2007. Planned Parenthood received less than 1 percent of that money, she said.
"It's insignificant in relation to all of the funding we do," Gibson said. "I think it's just really unfortunate undue attention is being shed on organizations that are providing vital services in those communities."

The diocese's decision comes as northwest Arkansas prepares for its running of the Race for the Cure on April 19.

Officials estimated Little Rock's running last year brought out more than 43,000 participants and raised more than $1.65 million.

LaGrotta still eligible for pension

Voted out of office and sentenced for putting ghost employees on his legislative payroll, former state Rep. Frank LaGrotta has been down on his luck. That's down, but not out. Read More

No disruption in student loans, PHEAA says

Colleges across Pennsylvania yesterday began notifying thousands of their students that they must find a lender other than the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency to finance their federally guaranteed student loans. Read More

Erosion of the Church

A recent release by the Pew Forum shows one out of every ten adult Americans is a lapsed Catholic. The numbers come from the "Religious Landscape Survey".

Catholics still constitute the single largest religious denomination in the US, accounting for 23.9% of the adult population. Combined Evangelical churches are 26.3% of the American population. Yet those number divide among the different Protestant denominations.

Baptists run a distant second, with 12.7%. If you add together Americans who have deserted the Catholic Church of their childhood you have the third-largest religious group in the country, with 10.1% of the population.

About 44% of adult Americans now belong to a church different from the one in which they were raised. The Religious Landscape Survey shows that mainline Protestant churches have suffered the most severe losses, and Protestants are now barely clinging to their majority status, with 51% of the population. The largest gains show up, ominously, in the "unaffiliated" category, which now accounts for 16% of America's increasingly secularized people.

It's no wonder, when sex scandals, homosexual clergy and cirrus side shows with Jesus as the opening act grab headlines. As the lights, music and highly polished presentations of Christianized feel good social clubs draw people away from traditional denominations, one has to wonder what else is being abandoned in the process?

The Catholic proportion of the US population has remained roughly constant over the past 30 years. But 29% of American Catholics are of Hispanic origin. It no wonder we see the Catholic church joining the immigration debate and at times offering safe harbor for illegal immigrants. For without the Hispanic population, Catholic representation in America would decline sharply.

31.4% of the respondents said that they had been raised as Catholics. 2.6% had entered the Church as converts. But again, 10.1% had left the Catholic faith. That math does not paint a pretty picture. For every new convert, the Church loses four Catholics.

Blame for this is not in short supply. However blame does not change the fact that Catholics are leaving the faith. So why the exodus? My own theory is people don't not understand and have not been properly taught what it is they accept or reject.

Most Catholics can not express, explain, share or defend the scraps of Church teaching they have absorbed in their lifetime. Their Catholic faith is equal to their ethnic identity. It's something they are born with. They accept the identification regardless of their beliefs. In fact only a minority of self-described Catholics are regular church-goers. If you talk to any Catholic convert you will quickly find they know much more about the Church than most life long Catholics.

One encouraging sign I see is many young people are discovering the Church. In the wake of baby boomer generation, many are starving for truth. The seek leaders with moral clarity that will not wavier with the changing tides of culture. Some of that leadership is coming from sources other than clergy. There are some wonderful lay apostolate efforts that are challenging all people to not only learn, but live their faith.

The damage that has eroded the Church will not be repaired in quick fashion. Yet the process must begin. We are promised the survival of His Church. The question must be, are we active members of His Church, or simply associated in some superficial manner?

Pew Research


From the story: An apology is a necessary first step because it recognizes a wrongdoing, says Hilary Shelton of the NAACP. He says it's "hollow," though, unless it leads to a remedy for African-Americans, who still suffer economically and educationally from the aftereffects of slavery and segregation.

USA Today


The story begins “Children whose parents spank them or otherwise inflict physical punishment may be more likely to have sexual problems later.” But the authors lump spanking in with slapping, hitting and throwing objects at kids.

USA Today


One teacher noted "Only two kids out of the 26 had parents who were married. Most of these kids had no father figure at home. To come to school and have that male authority figure who was treating them respectfully made a huge difference."



From the story: Mr. McCain’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate for president and the happenstance of his birth in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 are reviving a musty debate that has surfaced periodically since the founders first set quill to parchment and declared that only a “natural-born citizen” can hold the nation’s highest office.

NY Times


As part of her child poverty plan, which includes “early education initiative that starts with nurse's visits for pregnant women, lets children begin the Head Start program earlier and calls for universal pre-kindergarten programs.”

ABC News

Planned Parenthood: Wanting Fewer Blacks 'Understandable'

From the Story: A student-run magazine at UCLA has revealed an undercover investigation in which representatives of Planned Parenthood, the nation's abortion industry leader, admitted willingness to accepting a financial donation targeting the destruction of an unborn black baby.

Lila Rose, who edits The Advocate, previously revealed how Planned Parenthood officials expressed a willingness to conceal statutory rape, an investigative piece that earned her an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.

The Advocate released a transcript of a conversation between an actor presuming to be a racist and wanting to make a donation, and a woman identified as Autumn Kersey, vice president of marketing for Planned Parenthood of Idaho.

Actor: I want to specify that abortion to help a minority group, would that be possible?
Planned Parenthood: Absolutely.
Actor: Like the black community for example?
Planned Parenthood: Certainly.
Actor: The abortion – I can give money specifically for a black baby, that would be the purpose?
Planned Parenthood: Absolutely. If you wanted to designate that your gift be used to help an African-American woman in need, then we would certainly make sure that the gift was earmarked for that purpose.
Actor: Great, because I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don't want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids. I just had a baby; I want to put it in his name.
Planned Parenthood: Yes, absolutely.
Actor: And we don't, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better.
Planned Parenthood: (Laughs) Understandable, understandable.
Actor: Right. I want to protect my son, so he can get into college.
Planned Parenthood: All right. Excuse my hesitation, this is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited, and want to make sure I don't leave anything out.

Would any of the Pennsylvania State Legislators who recently voted to maintain Pennsylvania’s funding of Planned Parenthood care to comment?

Former Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope dies

The former broadcaster died this morning at 79 after battling various health ailments over the past year, including recurring cases of pneumonia. Myron Cope was well known here and across the nation for his colorful phrases while providing commentary during Pittsburgh Steelers football games.


PHEAA to suspend new loans

Pennsylvania's student-loan agency will temporarily stop making new loans through a federal program in response to a credit crunch that has created turmoil in the bond markets, the agency's acting chief executive said yesterday. Read More

Slots revenue predicted to tumble

If Wall Street analysts have it right, Pennsylvanians can kiss goodbye some of the money they've been promised in property tax relief from gaming. Read More

Put On Your Global Warming Sweater

I'm really, really hoping Al Gore and his friends stumble upon this post.

Part of science is searching for proof to validate a theory. Prior to that proof discovery, one looks for clues and evidence as guideposts to point them in the right direction. Global warming is in the theory stage, even though many have just jumped ahead to considering it fact.

When you base things on emotional response and how you think they are, it's easy to get lost. Take for instance evidence for a cooling planet.

The most recent data from the past year shows China had its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad saw its first snow in all recorded history. North America had the most snow cover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

That's good news right? Not if you have invested billions of dollars in the global warming theory.
While we can't say one 12 month period defines our global condition, we also can not ignore that recent evidence and hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. A compiled list of all the sources can be seen here.

The total amount of cooling is in a range large enough to wipe out nearly all the warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year's time! For all four sources, it's the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down. Should we now sound the global COOLING alarm?

So why the sudden change? Scientists link the cooling to reduced solar activity which they claim is a much larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases. While the data doesn't itself disprove that carbon dioxide is acting to warm the planet, it does demonstrate clearly that more powerful factors are now cooling it.

Could it be that God is that more "powerful factor" in control here? Is it possible that the Creator of the universe actually considered man might have an environmental impact on the planet by simply living here. Has anyone considered God may have factored green house gases into his divine plan?

Or could it be an over reaction to global warming fears has plunged us into the deep freeze?
Let' s hope it not the later. The mean temperature of the planet is about 54 degrees. Humans, and crops and animals prefer a temperature closer to 70. It looks like the mercury has much more room to move up then down and still keep us alive.

There is much more then temperature at stake here. If one believes that man can destroy the entire planet, then he must also believe that man can save the world. To believe the after of the globe rest in our hands assigns a greater power to man over God. It's possible the global warming crowd is more interested in power than temperatures. That's a chilly thought.


After posing in her underwear on a fire truck. (FOX News) Citizens apparently didn’t follow her advice to “get over it.” (FOX News)


Story notes “The case tests the constitutionality of a handgun ban in Washington, D.C., where in 1976 officials imposed one of the nation's strictest gun-control laws in response to alarming levels of gun violence. The justices will hear arguments on March 18; a ruling is likely by the end of June.” (USA Today)

John Stossel explains “laws that make it difficult or impossible to carry a concealed handgun do deter one group of people: law-abiding citizens who might have used a gun to stop crime. Gun laws are laws against self-defense.” (Townhall)


Story begins “Aggressive cuts and thrusts over Iraq, health care and campaign tactics dominated the 20th and possibly final Democratic debate...” (USA Today)

Hillary got in a few good shots. (Washington Times)

She blasted him for not outright rejecting Farrakhan. (CNN)

Meanwhile, Hillary is claiming in an ad that the late Ann Richards would support her. Richards’ sons aren’t so sure. (AP)

Maggie Gallagher addresses the health insurance debate. Note, she refers to Obama’s “Bob the Builder campaign designed to appeal to the toddler in every American.” (Townhall)

Video poker might be good bet -- Onorato

Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato says he's "not running away" from the drink tax. But in remarks Monday to the Pennsylvania Press Club, Onorato said he'd like to find an alternative from the state, and that legalizing and taxing video poker machines on a limited basis statewide might be a solution. Read More

Lawmaker targets exhibits like 'Bodies'

Pennsylvania regulates the preparation of dead animals for display, but there's nothing on the books about exhibiting plasticized human cadavers. That will change if freshman state Rep. Michael E. Fleck has his way. Read More

Not so fast, Democrats tell Nader

Ralph Nader has jumped into the presidential race, contending that he wants to energize third-party politics. But angry Pennsylvania Democrats say Nader should first settle his legal bills from his last presidential campaign. Read More

Hinn Turns Over Material to Senate Panel

A senator's investigation into spending and oversight at six "prosperity gospel" ministries has hit a roadblock with a minister intensifying his efforts to fight the inquiry, but made progress on Monday when another turned over documents.

Flamboyant Texas-based faith healer Benny Hinn had turned over material to the Senate Finance Committee in response to a letter of inquiry from Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, in early November, an aide to the senator said.

Meanwhile, another target of Grassley's investigation, Kenneth Copeland, sent a letter to supporters this month accusing Grassley of targeting the six ministries because of theological disagreements. Grassley denies the charge.

Copeland, whose supporters have called Grassley's office to protest, is a pioneer of the prosperity gospel, which teaches that God wants his followers to be rich both spiritually and materially.


We Are


The nutty story begins: PETS at risk of self-harm are increasingly being prescribed anti-depressants because they cannot discuss problems in their lives with others, a leading veterinarian says.



If passed, the story notes, it would give judges “new, limited authority to reduce the size of a mortgage and freeze or even reduce interest rates.”

So much for that free market thing... Keep an eye on Senate Democrats on this one.

LA Times


But that includes those who change denominations. Story also claims “The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey estimates the United States is 78 percent Christian and about to lose its status as a majority Protestant nation, at 51 percent and slipping. More than one-quarter of American adults have left the faith of their childhood for another religion or no religion at all, the survey found.”

FOX News


Obama had a lead two weeks ago. (Gallup)
Many believe Nader joining the race won’t have an impact this time. (USA Today)
And military leaders are very uneasy with the thought of Obama. (Washington Times)


Though, the story notes, both candidates “promise to curb the influence of corporate lobbyists in Washington.”

USA Today

Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens

(CNSNews.com) - Teenwire.com, the Planned Parenthood Web site that says it was created "to provide medically accurate sexual health information for teens on the Internet," is advising teens that viewing pornography is a normal and "safer" way of enjoying sex. Read more…

Can someone remind me again why our tax dollars are funding Planned Parenthood?

Tax-Funded Abortion

(Family Research Council) When Congress returns this week from its 10-day recess, several pieces of legislation await--not the least of which are two bills that could determine whether American taxpayers will become the biggest patrons of global abortion.

As part of the bill to reauthorize health coverage for Native Americans, Senator David Vitter (R-La.) has proposed an amendment to ensure that "health care" does not include tax-funded abortion. Vitter's proposal mirrors that of the Hyde amendment, which prevents the federal government from funding abortion through Medicaid. Because the Indian Health Service (IHS) is subsidized by Interior Department appropriations, the Hyde amendment does not apply.

If the measure passes, the longstanding policy would be codified, and IHS could not use government funds to pay for abortion-on-demand. Please call your senators at 202-224-3121 and ask them to support the Vitter amendment to S.1200.

The Archbishop and Sharia

By Chuck Colson

There are an estimated 1.6 million Muslims in Great Britain. By some estimates, more people attend mosque than go to Anglican churches every week. Judging by recent comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury, it is easy to see why.

As most of you by now know, Archbishop Rowan William said in a recent interview that the “UK has to ‘face up to the fact’ that some of its citizens do not relate to the British legal system.” He left no doubt who those “citizens” are: British Muslims.

So according to Williams, British Muslims should not have to choose between “the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty.” Instead, in the tradition of having your cake and eating it too, he proposes finding “a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law”—in other words, sharia.

British Muslims could choose to have “marital” or “financial” disputes resolved in sharia courts. Sharia courts in Britain? At first I thought the Archbishop misspoke.

But it turns out, no. He calls this “supplementary jurisdiction” unavoidable. He compared it to accommodating Christians in areas like abortion or gay adoption.

With all due respect to the Archbishop, there is no such parallel. The only thing that is unavoidable here is his failure to see sharia as it is practiced in the real world, as opposed to in seminars. As the Asia Times columnist “Spengler” put it, Williams is conceding “a permanent role to extralegal violence in the political life of England.”

In real-world Muslim communities throughout Europe, coercion is so commonplace “that duly-constituted governments there” no longer wield justice among its citizens. The imams do. And where would the Archbishop draw the line? At husbands beating their wives for wearing Western clothes or maybe stoning a woman accused of adultery?

Nor will, as Williams hopes, permitting sharia on British soil aid social cohesion. On the contrary, Williams’s fellow bishop, Michael Nazir-Ali, recently spoke about what he calls “no-go zones” in Muslim communities where Christians dare not enter. As a result of death threats, bishop Nazir-Ali and his family require police protection.

Nazir-Ali, whose father had to leave Pakistan after converting to Christianity, told the UK Telegraph that sharia is “in tension” with “fundamental aspects” of Anglo-American law. That is because our “legal tradition” is “rooted in the quite different moral and spiritual vision deriving from the Bible.” This crucial difference seems to have escaped the Archbishop of Canterbury.
The West’s greatest contribution to civilization has been the rule of law, the bulwark of freedom, captured in Anglo-American jurisprudence. Now a ranking religious official proposes compromising that with a theocratic church rule? Please.

Williams’s comments are a tragic sign of the Church’s weakness. We fawningly respond to Islamic overtures for dialogue, even as we see Christians being persecuted in Muslim nations—and sharia law being imposed on others right in our own backyards.

This weakness is the stuff that empty churches are made of.

School Lessons from Milwaukee

Pittsburgh’s population continues to fall and could dip below 300,000 in the 2010 Census if recent trends continue. There can be little doubt that much of the population loss can be blamed on the outrageously expensive, poorly performing Pittsburgh Public School District. Substantial numbers of parents interested in a better education for their children, and who cannot afford private schooling, are moving out of the City to take advantage of better schools. Is there a way to stem this outflow? Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist believes school choice offers a real opportunity to stop and eventually reverse this long time trend. Continue

The Sovereign Land of Liberalism

By Steven Gamelin

The Liberals at our universities want to prevent our military recruiters from being present on Career Day. It makes no difference what you want. Liberals do not like the military, and military recruiters should not be allowed to talk to you on "their sovereign land." Notice how I call universities their sovereign land. Universities have become breeding grounds for liberalism, and the Liberal see the universities as their sovereign land and do not like it if Conservative values are expressed on their sovereign land. The Liberal doesn't care if you are considering a career in the military. They know what is best for you and the military must fail.

This simple behavior characteristic tells us more about Liberals than you may imagine at first. In the healthcare industry this behavior characteristic is called a symptom. A symptom is a physical or mental sign of a disease. I had to pick the word symptom because I do see liberal behavior as a disease. Well, back to my point, when a Liberal fights to keep military recruiters off the campus the Liberal is revealing a symptom of a larger behavior characteristic.

Let's take a look, what does this behavior characteristic tell us about the Liberal? One, it tells us if they don't like something, then you're not allowed to hear or like it either. Two, in the mind of the Liberal, freedom of speech is not one of the rights of others, such as military recruiter or you as a Conservative, on their sovereign land.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg of what their behavior characteristic tells us about the Liberal. As Liberals will fight to keep military recruiters off campus, they will fight to limit what the average citizen is allowed to hear in the media. Can you see the comparison? Liberals openly obstruct military recruiters from campus, their sovereign land, just as they openly obstruct you from hearing what is being achieved by the military in the media, their sovereign land. In the mind of a Liberal the media is also "their sovereign land".

Can you see the behavior characteristic? Liberals want to control and manipulate what others are allowed to hear, see, and do.

The Liberal is desperate to control what you are allowed to hear, see, and do in addition to what you are not allowed to hear, see, and do whether it is on Career Day, or in the classroom, or in the media. They know in their hearts, and they do know it in their hearts, that if you heard opposing points of view, you would no longer believe or respect their point of view.

When a Liberal doesn't like something, by God, you better not like it either. Right?

Oh, I saw you. You were thinking that there are those on campus who don't want to hear what the military has to offer. Right? Well, couldn't they just walk past the booth? Here, let me show you how this works. There is the military recruiter's booth coming up next and here I go walk, walk, walk, right past the booth. See how easy that was? The recruiters don't jump out and grab me. I didn't have to listen to a single word they had to say. Oh, look at that student. That student wanted to hear what the military has to offer, went in to see what the military recruiter had to say, and they were under no obligation after listening. That student, and all the other students like them, can listen to what every employer has to offer and then select what is best for him or her. That's a good system. That's a fair system.

Oh, I heard what you were saying to yourself, you were saying to yourself that the Liberals on campus are just protecting those who are scholastically challenged from the "evil military" just as the Liberal protects the consumer from the low prices at Wal-Mart.

University professors are supposed to teach students how to think for themselves, not control their students thoughts. Well, isn't that what university professors are supposed to be doing?
As simple an observation as this may be, it does provide us with insight into the minds and hearts of the Liberal. Does the Liberal really have any intention of being fair on our university campuses? Or fair in their treatment of Wal-Mart? Or fair in their reporting of the news? Do they have any desire to understand your needs or your wants?

I question whether the Liberal really wants to be fair. I think Liberals knowingly force their will on you. They know how to use all the buzz words like bipartisanship but they don't behave in a bipartisan way. The Liberal says they love our military personnel and are only opposed to the war on terror. The thought that the Liberal cares about our military personnel is buffalo chips, because their behavior tells us otherwise.

Liberals try to create a false reality with their political correctness and spin. All we need to do is realize that spin is nothing more than another word for lie and ignore their false reality and have a true understanding reality.


Ralph Nader said Sunday he will run for president as a third-party candidate, criticizing the top White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will "shift the power from the few to the many."

Wake me up when it's over.....

Iraqi interpreter, rebuilding a life in America, enlists as a U.S. soldier

Safaa Wadi moved to this former mill city after his life was threatened in his native Iraq while serving as an interpreter for the US Army. He expects to soon head back to Iraq – not as a civilian interpreter, but as a US soldier. Wadi isn't worried about returning to Iraq, where many of his countrymen considered him a traitor because he worked with American forces. His allegiance is now to the United States, he says.

CS Monitor


International Muslim students, predominantly from Saudi Arabia, have asked universities in Melbourne to change class times so they can attend congregational prayers. They also want a female-only area for Muslim students to eat and relax. But at least one institution has rejected their demands, arguing that the university is secular and it does not want to set a precedent for requests granted in the name of religious beliefs.

The Australian


An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: "I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum." Her suicide note read: "I told everyone I didn't want to do it, even at the hospital. I was frightened, now it is too late. I died when my babies died. I want to be with my babies: they need me, no-one else does."



Barack Obama said on Sunday that Hillary Clinton presents herself as if she was "co-president" from 1993 to 2000. He proceeded to criticize her for signing onto NAFTA. [Washington Times] [AP]

Meanwhile, Hillary turns from anger to sarcasm. [NY Times]

At a separate event Hillary accused Obama of misrepresenting her views: “Shame on you, Barack Obama.” [AP]

In related news, Farrakhan says that Obama is the “hope of the entire world.” [AP]

Ouch, that's not a good endorsement.


From the story: Prodded in part by some of the nation’s biggest banks, the Bush administration and Congress are considering costly new proposals for the government to rescue hundreds of thousands of homeowners whose mortgages are higher than the value of their houses. MORE: Not since the Depression has a larger share of Americans owed more on their homes than they are worth. With the collapse of the housing boom, nearly 8.8 million homeowners, or 10.3 percent of the total, are underwater. That is more than double the percentage just a year ago, according to a new estimate of the damage by Moody’s Economy.com (New York Times).


From the story: The Patriots’ pattern of illicitly videotaping the signals of opposing N.F.L. coaches began in Coach Bill Belichick’s first preseason with the team in 2000, a former Patriots player said. The information was put to use in that year’s regular-season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Belichick’s debut as New England’s coach. The secret taping of signals, which is against league rules, continued at least through three championship seasons to the 2007 season opener against the Jets, when the Patriots were caught and subsequently sanctioned by the league (New York Times).


From the story: Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama veered from collegial to clenched and combative in a debate on Thursday, with Mrs. Clinton turning especially aggressive as she all but accused Mr. Obama of plagiarism and derided his political message as “change you can Xerox.” MORE: “I think it’s important for a lot of Americans to do what I have never been able to do: learn another language,” Mrs. Clinton said. She noted that she opposed making English the official national language, but also said it should remain a “common unifying” language for all Americans (New York Times). Meanwhile, Peggy Noonan is asking some big questions of the Obamas. A sample:

Are the Obamas, at bottom, snobs? Do they understand America? Are they of it? Did anyone at their Ivy League universities school them in why one should love America? Do they confuse patriotism with nationalism, or nativism? Are they more inspired by abstractions like "international justice" than by old visions of America as the city on a hill, which is how John Winthrop saw it, and Ronald Reagan and JFK spoke of it?

Have they been, throughout their adulthood, so pampered and praised--so raised in the liberal cocoon--that they are essentially unaware of what and how normal Americans think? And are they, in this, like those cosseted yuppies, the Clintons?

Why is all this actually not a distraction but a real issue? Because Americans have common sense and are bottom line. They think like this. If the president and his first lady are not loyal first to America and its interests, who will be? The president of France? But it's his job to love France, and protect its interests. If America's leaders don't love America tenderly, who will?

Compare Noonan’s column to the story by Ben Smith at The Politico, “Obama Once Visited ‘60s Terrorists.”

How to Keep Reagan Out of Office

(Townhall.com) Ann Coulter writes why a Ronald Reagan could never make it with today’s campaign finance laws……

When the great California businessman Holmes Tuttle and two other principled conservatives approached Reagan about running for office, Reagan said no. But Tuttle kept after Reagan, asking him not to reject the idea out of hand. He formed "Friends of Reagan" to raise money in case Reagan changed his mind.

He asked Reagan to give his famous "Rendezvous With History" speech at a $1,000-a-plate Republican fundraiser in Los Angeles and then bought airtime for the speech to be broadcast on TV days before the 1964 presidential election.

The epochal broadcast didn't change the election results, but it changed history. That single broadcast brought in nearly $1 million to the Republican Party -- not to mention millions of votes for Goldwater.

After the astonishing response to Reagan's speech and Tuttle's continued entreaties, Reagan finally relented and ran for governor. In 1966, with the help, financial and otherwise, of a handful of self-made conservative businessmen, Reagan walloped incumbent Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, winning 57 percent of the vote in a state with two Democrats for every Republican.

None of that could happen today.

If Tuttle found Ronald Reagan today, he couldn't form "Friends of Reagan" to raise money for a possible run -- at least not without hiring a battery of campaign-finance lawyers and guaranteeing himself a lawsuit by government bureaucrats. He'd also have to abandon his friendship with Reagan to avoid the perception of "coordination."

Tuttle couldn't hold a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Reagan -- at least in today's dollars. That would be a $6,496.94-a-plate dinner (using the consumer price index) or a $19,883.51-a-plate dinner (using the relative share of GDP). The limit on individual contributions to a candidate is $2,300.

Reagan's "Rendezvous With History" speech would never have been broadcast on TV -- unless Tuttle owned the TV station. Independent groups are prohibited from broadcasting electioneering ads 60 days before an election.

A handful of conservative businessmen would not be allowed to make large contributions to Reagan's campaign -- they would be restricted to donating only $2,300 per person.

Under today's laws, Tuttle would have had to go to Reagan and say: "We would like you to run for governor. You are limited to raising money $300 at a time (roughly the current limits in 1965 dollars), so you will have to do nothing but hold fundraisers every day of your life for the next five years….." Read more…


No word if anyone plans to change their name to PETAisnuts.



From Wolf Blitzer: Clinton still has time to come back between now and March 4, when there are major contests in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island. There is no doubt she is facing an uphill struggle, but it would be premature to say it’s over. (CNN)

Either way, the Democrats could face an uphill battle. (NRO)

From Robert Samuelson on Obama: “you examine his agenda, it is completely ordinary, highly partisan, not candid and mostly unresponsive to many pressing national problems. By Obama's own moral standards, Obama fails.” (RealClearPolitics)


Saying “If the superdelegates are substantially out of line with the popular vote, it could very damaging.” That's sound alot like a threat. Jesse, that how the system you created works! Of course Jackson is backing Obama.



The story opens: Early in Senator John McCain’s first run for the White House eight years ago, waves of anxiety swept through his small circle of advisers. A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fund-raisers, visiting his offices and accompanying him on a client’s corporate jet. Convinced the relationship had become romantic, some of his top advisers intervened to protect the candidate from himself — instructing staff members to block the woman’s access, privately warning her away and repeatedly confronting him, several people involved in the campaign said on the condition of anonymity. (NY Times)

The McCain camp quickly responded. (FOX News)

The New York Times reluctantly endorsed McCain from among the GOP candidates. (NY Times)

No word if the NY Times is interested in the bizarre “fainting” at Obama rallies. (YouTube) And the Los Angeles Times in a “news” story generously called Michelle Obama’s line about being proud of America for the first time “nothing more than a little hyperbole.” The story does note, however, Michelle’s constant negative talk. (LA Times)

Democratic Panel Pays Off Veon's Campaign Debt

The state House Democrats' campaign panel late last year paid off the campaign debt of former Rep. Mike Veon, who now makes his living lobbying the governor and Legislature.

The House Democratic Campaign Committee in November and December paid $40,683 to retire Veon's campaign debt, according to Veon's report filed recently with the state election bureau. Veon could not be reached Wednesday.

But [three of the four HDCC leaders] -- Reps. Joe Preston, Dan Frankel and Jennifer Mann -- apparently had no knowledge of the payments. Tribune Review

While one campaign committee is permitted to pay off another campaign committee’s debt, it certainly raises questions when 3 of 4 committee leaders are unaware of the transaction.

There is a possibility that the funds transferred from the HDCC to Veon's committee may have been received from another source as a donation to the HDCC, but with the understanding that the donation was to be forwarded to Veon’s campaign committee. These multi-looped donations are tough to trace back to the original donor.

Romney Spent $42.3Million Of Own Money

From the story: Before abandoning his bid to become president, Mitt Romney put in at least $42.3 million of his own money, a big chunk of the $97 million he spent on the campaign

Romney's total loan also equates to about $167,000 for each of the 253 delegates he won before suspending his campaign. Read more....

To put this into perspective, the victor in most PA gubernatorial races spends between $8 to $15 per vote. Most state representatives spend under $5 per vote, but not always. In the 2004 primary, one Republican candidate for state representative in Butler County spent over $45 per vote in a losing effort.

Wheaton College features pro-homosexual speaker

Wheaton College is featuring a pro-homosexual activist as a featured speaker at its Center for Applied Christian Ethics.

Wheaton first came under fire for inviting self-proclaimed "gay Christian" activist Harry Knox to participate in a panel discussion during which he repeated the claim that his sexual preference is a "gift from God." This evening Wheaton will feature Jim Wallis, editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine and author of the new book The Great Awakening, in which Wallis claims the effort to legitimize homosexual relationships in the law is "a justice issue."

I don't agree with Wallis at all. We have had him on the show. In fact, many of the people who endorse his book (Bill Hybels, Joel Hunter & E.J. Dionne) have been or will be on the show soon.
While I believe both sides need to be respectfully represented, running away from the conversation solves nothing. We as Christians need to be able to enter the arena of ideas, articulate what we believe and why we believe it. We also need to learn how to listen to others and compassionately defend our faith. The best way to prove a person wrong is to let them do it themselves.

We live in country filled with a mix of ideas, beliefs and life choices. If everyone agreed with me life would be boring. It is the challenges to our faith and understanding that either solidify our foundation or causes us to reconsider.

Do you know why I am stronger in my Roman Catholic belief today then at any other point in my life? It's not because of a priest or a nun. It wasn't the years of CCD. It was not some magical conversion. It was challenges by protestant evangelicals that reject the Catholic Church teachings.

For a long time I could not defend my faith or my Church. It took a period of serious reflection and study and understanding before I chose to defend what has been revealed as truth to me.
I'm not defending Jim Wallis or his ideas. However, I will defend his right to have the conversation and present his views.

Many us fear that ideas, music, movies, anything outside our comfort zone will somehow infect us and change us. At the same time we hope the gospel will have a similar effect on others. If you think you can change my mind, go for it. I'd rather be challenged then live life with my fingers in my ears.

The Clinton Candidacy Is Alive

By Paul M. Weyrich
Media pundits now have begun to predict that Senator Barak Obama (D-IL) will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. Some even have pronounced that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) is finished. Washington pundit Chris Core, on WMAL Radio, one of the most able prognosticators in the country, had a celebration on his radio show to commemorate the end of the Clintons. The basis for these predictions is as follows: Obama is leading in delegate count with Wisconsin and Hawaii expected to add to the total. Some so-called super delegates have come out in support of Obama though they had been expected to support Clinton. Pollsters have noted a shift in national support for Obama. This is the first time since national measurements have been taken beginning in mid-2007 that Clinton has not been in the lead.

Obama seems to have what former President George H. W. Bush called “the Big Mo.” Is Clinton really finished? Don’t believe it! First, Clinton’s so-called “firewall” states are coming up. She is currently leading by large margins of about two-to-one in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. Were she to win big in those states she would then resume the lead in delegate count. She won New Mexico after nine days of counting, giving her a small boost in the media. If she does win big in those three major states she would be branded “the comeback kid” and she, not Obama, would have momentum as the primary season will have concluded. That, in turn, would affect the super delegates. They are elected officials who would be inclined toward Clinton and if they think she will be the nominee they won’t hesitate to jump on her bandwagon.

Then there is the matter of Michigan and the all-important State of Florida. Those states have been deprived of the delegate count because the Democrats agreed that those states should be punished for holding primary elections before Super-duper Tuesday. Now Senator Clinton, who is leading in both states, is calling for another vote. Clinton points out that for seven years Democrats have insisted that Florida was stolen from Vice President Al Gore as the United States Supreme Court ended the selected recounts in Florida and declared George W. Bush the President. Obama pointed out that he, Clinton and John Edwards all agreed to the punishment. “I wonder if I had won the Florida primary she would be clamoring for a recount,” Obama said.
It is unclear if the Democratic National Committee will order a recount. To do so probably would cause an uproar among some in the Party. On the other hand, not to do so could enable Clinton to charge that Obama had deprived Democratic voters in Michigan and Florida of an impact in the 2008 primaries. In any case, Clinton is far from out of the race. Core may wish he never held had that commemoration. True, Clinton not only must win those “firewall” states but must win big due to the proportional system used by the Democrats. However, it always is a mistake to count out the Clintons. Were Obama to win who could imagine the nature and intensity of Clinton or Clinton-inspired revenge?

Paul M. Weyrich is Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation.


The director of the center in charge said “One implication that comes from this is that religion is the default position, and atheism is perhaps more in need of explanation.”

Yeah and I'll pitch in $3.00 for them to study who made it the "default position"



From the story: The ACLU brought suit on behalf of journalists, lawyers and others in charging that the administration's warrantless wiretapping that began after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks was unconstitutional. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit said that because none of those in the suit could prove they had been monitored, they had no standing to bring the suit.

Washington Post


As of early this morning, they hadn’t called Washington. (CBS News)
Exit polls. (FOX News)
But Paul Weyrich says Hillary is far from finished. (Townhall)


Cindy McCain among the critics of the comment. Barack said “What she meant was, this is the first time that she's been proud of the politics of America.” (USA Today)

More on Barack from Victor Davis Hanson. (Victor Davis Hanson)

After listening to a recent speech, I guess we are to bow down at the altar of Barack Obama. It was some scary messiah talk from his wife Michelle Obama. According to Michelle Obama, at a speech delivered to UCLA about 2 weeks ago, apparently Americans need to fix their souls. And apparently Barack Obama is the only one that can "heal" our nation.

Clinton Fingerprints on Plagiarism Flap

(AP) Hillary Rodham Clinton says reporters, not her campaign, uncovered evidence of Democratic rival Barack Obama sharing speech lines with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

She made the claim Tuesday despite the fact her campaign posted video clips on YouTube illustrating similarities in the speeches and has suggested in several instances that the shared lines amount to plagiarism. Read more…

The AP must be a member of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”.

Another Presbyterian church seeks to leave

Another local Presbyterian church is asking Pittsburgh Presbytery to dismiss it from the Presbyterian Church (USA) to the more theologically conservative Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

However, unlike some larger Presbyterian congregations that sought similar realignment, the tiny Fourth Presbyterian Church congregation in Friendship has not asked to keep its property. The vote to change denominations was 27-2 on Sunday, said the Rev. Doug Portz, acting pastor to Pittsburgh Presbytery.

The church took the vote "after prayerful consideration and working in a spirit together to honor Christ," said the Rev. Portz, who said that one of the congregation's elders had authorized him to speak about it on behalf of the congregation as well as the presbytery. Although the church is not asking to keep its building, issues regarding a property settlement will be worked out before the presbytery votes on the request for dismissal at a future meeting, he said.

The pastor of Fourth Presbyterian, the Rev. David Shrader, has said that he intends to remain in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and will not be leaving with his congregation, the Rev. Portz said.


21 state lawmakers plan to retire this year

Ask state Sen. Gerald LaValle if his support for the legislative pay raises in 2005 is the reason he's retiring from the Legislature this year and you'll get a blunt answer. "That wasn't the issue," the 75-year-old Beaver County Democrat said curtly. "That's all I'm going to say." Read More

Half of state's superdelegates back Clinton

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton has gained commitments from half of Pennsylvania's so-called superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention. Read More

Another Misadventure at the Port Authority

After launching a series of expensive, underperforming projects and mismanaging itself into one of the least efficient mass transit systems in the country, the Port Authority of Allegheny County has now further expanded its mission to include real estate development. Though its primary—and should be exclusive—function is to provide mass transit services through bus, light rail, and para-transit (ACCESS), the Authority had already stretched its reach by building parking garages, operating automobile-only tunnels, and now plans to sponsor and guide high density development on its properties and adjacent areas, including those near the light rail stations in the South Hills. Continue


Dwindling donations to the Living Word Christian Center have prompted its high-profile pastor, Mac Hammond, to put his private business jet on the market.

Church spokesman the Rev. Brian Sullivan says Living Word has also cut its hourlong Sunday morning television broadcast to 30 minutes to save money. He says the church has fallen $40,000 to $70,000 short of its weekly budget in recent weeks. Sullivan says the church is adjusting its budget accordingly.

Oh the sacrifices we make to serve God......

The prosperity churches are based on the idea that success in business or personal life is evidence of God's love.

Maybe this is evidence that God is really ticked.


Castro Resigns

Long-time Cuban President Fidel Castro issued a surprise resignation, saying he would not accept the country's presidency.

"I will not aspire nor accept, I repeat I will not aspire or accept, the post of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief," he wrote in a letter to Granma, the Communist Party daily.

The move ends the near 50-year reign of the 81-year-old Castro for all practical purposes. Castro's brother Raul, 76, is expected to succeed his brother. Fidel Castro handed powers of office temporarily to his brother on July 31, 2006, when the elder Castro announced that he had undergone intestinal surgery. Since then, Fidel Castro hasn't been seen in public.

Cubans elected a new National Assembly in January, and that body will meet for the first time Sunday to pick the governing Council of State, including the presidency.

His resignation letter. (CNN)

McCain Says No New Taxes

Newmax: Republican John McCain says there will be no new taxes during his administration if he is elected president.

McCain told ABC's "This Week" that under no circumstances would he increase taxes, and added that he could "see an argument, if our economy continues to deteriorate, for lower interest rates, lower tax rates, and certainly decreasing corporate tax rates," as well as giving people the ability to write off depreciation and eliminating the alternative minimum tax.

McCain was defending his support for an extension of tax cuts sought by President Bush, which McCain voted against. The Arizona senator now says allowing the tax breaks to expire would amount to an unacceptable tax increase. Read more...

Well, at least this beats $500 billion in proposed new spending being pushed by others…

ACLU sues to 'fix' Pa. marriage law v

PHILADELPHIA -- The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union filed the first three lawsuits in a planned statewide effort to address what they contend is a flaw in the state marriage law. Read More

Ex-gaming chief - State police should have shared FBI wiretap

Two months before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board awarded Louis DeNaples a slots license, the board's own investigators alerted state police he might have lied to get it. Read More

Bill Clinton Lashes Out at Pro-Lifers

Pro-life Groups Choose McCain

From the story: Pro-lifers are the first part of the conservative base to rally around Sen. John McCain, overcoming past fights to embrace him as strong on their core issue and a clear choice over the two Democrats he could face.

Though the Arizona senator and all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee doesn't detail his voting record on the campaign trail, an examination reveals a striking opposition to abortion in most of the major fights such as partial-birth abortion down to the smallest of skirmishes, even when he was in a distinct minority.

Even outspoken critic Rick Santorum, who over the past month had savaged Mr. McCain's commitment to the issue, has gone quiet. When asked for an interview with The Washington Times, his spokeswoman said the former senator didn't have anything to add to the debate at this point. Read more…

While McCain was not my first choice (or second choice for that matter), his pro-life record is acceptable, given the alternatives.

Beyond this, it gets muddy when you have office holders, ranging from Republican State Committee members through U.S. Senators, claiming to be pro-life, but using their position to stump for pro-choice candidates over pro-life candidates in contested primaries. Do these same officials have the right to claim the pro-life mantle and receive endorsements from pro-life groups?


From the story: Republicans said it was a "disgrace" that Democrats decided to call a vote on contempt charges against White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet E. Miers in the 2006 firings of U.S. attorneys instead of addressing the surveillance measure. "We have space on the calendar today for a politically charged fishing expedition, but no space for a bill that would protect the American people from terrorists who want to kill us," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican

Washington Times


Obama recording $91 million in earmarks. (FOX News)
Romney has thrown his support to McCain. (Boston Globe)


From the story: If the nomination were decided by either the super delegates or those from Michigan and Florida "all hell would break loose," particularly among black voters, said Ron Walters, a University of Maryland political scientist. Black Democrats have supported Obama by overwhelming margins in his bid to become the nation's first African-American president. They could stay away from the polls in November in protest, said Walters, who helped manage Jesse Jackson's two presidential campaigns. "That would hand the presidency to the Republican," he said. (USA Today)

The Super Delegates are getting a pile of cash from Hillary and Obama. (Boston Globe)

Meanwhile, it looks like Obama will get the backing of the SEIU labor union. (CBS News)
And Hillary has sharpened her attacks on Obama. (CNN)
Obama is surging in the polls. (Rasmussen)

From Newt Gingrich: Bill Clinton is a superdelegate, as is Al Gore. They are Democratic Party insiders whose purpose is to put down insurgent campaigns and protect the interests of Democratic politics as usual. (WSJ)

On an odd note, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega seems to have bought into Obama’s “change.” (Herald Tribune)

The Elephant in the Room

By Rick Santorum

Why are so many conservative Republicans upset about the inevitable nomination of Sen. John McCain, and what are we going to do about it?

The cause of conservative discontent isn't hard to fathom. Start with the Arizona senator's voting record on many key issues. He has opposed pro-growth tax cuts and supported limits on political speech. He has pushed amnesty when it came to illegal immigration and half-measures when it came to interrogating terrorists. He wants to close Guantanamo and allow the reimportation of prescription drugs into the United States. Not only does he part company with conservatives on these and other issues - climate change, drilling for oil in the Alaskan hinterland, federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research, international criminal courts, gun-show background checks - he invariably adopts the rhetoric of the left and stridently leads the opposition.

Set all this against the issues on which he's led conservatives over his three decades in the Senate - opposition to pork-barrel spending and support of the Iraq War - and you can sense why conservatives worry about where McCain's passions lie.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Republicans nominated a moderate to carry their banner in November. In fact, from the Great Depression until 1980, Republican presidential candidates were almost exclusively moderates. So why is the prospect of one more Republican moderate atop the ticket causing many conservatives to talk about forming a third party or voting for Hillary Clinton, for goodness' sake?

To read Senator Santorum’s full column, please visit: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/15624602.html

UK Boy Scouts Under Fire for Oath Mentioning God

(CNSNews.com) - Echoing a battle already fought in America, secular humanists in Britain are attacking the Boy Scouts for requiring children to swear an oath to God.

In a joint campaign, the British Humanist Association and National Secular Society accused the Scout Association, which has around half a million members, of excluding atheists from its ranks. Read more..

Lawmakers propose 20% budget cut for Legislature

A group of young southwestern Pennsylvania legislators has come up with a startling proposal: cutting the General Assembly budget by 20 percent, or $66 million, starting July 1. Read More

Rendell offers his defense on Obama race remark

After dancing across the tripwires of race and politics, Gov. Ed Rendell yesterday defended remarks about whether some Pennsylvania voters would reject Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as a presidential candidate because he is black. Read More

Looking to the Private Sector to Help County Parks

In an effort to improve and maintain the facilities and programs in its parks, Allegheny County will explore opportunities with the private sector. The hope is that improvement of key assets will allow for better quality recreation and programs. Continue


St. Mary's Academy in Kansas refused to let a woman officiate a high school basketball game because, according to the story, “Campbell, as a woman, could not be put in a position of authority over boys because of the academy's beliefs.” The story later notes the school “is owned and operated by the Society of St. Pius X, which follows older Roman Catholic laws. The society's world leader, the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, was excommunicated by Pope John Paul II in the late 1980s.”

FOX News


Urging New Yorkers to “get some.” Your tax dollars at work.



From the story: Most taxpayers will receive a check of up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples from the Internal Revenue Service, with an additional $300 per child. People earning at least $3,000 and those who owe little or no taxes would get $300 for singles, $600 for couples. Those making more than $75,000 and couples with income exceeding $150,000 are to get smaller rebates — $50 less per $1,000 they make over those thresholds. (FOX News)

From John Stossell: One problem, which George Mason University economist Russell Roberts observed, is that the money that will allegedly be "injected" into the economy is already in the economy. So how can it be a stimulus? "The politicians are always going to inject some amount of money into the hands of consumers and into the economy, like a doctor giving a lifesaving blood transfusion," Roberts says. "But where does the economic injection come from? It has to come from inside the system. It's not an outside stimulus like the chest paddles or the transfusion. It means taking money from someone or somewhere inside the system and giving it to someone else." (Townhall)

See Also "Rebate Questions & Answers"


Guess who is off the Christams card list. David Wilhelm is also a super delegate!



To pay for his giant government plan. (Washington Post)

Meanwhile, the New York Times gushed over Michelle Obama. (NY Times)


Now he wants them disenfranchised because a black candidate could lose. Obviously, he didn’t put it that way. (Drudge)

However, NAACP chairman Julian Bond did use language like that when arguing for the votes to be counted. (FOX News)

Rebate Questions and Answers

The President signed it but what does it mean for you?

Beginning this spring, more than 130 million people will get rebate checks in amounts from $300 to $1,200. Most households will get another $300 for each child under the economy relief bill passed by Congress. All must file an income tax return for 2007 to qualify.

Here are some questions and answers about who will get checks and for how much:

Q: Who gets a rebate?
A: Anyone who pays taxes or earns at least $3,000, including through Social Security or veterans' disability benefits. Singles with income of more than $75,000 and couples with more than $150,000 get only partial rebates.

Q: Who does not get a rebate?
A: People who earn less than $3,000, illegal immigrants, anyone who does not file a tax return, singles with incomes exceeding $87,000 and couples with incomes exceeding $174,000. The caps rise by $6,000 per child.

Q: What do you have to do to get the rebate?
A: Eligible people must file a 2007 tax return with a Social Security number for each person listed.

Q: How much is the rebate?
A: Single taxpayers get a rebate of at least $300, with couples receiving at least $600. The rebate will be equal to the taxes they paid, up to $600 for singles and $1,200 for couples, plus an additional $300 per child. That amount will be reduced by $50 for every $1,000 above the income limits of $75,000 for singles and $150,000 for couples.

People who earn too little to pay taxes but at least $3,000, including elderly people whose only income is from Social Security and veterans who live on disability payments, will get $300 if single or $600 if a couple.

Q: How are the rebates calculated?
A: Rebates are calculated on the basis of taxpayers' 2007 adjusted gross income, which includes salaries and wages, interest, dividends, capital gains, taxable pensions, royalties and farm or rental income. It does not count contributions to individual retirement accounts, 401(k) retirement plans, tax-free health savings accounts or student loan interest payments.
Rebates for low-income people who don't pay taxes, including the elderly and disabled veterans, will be a flat $300 if single and $600 for couples.

Q: When will the rebates arrive?
A: The Treasury Department says the IRS will begin sending out rebates in May.

Q: Will the rebates be deducted from taxpayers' regular tax refunds?
A: No, the rebates are on top of any tax refund.

Q: Where does the money come from?
A: The government will borrow the money to pay for the rebate, which is projected to cost about $117 billion over the next two years, adding to the federal deficit.

Rendell's Presidential "Race"

Doesn't it make you proud when your Governor basically says that Pennsylvania is full of white bigots?

Gov. Ed Rendell, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's most visible supporters, said some white Pennsylvanians are likely to vote against her rival Barack Obama because he is black.

"You've got conservative whites here, and I think there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate," Rendell told the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Now, how does he know that? Rendell cited his 2006 re-election campaign, in which he defeated Republican challenger Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star, by a margin of more than 60 percent to less than 40 percent.

What he forgets is this state predominantly blue collar, union and democrat. For any Republican black, white or other to get 40% of the vote in nothing to scoff at. Not to mention it was Lynn Swann's first run for public office of any kind.

I dare say you put a black democrat up against a white republican in Pennsylvania and the democrat has the better chance at winning. It's simple math, not racial prejudice.

This is very concerning that we have a Governor who thinks this way. While gender and race may be a issue for some, our elected officials should not exploit such ideals for political gain.

Rendell's spokesman said the governor did not mean to offend anyone. No doubt, but he DID offend people. Present company included.
"He was simply making an observation about the unfortunate nature of some parts of American society," said spokesman Chuck Ardo. "He wasn't being critical, he wasn't making accusations, but just being realistic."

Here is reality. I may not like Obama because of his liberal ideas. I may not like his policy, priorities or his worldview. I have plenty of reason not to vote for him. Skin color is not one of them. Ideas can change. Skin color can not and I would never vote for or against anyone based on such a trivial thing.

It is sad that in this day and age that this is even uttered from the mouth of those who should know better. I'm sorry to be so harsh toward Gov. Rendell. However, I choose to judge him on the content of his character. Right now that character leaves much to be desired.



I'm happy to report the strike is over. PowerBlog! will return with a full writing staff on Monday. Oh wait, Monday is President Day. OK, Tuesday then. But not before 10am and the new deal requires a coffee break every hour but I'm buying really cheap coffee.

Did anyone miss these guys? As usual, note the "union victories" mentioned in the article:

From the story: Steven Beer, an entertainment attorney at Greenberg Traurig, predicted that working writers may have fewer opportunities as studios use the strike as a means to cut programming budgets, greenlight fewer pilots, reduce fees and limit the number of production deals on their lots.

Ahh victory is sweet.....



He taught high school for 17 years without being able to read. Cheated his way through school.

Don't you think he could have learned in 17 years? It might be good career move. Maybe we need "No teacher left behind"

I guess he isn't smarter then a 5th grader.....

10 News


And he wants the United States taxed on carbon emissions. From the story: "Terrorists kill people. Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill an enormous amount of people," Mr. Bloomberg told reporters after addressing the U.N. General Assembly, but "global warming in the long term has the potential to kill everybody."

NY Sun


Story begins: Imad Mughniyeh a major militant figure wanted by the U.S. for his suspected role in the killings of hundreds of Americans as well as a series of infamous strikes against U.S., Israeli and Jewish targets, has been killed.

ABC News


And now Obama has the delegate lead. (ABC News)
Exit polls. (FOX News)

All eyes may turn to the super delegates. Story notes “The elite party insiders will likely determine the Democratic presidential candidate.” (LA Times)

Of those super delegates, the Boston Globe notes “Some are labor leaders still angry that Bill Clinton championed the North American Free Trade Agreement as part of his centrist agenda. Some are social activists who lobbied unsuccessfully to get him to veto welfare reform legislation, a talking point for his 1996 re-election campaign. Some served in Congress when the Clintons dismissed their advice on health care reform in 1993. Some called her a bully at the time. Some are DNC members who saw the party committee weakened under the Clintons and watched President Bush use the White House to build up the Republican National Committee. Some are senators who had to defend Clinton for lying to the country about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Some are allies of former Vice President Al Gore who still believe the Lewinsky scandal cost him the presidency in 2000. Some are House members (or former House members) who still blame Clinton for Republicans seizing control of the House in 1994. Some are donors who paid for the Clintons' campaigns and his presidential library. Some are folks who owe the Clintons a favor but still feel betrayed or taken for granted.” (Boston Globe)

Hillary has her sights set on Texas. (San Francisco Chronicle)


Catholic News Agency covered a story on how Google-sponsored YouTube censored the last ALL Report for "inappropriate content". You can read the article by clicking here.

Those of you who saw the ALL Report on Planned Parenthood's "Mile High" ad know very well that there was nothing "inappropriate" about this report. Thankfully, you can still view the report by clicking here.

ALL has started an online petition to send YouTube a message, which you can sign by clicking here.

Senate GOP Receives Subpoena In Bonus Investigation

(AP) The state attorney general has formally requested the payroll records of Senate Republicans as part of his yearlong investigation into the possible misuse of bonuses for legislative staff.

Corbett, a Republican, has been looking into whether the bonuses were illegally used to reward work performed on political campaigns. His office has sent subpoenas to both the Democratic and Republican caucuses in the House.

Democratic and Republican leaders doled out nearly $4 million in bonuses in 2005-06 to hundreds of legislative employees. Some of the bonuses were well over $10,000 and many of the largest payments went to politically active aides who took leaves of absence to campaign. Read more...

Attorney General Corbett has just earned my respect. The House Democrats awarded the most in very questionable bonuses , with the Senate Republicans coming in a distant second. Corbett investigated the House Democrats first and is now expanding the investigation to the Senate Republicans, as he should.

Tax rebates advance in state House

As far as Paul Lodico of Greenfield and Jennifer England of Squirrel Hill are concerned, Gov. Ed Rendell's plan for "targeted tax rebates" for lower-income working people is an idea whose time has come. Read More

Betting On Obama

Obama is the odds-on betting favorite to win the general election according to sports gambling and handicapping expert Steve Budin of Sportsinfo.com.



He’s listed as most likely to re-offend. Also from the story: It is the second time in recent months that a convicted felon has won the Massachusetts lottery. Last month, a judge approved an agreement allowing a convicted bank robber to keep a $1 million lottery prize even though his probation terms prohibited him from gambling.

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From the story: The week-long Cibeles show in Madrid, which started yesterday, bans models with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18, believing them to set an unhealthy ideal for teenage girls.

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I'm stunned. I guess I shouldn't be, but you would think some
Obama campaign person with an once of common sense would ask "Ahhhh, hey. What's up with the flag?"

I'm referring to the flag hanging on the wall of the Obama Campaign office in Houston, Texas. ( See Photo)

Now to be fair, the office in the picture is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign. However, paid staffers will man the office.

Back to flag in question.... Barack Obama won’t wear an American flag on his lapel because it has become a substitute for “true patriotism” since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks according to him, but a Cuban flag with a picture Che Guevara is apparently acceptable.

At first I thought maybe this was just a renegade volunteer who decided to decorate an office like it was a dorm room. I was wrong as evidenced by the second photo.

Well it certainly seems like Obama has locked up the Communist mass murderer vote. Another loss for Hillary.


From the story: “She has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out,” said one superdelegate who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, and who spoke on condition of anonymity to share a candid assessment. “The campaign is starting to come to terms with that.” Campaign advisers, also speaking privately in order to speak plainly, confirmed this view. (NY Times)

Hillary said of future embarrassing Bill Clinton scandals “…that is not going to happen. You know, none of us can predict the future, no matter who we are and what we are running for, but I am very confident that that will not happen." (Politico)

Obama’s win in Maine yesterday exceeded expectations. (CBS News)

Now Hillary is courting Edwards. (NY Observer)

Post-Enron Fixes Solved Nothing


Six years after Enron, we're right back where we started.

In 2001, politicians saw Enron's collapse as an unprecedented market failure needing an unprecedented remedy: the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate "reform" act.

Yet, as the mortgage crisis shows, no law can protect investors and the economy from catastrophic misjudgment — and Sarbanes-Oxley may have made things worse.
Enron failed because it overvalued its assets while undervaluing its liabilities. It was easy for Enron to do this because many of its assets were difficult to value. They were worth what Enron said they were — until the market decided otherwise.

By booking future profit immediately, Enron worsened its predicament. A mistake or a lie compounded over 20 years is far greater than one that covers only one year.
What's more, the company didn't disclose clearly enough, in hindsight, that it was funding precarious investment partnerships with its own stock — which it might have to replace with cash if the stock price fell.

Sound familiar? Until last spring, mortgage-backed securities were worth what their "securitizers" said they were worth, and it's obvious they disregarded, at minimum, some key risks to shareholders and mortgage-securities investors.

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Conservative Gary Bauer Endorses McCain

Republican John McCain challenged the notion he is struggling to rally conservative critics as he picked up the endorsement Monday of evangelical leader Gary Bauer.

His campaign announced the endorsement of Bauer, former head of the Family Research Council and founder of the Campaign for Working Families, as McCain left Annapolis for Richmond, Va. Bauer himself unsuccessfully sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2000.

A well-known abortion foe, Bauer said in a statement that McCain "has dedicated his life to defending human rights around the world, including the rights of the unborn." Read More….

While McCain does have a good record on abortion, many pro-lifers are not so happy with McCain’s stand on embryonic stem cell research.

PHEAA Must Pay Legal Fees in Records Battle

From the story: A judge says Pennsylvania's student loan agency acted with wanton disregard in withholding public records and is ordering it to pay $48,000 in legal fees incurred by three media companies. Commonwealth Court Judge Doris Smith-Ribner says there's no question that the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Authority acted willfully and disregarded the Right-to-Know Law in a battle over records pertaining to its lavish board retreats. Read more…

Good ruling – now if only the Gaming Control Board would also abide by the Right-To-Know Law and conduct its interviews of potential casino owners in public.