Peering behind the rift: Obama’s pro-Palestinian agenda

The current animus between the U.S. and Israel is being carefully orchestrated by the Obama administration, and will eventually lead to this administration’s complete abandonment of our most trusted democratic ally in the Middle East -or worse.

An un-named source believes that the current rift in relations was not only orchestrated by the Obama administration, it is purposely being manipulated to become a “defining moment and a watershed event” in U.S. and Israel relations. It will allow this administration to manipulate the facts to further sway world opinion against Israel and embolden the Palestinians. “It is designed to change the overall dynamic of the Middle East, something the Obama administration and his Arab backers had planned since the beginning,” stated this source. He added that this incident could be used to restrict or cancel the future sales of arms necessary for Israel’s defense.

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Gaming Revenue Impact on Government Spending

Money received by Allegheny County from gaming taxes almost certainly delayed hard budgetary choices. Would the County have raised taxes or cut spending in the absence of gaming dollars promised or received? Recall that the County Executive intercepted gaming derived payments totaling $40 million, money intended originally to be used by Pittsburgh International Airport to pay down debt incurred to construct the new airport facilities. The intercepted funds were used to plug holes in the County's budget. In absence of this "found" money, extremely hard budget decisions would have been required.


New walks crumbing in Point State Park

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Big insurance rate increase for Pennsylvania poor

Facing a sharp rise in costs, Pennsylvania has almost doubled the monthly bill for a state health insurance program for poor people who do not qualify for Medicaid and are on a waiting list for a less costly option. Read More

State senator introduces marriage amendment

A conservative Republican senator from Blair County is making another attempt to strengthen the state's existing ban on marriages between persons of the same sex.

Hoeffel's petitions challenged

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato has challenged the nominating petitions of Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, one of his competitors in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Read More

Forced Government

Screw the will of the people. They are too stupid to know what's good for them.

That seems to be the approach these days of our democratic leaders. Ladies and Gentleman are you awake yet? We are under attack from our own government. The question is are you willing to fight to take back control of this country?

When the speaker of the house publicy states that she might attempt to pass the measure without having members vote on it we are past the point of minor concern. You are wittnessing the destruction of democracy.

Netanyahu to Biden: We Don't Need America

If you had any doubt the recent actions by Isreal were a slap in the face the Obama administration put them aside.

Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel last week was widely hailed as a catastrophe-but not because of settlements. After a tense year in which Washington had failed to stop Prime Minister Benyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu from settling more occupied land, Biden had come to shore up the relationship. Instead, officials in Netanyahu's government caught both men off guard by announcing plans to build more in contested East Jerusalem. True, that was a snafu. But the real disaster was what it may cost Israel.

According to Newsweek Israel didn't just spit in Joe Biden's face last week. It jeopardized America's willingness to protect it from Iran.

So why aren't we buddies anymore. Answer: Obama. America is moving left as Israel is moving right. Obama's grand design for a new, peaceful, and pro-American Middle East (featuring a new Palestinian state) stood in stark contrast to Netanyahu's long-held support for Israel's control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Isreali ambassador in Washington called the crisis "the worst in American-Israeli relations since 1975," when then–secretary of state Henry Kissinger announced a "reassessment" of the relationship. And even Netanyahu's key coalition member from the center-left, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, backed the prime minister, securing the prime minister's political position at home.

So much for everyone loving Obama.