Reformation Day

Stand back.... Fire in the hole................
Ok so October 31st is a day of evil (as some claim). It's also the day Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses that began the split of the Christian church. Hmmmmm.....

I know may of you will take exception to this, but hear me out. The Reformation that officially started on Oct 31st was not an attempt to reformulate the Christian faith, it was rather a battle over issues of Church order. It was an attack on the only Christian church that existed at the time. That revolution produced an angle of vision radically different from the one in which the Bible was written and through which the primary theological tenets of the Christian faith were formed. So I'll ask, was it evil? Was Martin Luther doing the work of the devil when he sought to radically change the Church? (Take a moment to calm down and read on)

You shall know them by their fruits. So let's look at the fruit of the reformation. Luther initially saw himself as a great reformer of the Catholic church, a simple monk who thought the force of his ideas would single-handedly redirect the church; in the end, however, he divided Christianity into two separate churches and that second division, Protestantism, continued to divide into separate churches.

Luther (and all the other reformers) saw themselves as returning Christianity to its roots, in reality, their ideas irreparably changed the world and pushed the church into the modern era in which we customize our beliefs to fit the moment.

Luther opened the door to challenging the authority of the church. Many people cheered Luther, yet they pounded their fist when people like Charles Darwin challenged traditional Christian world views and church beliefs.

The gates had been opened. Darwin was followed by Sigmund Freud who analyzed the symbols of Christianity and found in them manifestations of a deep-seated infantile neurosis.

The list goes on and on of people who have challenged the beliefs and teachings held for thousands of years by the Church. The results or "fruit" is Christianity has degenerated into fundamentalism based not on historical and traditional Christian beliefs, rather it's based on a narrow personal interpretation of ones choosing.

As Christianity has moved more and more in this direction people had divided themselves into sects of Christendom all claiming various beliefs. If you believe that the only Christian Church that exsisted was so deserted by Christ that it taught the wrong way to salvation for nearly 1500 years then one might reconsider Christ himself.

My goal in writing this is not to upset anyone. I don't want to start another tired old mudslinging debate. I do hope to challenge all of us to think. Not just about what "team" we are on, but to consider all that has happened over the course of history and the impact it has had on the once unified church.

Holy Halloween!

This Halloween, Chicago's Salem Baptist Church wants teenagers to go straight to "hell." Admission is $7 and passengers arrive at its gates on a yellow school bus.

Salem's "Nights of Terror" promises to "scare the hell out of teens" by guiding them on a half-hour tour through Hades -- or at least what passed for it in the don't-call-it-a-haunted-house set up in the church's administrative offices at 109th and Cottage Grove.

So-called hell houses have become popular over the last decade among some evangelical Christian churches that want to provide an alternative to traditional Halloween celebrations.

Do they work? Ask Sydney Foulks, 11, she had a vice grip on her father's hand. "I thought it was very scary and I know I'm never sleeping with nobody until I get married," said the girl after exiting the place.

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New Male Contraceptive Pill

They say there are no side effects. I guess the absence of children does not count.

The chemical implant acts as a contraceptive but does not change the balance of a man's sex hormones.

Scientists have discovered a substance that can temporarily block the development of sperm without altering testosterone levels and without causing unwanted side effects.

Ahhh but wait, you mess with God's plan and there are ALWAYS side effects.

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In a lengthy three-part story that is a remarkable piece of pro-homosexual adoption propaganda. The LA Times, having cut staff as subscriptions plummeted, somehow managed to put a reporter on this story for over two years.

LA Times


The hard to imagine audio. (KFI) Kerry’s slam on our fighting men and women in the military came at a political rally in California. (Whittier Daily News) Somehow, this remarkable statement, as of this morning, was absent from the rest of the media. Also in attendance, Senator Boxer and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.


Bob Casey, Jr., the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, told a panel of reporters and editors of the Associated Press that if elected he would focus more on health care and jobs than abortion. With regard to abortion, he said he wants “to see more of an emphasis on what brings people together rather than what tears people apart.” He also said that being pro-life means, “I support initiatives which would reduce the number of abortions.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

“Every politician whose voting record supports abortion-on-demand says that he is opposed to abortion. For example, President Bill Clinton said that his approach to reducing abortions was to make them safe, legal and rare, yet he vetoed every bill that would have barred partial-birth abortions. This made him dramatically different from the governor of Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, Sr., whose opposition to abortion included legal restrictions. Now we have learned that Bob Casey, Jr. has far more in common with Bill Clinton than he does with his father on this issue.

“If someone said he was opposed to racial discrimination, but would not commit to using the law as a means to affecting its reduction, we’d call him a fraud. It would not matter, for instance, if he said that he wants ‘to see more of an emphasis on what brings people together rather than what tears people apart.’ We’d want to know why he prefers to dialogue about racism while doing nothing substantively about it. Similarly, if someone said that his opposition to racism would lead him to support ‘initiatives’ to reduce it, but said nothing about support for legislation to that end, we’d call him a fraud. That’s why Casey is a fraud: his reluctance to use the law as a means to reduce abortions speaks volumes.

“Dealing with the root causes of social problems is important, but it can never be a rational excuse for doing nothing else. We have to stop the bleeding first, and this is especially true when it comes to something as bloody as abortion.”

Episcopal congregation Breaks Away

A congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has broken away from the denomination and started a new parish aligned with the Anglican church in Uganda. Christ Our Lord, a mission church that has operated since the early 1990s, voted to dissolve as an Episcopal parish and return its Lake Ridge building to the diocese. The vicar of the church said his parishioners made the move because the Episcopal Church has shown what he called "profound disrespect for Scripture and biblical teachings." In 2003, Episcopalians consecrated their first openly homosexual bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, causing an uproar among other Anglicans worldwide. Conservative Episcopalians have been challenging the denomination's national leaders and ten dioceses have formed a network that is considering breaking away.

Baptisim Debated

Roman Catholic Bishops in the United States are preparing to vote on a policy regarding the Baptizing of children adopted by homosexuals. The adoption issue is contained in a set of new guidelines for ministering to homosexuals -- guidelines that will be presented to the U.S. bishops at a meeting in Baltimore next month. The proposed policy would permit children adopted by homosexual couples to be baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, even though the church does not support such adoptions. According to a Washington Post report, the 23-page draft document affirms traditional church teachings on homosexual issues, including prohibition of the blessing of same-sex unions or homosexual 'marriages,' but it also addresses some new issues, such as discrimination against and harassment of homosexuals. The document, titled "Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care," has been four years in the making.

Christians Put an Ugly Mask on Halloween

Well the flood of "You're not really a Christian if you celebrate Halloween" email is pouring in.

Here is just a sample:
"I was a New Ager in my youth, now I know that some faith are not evil per say, not all faith are to be trusted. I would not call Catholics, Muslims, or even Budhists evil but they are definitely errant."

Many of us have forgotten about the role Saints play in our spirtual lives. That can lead us to be errant. Take away the saints and our beliefs about the dignity and destiny of human beings, and the only thing left is pre-Christian superstition regarding the dead. In other words Halloween is evil if we want it to be.

But doesn’t Halloween glorify evil? NO, not unless you let it. Hallow is the same word for "holy" that we find in the Lord’s Prayer, and e’en is a contraction of "evening." As such, Halloween can be considered a Christian holiday. Like many Christian holidays, the secular world has attached its own traditions to the day (e.g., costumes, trick-or-treating, parties) that are not inherently bad in and of themselves but can be problematic when the religious meaning of the holiday is set aside, forgotten, or ignored. Many Christians a guilty of doing just that. They can't accpet the truth because they bought a lie and too many false preachers continue to tell them that same lie.

Well if you want the truth here it is: Halloween is a shortened form of "All Hallows Eve," the night before All Saints Day.

Trick or treat? You choose.



And on Friday, 277 vehicles were torched.



USA Today shows a lot of bias in this story, including the claim that “the cases test the Republican-led Congress' power to limit the reach of that ruling by restricting medical options for women” instead of protecting the unborn.

USA Today


In this odd statement, Democrat Harold Ford tells a crowd “My friend Lincoln Davis who chairs our campaign says there are, there’s one big difference between us and misfortunate Republicans when it comes to our faith: he said that Republicans fear the Lord; he said Democrats fear AND love the Lord.”



From Barone: My hunch is that people who identify themselves as independents are substantially less likely to vote this year than people who identify as Republicans or Democrats -- which would be good news for Republicans, since independents give Bush low job ratings. Another hunch is that the Republican turnout apparatus, with which the Democrats haven't yet caught up, will boost Republican turnout as it did in 2004, and that the resulting electorate will be more evenly divided in party identification than the electorates shown in most of the public polls.

Real Clear Politics


The Washington Post managed to write an entire story about the controversy without mentioning the passage of incest/child porn. (Washington Post) CNN chose to take Webb’s side and go after Lynn Cheney. (Townhall) James Webb described sex between a little boy and his father. If this is a film or picture, he gets arrested. Because it’s in a novel and he’s a Democrat, he’s given a pass. Finding an accurate headline was nearly impossible as they avoided any mention of the pedophilia or incest, which this NY Times article called “a provocative scene involving a boy.” Then near the end of the story: Kristian Denny Todd, a spokeswoman for the Webb campaign, said that a scene in “Lost Soldiers” that describes a father placing his naked son’s penis in his mouth involved a cultural expression of affection that Mr. Webb had witnessed as a journalist in Thailand. “He doesn’t get it,” she said. “But it’s a cultural thing.” (NY Times)


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The Sin Factory

My humble suggestion to all who claim to be Christian is this .... STOP INVENTING SIN!!!!

My gosh people, Christians do more damage to Christianity than anyone else. I'm so tired of the annual Harry Potter/Halloween debate. There is a huge difference between watching or reading Harry Potter and practicing witchcraft.

Same with Halloween. I doubt if little Jimmy dresses up like Superman and collects a stash of candy he will be thrown into the fires of hell. "Oh we don't DOOOO HALLOWEEEEEEN. I'll be at the HARVEST FESTIVAL".

You know what, that harvest festival is Halloween with another label. Who are you fooling?

There is enough real bad stuff to worry about in this world. Yet so many out there go to DEFCON 5 over the smallest things. Raise your kids how you wish. If your convicted that something should be avoided then avoid it, but don't tell me I'm wrong for not agreeing with you.

There is this small (but very vocal) group of people who think they can shame other into accepting heir idea of Jesus. It's really sad. God made us in his image and we tend to make God in ours. So what the next sin we can invent?

Ooops! LDS Church puts brakes on political e-mails

The LDS Church on Tuesday said it is taking "corrective action" against an employee who used his church e-mail account to forward material touting Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's potential presidential bid to other church employees and offices across the country. The move comes as the church is defending itself against allegations a top church leader was coordinating with Romney, a Mormon, to build a nationwide network of Mormons to boost his expected 2008 White House run. The church and Romney have denied collaboration.


Pa. House fails to vote on abuse bill

A comprehensive sex-abuse bill sought by district attorneys and child-welfare advocates failed to come up for a vote in the state House of Representatives Tuesday, and supporters say it now stands little chance of passage in this session. Read More

Fizzle of debate on property tax benefits Rendell

While the outcome of Pennsylvania's grand experiment in gambling remains uncertain, the early returns suggest that at least Gov. Rendell has hit a political jackpot. Read More

The Radio World Shakes

Clear Channel Communications Inc., the largest U.S. radio broadcaster, is considering a possible sale of the company and hired Goldman, Sachs & Co. as an adviser. They own and operate more than 1200 radio stations in the United States, stage live shows at thousands of venues in dozens of countries, own more than 30 television stations in the United States, among other media outlets in other countries, billboards, and self cleaning public restrooms. (no I'm not kidding)

For those of you in Pittsburgh we are talking WDVE, 3WS, 104.7, The X and Fox Sports 970.

The hiring of Goldman Sachs brings the Mays family, which controls Clear Channel, closer to a possible leveraged buyout. Chief Executive Officer Mark Mays has spun off the company's live entertainment unit, Live Nation Inc., and sold shares of its outdoor advertising unit, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., in an IPO. The stock has been hurt by slow growth in the radio industry.

Stay tuned!


ABC is soliciting sermons for a new show entitled “Influential Voices of Faith” to air on Sunday mornings. The sermons, however, cannot be longer than 15 minutes. Neil Postman was right. (ABC News)


Including procedures intended to save the life of the pregnant mother (The Los Angeles Times). Meanwhile, USA Today has an article noting how “Abortion Ban Looms Large on South Dakota Ballot.


With Billy Graham like zeal, Sam Harris continues to proclaim his “godless gospel” believing that religion is the root of all evil (The Washington Post).

Fox News

Days after actor Michael J. Fox appeared in a TV ad urging Missouri voters to support stem cell research, opponents will unveil their own commercial during the World Series Wednesday night.

The Cardinals' starting pitcher for Game 4, Jeff Suppan, is among several celebrities who appear in the minute-long ad. Others include Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, Kansas City Royals player Mike Sweeney and two actors, Patricia Heaton of TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond" and Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ."

The Fox ad has triggered a backlash, with some criticizing it as exploitive.

I'll see your celebrity and raise you two.


Was state plane used for Rendell vacation?

Amplifying his criticism of Gov. Ed Rendell's use of a state airplane, Republican Lynn Swann demanded explanations for a series of trips that began or ended at the Atlantic City airport. Read More

Senate OKs change for collecting $52 tax

The state Senate last night approved a major change in the way a $52-a-year municipal tax is collected, but people who work in Pittsburgh won't benefit from the new collection method until 2010. Read More

Pa. to file on child tragedies

A bill requiring the state Department of Public Welfare to submit findings about each case of child abuse or neglect that results in a child's death or serious injury was sent to Gov. Rendell after unanimous passage in the House last night. Read More

Terri's Watch: Michael Schiavo Blasts Casey and Santorum

Both Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and Democratic challenger Bob Casey Jr. drew fire from right-to-die advocate Michael Schiavo in Pennsylvania.

Schiavo was in Philadelphia on Monday to support two Democratic congressional candidates who have said they would have voted against legislation Congress passed in March 2005 to let the federal courts review the case of his wife, Terri Schiavo.

He criticized Democratic ads, including a state party mailer that called Santorum "the only U.S. senator who flew to Florida and interfered with Terri Schiavo's private family tragedy."
"What gives Casey the right to use my wife's case against Santorum when he would have voted the same way," Schiavo said.

In the congressional races, Schiavo gave a $1,000 check from his political action committee, TerriPAC, to Democrat Joe Sestak, who is challenging Republican U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon. The PAC has also contributed $1,000 to Democrat Patrick Murphy for his campaign against Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. Weldon and Fitzpatrick voted to allow the federal court review.

The Stem Cell Rat Race

In pursuit of cures, scientists have continued to press for the fastest routes--ignoring every ethical caution sign in their path. But news from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that researchers are now running into lethal roadblocks.

Steven Goldman, a neurology professor at the Center, found that using human embryonic stem cells in the brains of Parkinson's patients may cause deadly tumors. In the journal Nature Medicine, he wrote that his team injected human stem cells into rat brains to cure symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. While the cells helped to stabilize the disorder, they also caused growths that ultimately killed the rats. In Dr. Goldman's words, "The behavioral data validate the utility of the approach. But it also raises a cautionary flag and says we are not ready for prime time yet."

How ironic, then, that Parkinson's spokesman Michael J. Fox appeared before millions during a World Series TV break talking about the Missouri cloning initiative. He was featured on an ad about the state's cloning bill saying, "Senator Talent opposes the expansion of stem cell research. He wants to criminalize science that gives us a chance..." But the issue in Missouri is about human cloning, not stem cell research. The only accurate thing Fox said is that what Missouri does, matters to millions of Americans. Voters who believe in real cures should follow a compassionate course that helps the sick and protects the unborn.


Perhaps Planned Parenthood can hand out cell phones in third world countries.

Daily Mail


Perhaps Planned Parenthood can hand out cell phones in third world countries.

Daily Mail


Signed by Clinton in 1998, the law has not been enforced as legal battles continue.

ABC News


From the story: Whole Foods, which recently banned the sale of live lobster amid welfare concerns, has been working on its animal compassionate standards for three years and plans to unveil its logo in a few months, as soon as auditing guidelines are established to make sure farmers are following the rules. The initiative was started by Whole Foods’ chief executive, John P. Mackey, a vegan who has been increasingly outspoken on animal-rights issues.

How do you have compassionate meat? Do they get a final wish before they become hamburger? This guy needs some protien so he can think straight.

NY Times


GOP leads in Virginia and Tennessee, seats needed by Democrats to gain control. (The State) Gallup’s Democrat vs. Republican poll shows a narrowing. (Gallup) Pete Du Pont looks at what happens if Democrats get their way. (WSJ) Democrats in Maryland are getting a huge financial boost from left-wing groups outside the state. (Washington Post)

Speaking of out of state support here is an email I received from "Gays Against Santorum":

The eye of Mordor can see that Senator "man on dog" Santorum is toast. Hope everyone is enjoying the race as much as I the way, I don't even live in Pa....I live in NY and am working from here--Rochester, defeat see, as a gay citizen who has been demonized by Ricky for years, it is a sacred duty of mine to help persuade the fine citizens of your state to kick Ricky out of office....I'm not sure if it was ricky comparing me to pedophiles, or to bestiality, or blaming me for the sex abuse scandal in Boston where I used to live, but for many reasons, Rick has pissed me and many other gays working for the Casey campaign...OFF, and it has been a PLEASURE to see his career IMPLODE. HAPPY ELECTION DAY, BIGOTS!!!!

Please vote.........

Christianity's Booming Sector

Pentecostalism and other similar charismatic movements are among the fastest-growing sectors of global Christianity. So says a 10-nation study published by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. The Washington, D.C.-based research group released the study Oct. 5.

According to the study, around a quarter of the world's estimated 2 billion Christians are thought to be members of Pentecostal and charismatic groups, which emphasize the active role of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

The study was based on random surveys carried out in the United States; Brazil, Chile and Guatemala in Latin America; Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa in Africa; and India, the Philippines and South Korea in Asia.

Pentecostalism was born just a century ago and now ranks second only to Catholicism in the number of followers. Pentecostals now account for about three in every four Protestants, according to the World Christian Database. The term "Pentecostal" is used to describe members of a range of different groups: from the Assemblies of God (or Church of God in Christ) which were founded almost a century ago, to more recent ones, such as the Brazil-based Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

In seven of the 10 countries surveyed at least half of Pentecostals say that the church services they attend frequently include people practicing the "gifts" of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, prophesying or praying for miraculous healing.

Full Story

Foul Play Train Derailment in New Brighton?

Federal investigators are searching for the cause of a train derailment that caused a massive explosion and fire late Friday in the town of New Brighton, about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The train of 3 locomotives and 89 cars, many tankers, was traveling from Chicago to New Jersey. As the front of the train passed beyond the Beaver River in New Brighton, 23 cars in the midsection of the train derailed, resulting in a large explosion and fire in a least 9 of the tankers carrying highly flammable ethanol – directly on the bridge and at its approach. Fear of additional explosions caused upwards of 50 area residents to seek emergency shelter away from their homes. But was this an accident?

A visual inspection of the track by investigators noted that one section appeared to be “cut in two,” although forensic examination of the track is needed to determine if this was the cause of the derailment. Yesterday, NTSB investigators also removed data recorders from the train. The data recorders are similar to the black boxes found on airliners and will be examined by investigators for possible clues.

We will continue to track this story.

Alex P.Keaton Backs A Democrat

Yeah, I know Keaton is just a sitcom character but it makes a good headline.

Michael J. Fox has filmed a political ad for Claire McCaskill, a so called "pro-choice Catholic", and populist Democrat. She is however in favor of stem cell reasearch. Hence the endorsement from Fox.

You can see the ad here.


Keith Ellison is leading in Minnesota. The story says he “will take the oath of office with his hand on the Koran and not the Bible.” Not sure if that is a joke – but it isn’t written like one. As a state representative, Ellison “got a resolution passed to set aside a day honoring Muslims.”

Boston Globe


Although Suffolk Circuit Judge Westbrook Parker said he "can't help but feel moral outrage” over the woman’s actions, he dismissed felony charges. The woman has two other small children whom she’s apparently not allowed to shoot. (Times Dispatch)

I wonder if Scott Peterson read this?


The German Chancellor said “We rightly criticise that in most Islamic states there is no clear separation between religion and the rule of law. But we fail to recognise that, in the US, the Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible have similar tendencies. If both sides claim to be in possession of the only valid truth, then there is no room for manoeuvre.”

Times Online


At this point, the GOP machine seems better prepared.

Washington Times

Rendell to keep pushing for shift from property tax to sales tax

READING, Pa. - Gov. Ed Rendell said he will revive the idea of increasing the state sales tax to provide additional school property-tax cuts for homeowners if he wins re-election on Nov. 7. Read More

Catholic school fires gay guard

A gay-rights advocacy organization is denouncing the firing of a campus safety officer at Marian High School, saying she was dismissed because she publicized that she's a lesbian. The officer, Charlene Genther, 55, was in her sixth year at the Catholic, college-preparatory school for girls.

A former Detroit police officer, she has a daughter who graduated from the school in 2001.

Genther said Wednesday that she has been in a committed relationship for 28 years and that it was no surprise to anyone at the school that she is a lesbian. She and her partner often attended school events, chaperoned dances and went to parent-teacher conferences.

But last week, when she began publicizing her autobiography, "Badge 3483: A True Story," which addresses the relationship, she was fired.

The Rev. Harry Cook, pastor of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Clawson, said Genther, a friend and a parishioner, was an asset to the school. (I'm not saying a word......)

Genther said she doesn't expect to get her job back, but the firing saddens her.
"I wish the Catholic Church would follow the doctrine of Jesus Christ, who said there are no outcasts in the kingdom of heaven."

Ahh... he also said GO AND SON NO MORE.



Susan Estrich and former ACLU president Harvey Silvergate are defending. According to the editorial, “the suspects' attorneys also argue that such charitable giving, to support the jihad and mujahideen, is rightfully tax-exempt under U.S. constitutional protection of religious freedom."
Washington Times


From the story: Ahmadinejad went on to call Israel's leaders a "group of terrorists" and threatened any country that supported the Jewish state.
Jerusalem Post


Hugh Hewitt argues “I simply don’t believe it.” (Townhall) From another story: Amid predictions that demoralized conservative voters might sit out the election, Bush and other senior Republicans will escalate charges that Democrats will raise taxes, weaken national security and liberalize social policies. Scare tactics or just the facts? They’ve campaigned on two of the three – some would say all three. (Washington Post) Meanwhile, ABC News stays on October Surprise One with a story about what Hastert knew about Foley and when. (ABC News)


Story lead: The nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Wednesday they are developing new guidelines for ministry to gays, reaffirming church opposition to same-gender marriage and adoption by the couples, while condemning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The document strikes this balance by affirming that “Love and truth go together” (Associated Press).


The new angle on this story is the emergence of conservative evangelicals that want to see evangelicalism focus on a broader range of issues such as genocide in Darfur and global warming. The article emphasizes how “some grass-roots religious conservatives” don’t want to see the focus broadened beyond abortion and same-sex marriage. (Washington Post)

Fried Rice

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, with First Lady Laura Bush in attendance, presided over the swearing-in ceremony of Dr. Mark Dybul as the new coordinator of the U.S. global AIDS office. Dybul is openly gay and his homosexual partner, Jason Claire, witnessed the ceremony, during which Secretary Rice referred to Claire's mother as Dybul's "mother-in-law." Rice commented, “You have a wonderful family to support you, Mark.” All while Jason Claire, held the Bible.

What was she thinking? Christians are asking how appointing a man to be in charge of the US AIDS policy who adheres to the “gay” ideology could achieve anything other than further promotion of acceptance of homosexuality and consequently further spreading of AIDS and other homosexually transmitted diseases.

Questions remain how the Bush team’s support for the homosexual lifestyle can coincide with their policies opposing homosexual “marriage”. That's going to be interested to watch.

Foley to Tell Church About Alleged Abuse

Disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley, who claimed he was sexually abused by a Roman Catholic clergyman when he was a teen, will reveal the man's identity to the Archdiocese of Miami, his attorney said Tuesday.

No criminal charges can be filed because the statute of limitations on sexual assault expired long ago, but the archdiocese requested information about Foley's accusations.



It’s just too dangerous. So is trusting your child's education to morons!

CBS Boston


Called “distinguished,” the story later notes “In 1983, a 27-year-old man stepped forward to disclose that he and Studds had had a sexual relationship a decade earlier when he was a teenage congressional page. The House censured Studds, who revealed on the House floor that he was gay.” The story doesn’t do the math, which makes the page 17 at the time of their sexual relationship.

Boston Channel


The story notes, however, “President Bush has vowed to make the judiciary more conservative, and it appears that none of his nearly 300 appointments to the federal bench has involved an openly gay person. It's unclear whether the administration has considered any gay men or lesbians for federal courts.”

USA Today


At an event for Maryland Democratic Senatorial candidate Ben Cardin, Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD) accused Michael Steele of “slavishly supporting the Republican Party.”’s definition of slavish: 1) of or befitting a slave 2) being or resembling a slave; abjectly submissive.

MSNBC has the story here:

This latest affront comes only a few weeks after a Cardin staffer joked on her blog about people throwing oreos at Michael Steele during an event:

Remarkably, this CNN story doesn’t mention Democrat Steny Hoyer is white. However, they did feel the need to mention a “black businessman … sponsored the campaign event .” They also noted he said this to a “largely black audience.” (CNN) Steele took offense. But the liberal NAACP doesn’t seem to mind. As of this morning, Google shows no stories listing the two words (“Steny” and “NAACP”) today or yesterday.

Who's right in the Polls?

From NRO on the polls: If the bad ones are accurate, then yes, Republicans will be crawling out onto the ledge the morning of November 8. But if the better ones are accurate, forget talk of a Democratic landslide. And if the better poll results are accurate, and the GOP ground game can give their candidates a push worth a couple of percentage points, then Democrats are currently dumping Gatorade on Coach Nancy Pelosi in the third quarter. (NRO) Rove predicts a GOP survival. (Washington Times) A quarter of Americans, according to one poll, lists the Foley issue as “extremely important” in how they vote this November. The story is calling that “low.” (CNN) On Rick Santorum, Maggie Gallagher notes “his courage in standing up and fighting for basic American values, whether it's the value of every single human life, or the importance of marriage as the union of husband and wife.” (Townhall)

Presbyterian (USA) funding running short

The regional bodies of the Presbyterian Church (USA), known as presbyteries, are sending less money to their headquarters.

According to the Presbyterian News Service, Christopher Nicholas, the financial officer for the Office of the General Assembly, told the committee overseeing that office that uncollectible per-capita payments for 2005 will exceed $400,000 for the first time in 10 years.

As of his report on Oct. 12, the amount in the arrears was $430,000 or 3.4 percent of the total $12.6 million presbyteries were asked to remit, the Presbyterian Layman said Tuesday. The apportionment to the presbyteries is based on a fixed amount for each member of a Presbyterian congregation as established by the General Assembly. The per-capita rate in 2005 was $5.46.

Somewhere between 25 and 35 of the 173 presbyteries are falling short because congregations are withholding payment because of opposition to actions of the General Assembly or denominational leadership.

The report to the Committee on the Office of the General Assembly included two "top-10" offenders: The 10 that owed the most money and the 10 that had the highest percentage lapse. An analysis of those two lists shows that the bulk of the shortfall came from presbyteries where there is strong opposition to many of the denomination's liberal policies, including the move by the 2006 General Assembly to allow the ordination of practicing homosexuals and adulterers.


Yet, this from the story: Meanwhile, the airline is developing a Muslim uniform for its staff. "Two ground staff at Heathrow wanted to pursue their religion and we would support that," he said. The "modesty" uniform will be introduced in a few months.



Refusing to put their characters on some high-fat foods. Their 10-year deal with McDonalds wasn’t renewed. The story notes “Disney insiders said the fast-food partnership would be difficult to justify now that the company was trying to brand fruit, pasta and other items less likely to disturb health-conscious parents.”

LA Times


Remarkably, they don’t note that the GOP had recovered nicely before the parade of October surprises. (CBS News) In an August Gallup poll, the once huge Democratic lead was dropped down to a two point lead. At the time, Gallup noted “Republicans are likely to perform better at the polls in November than would be indicated by pre-election surveys based on registered voters.” The GOP closed a once 16 point gap. (Gallup) Meanwhile, the media ignores the above mentioned Reid stories that would hurt the Democrats, as Time Magazine promotes the latest October Surprise with an article by the man using it to sell a book. Notice they even used a questionable photo of Bush. (Time) The NY Times then coughs up this story on Bush’s meeting with some talk show hosts, claiming “Conservative radio hosts are breaking with the Republican leadership in ways not seen in at least a decade.” The story uses Michael Savage as a prime example, saying “Mr. Savage is the third most popular host in the nation, with at least eight million listeners weekly, according to Talkers. And the Democrats have watched happily as he and others have at times sent reverberations of conservative frustration into what they often call the “Republican echo chamber.” (NY Times) The ill-informed or blatantly biased Times (or both) doesn’t mention that Savage is a big financial supporter of the left-wing Jerry Brown. (San Francisco Chronicle)


Somehow the Associated Press is now a member of the GOP. Luckily for Reid, the rest of the media is pretty much ignoring the story. (USA Today) They’re also ignoring this: Mr. Menendez, New Jersey Democrat, has been plagued by news reports that he's under federal investigation for a long-standing rental deal with a nonprofit group that received millions in federal funding while he was a House member. (Washington Times)


Against federal election laws. Washington Times


From the story: The North warned it "wants peace but is not afraid of war" and that it would "deal merciless blows" against anyone who violates its sovereignty. (AP) Meanwhile, China is building a fence along their border with North Korea. (Chicago Sun-Times)

What if the Liberals Win in November?

How important are the upcoming elections? Extremely important!
Here is what we can expect if the liberals win:
Amnesty for 12,000,000 illegal immigrants.
A push to make homosexual marriage and polygamy legal in all 50 states.
Only liberal judges will be appointed. They will create laws to implement the social agenda liberals cannot get passed through the legislative process.
Liberals will make the killing of the unborn more difficult to stop.
Liberals will continue to try to rid our society of Christian influence, including any reference to God in our Pledge and on our currency.
A return to the "Fairness Doctrine" in broadcasting where opposing views must be given equal time. Every conservative talk show host will be forced to give a liberal equal time on every issue. The purpose of this rule will be to shut down conservative talk shows.
An increase in taxes to push new social programs.
Passing a new "hate crimes" law making it illegal to refer to homosexuality in a negative manner.
Liberals will give terrorists from other countries who try to kill Americans the same rights American citizens enjoy under our constitution.
We will withdraw from Iraq, sending the message to the terrorists that if they will just be patient they can win and bring their terrorist acts to the U.S.

Go Vote! Encourage Others To Do The Same

BREAKING NEWS: FBI Raids Homes of Weldon's daughter

The FBI raided the homes of Congressman Curt Weldon's daughter and a close friend Monday as it investigates whether the congressman improperly helped the pair win lobbying and consulting contracts. Headlines at

Houston We Have a Problem: Osteen

The topic of Joel Osteen recently came up. I involuntarily cringed as I often do at the mention of false teachers. The person sitting across from me was an Osteen fan and questioned my reaction.

"I can't stand the guy. He is all surface preaching. All fluff. There is nothing really there." She then asked if I ever really listened to him? Of course I did. How do you think I came not to like the guy? In well over 25 hours of preaching that I listened to, Jesus was almost never mentioned, and when he was mentioned, it was in a perfunctory prayer in the last minute. Sin, the Cross, the atonement? Not there.

I was gentle (some what) but the truth is Osteen is a false teacher. Nice guy, great teeth, but a false teacher. For those of you who don't know who Osteen is or maybe you are shocked I would speak against him, here is a bit of history:

John Osteen starts Lakewood Church. Osteen is a Baptist preacher, Texas style, who’s gone Pentecostal/Charismatic. The church grows to 10,000 members. Osteen preaches the Gospel, preaches missions, and is a respected “classic” Pentecostal/Charismatic leader. He isn’t prepared for what happened next.

He died. Maybe God was trying to tell his followers something. Osteen didn’t lay the groundwork for his succession. His wife preaches for a while (not biblical) , and then his son Joel, tries out the pulpit. He’s not much of a preacher at first. He’s nervous, but the congregation is cheering for him. He’s cute, appealling and, eventually, funny. He’s got a beautiul wife. He’s charming, and tells a good story. He’s disarmingly vulnerable. He makes you feel good. He’s not like the usual ranting, angry preachers. He’s a nice guy.

Before long, Joel is comfortable in the role of pastor, and the church begins to grow. He’s preaching the usual word-faith stuff and things go well. But then Joel changes his emphasis….and things explode. In fact, in just over a decade, it triples to 30,000 and becomes the largest church in America. They buy the Compaq Center, former home of the NBA Houston Rockets. 18,000 seats. He’s on TBN, PAX and CNBC overseas.

Joel makes a remarkable shift away from his father’s style of more traditional Pentecostal/Charismatic preaching. He becomes a positive thinker- Peale and Schuller style. A preacher of “think positive and be blessed” principles. Prosperity preaching, but not with some tangled version of the Gospel at the center like so many on TBN (take Kenneth Copeland as an example.)

It’s “have a better attitude and be blessed” motivational talks that have no relation to the essentials of the Christian Gospel. You rarely hear any theology or Gospel preaching. God is good and wants to bless you. Period. That’s it. Instead, Osteen’s messages are about “God’s Favor” on marriage, finances and career. Sin is never mentioned.

Osteen preaches about positive thinking, being blessed, resurrecting dreams and taking risks. His book is called “Your Best Life Now.” Despite endorsements from at least one preacher who supposedly understands the Gospel, the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ isn’t the focus of Osteen’s message- ever. It's the message of a God who wants to bless you with a bigger house, a better job and, of course, a better attitude.

This Joel Osteen, a young man who stumbled into his father’s shoes, now is the most successful pastor in America, seen and heard around the world standing in a pulpit, preaching pragmatic positive thinking, pure and simple, out of an open Bible. That's the problem. He represents evangelicalism with his big smile and weak fell good message.

This is where evangelicalism is today. So many are really good at looking and sounding Christian but have no idea how to actully be Christian. It's not raising your hands in prasie. It's not strictly listening to Christian music. It's not memorizing scripture chapter and verse. What about the sacraments, or is that just a bit too much effort?

This is what the heirs of the Reformation have come to deem acceptable. This is what can be endorsed and marketed to evangelicals and sell millions of copies. So put your bible between your Puropose Driven Lie and Your Best Life Cow and go feel good about yourself.

As for Osteen, pass me the remote.....

Turzi Defects

Allegheny County Conservative State Representative Mike Turzai is reported to have defected from House Reformers and joined forces with Republican House Speaker John Perzel, chief archtitect of the Pay Raise and widely dubbed as "Renzel" for his behind-the-scenes cooperation with Democrats in implementing the agenda of Gov. Ed Rendell. Conservatives and Reformers alike had viewed Turzai as a key ally in overthrowing Perzel. Developing....

2nd warning for Muslims to leave U.S.

Another Pakistani journalist is reporting receiving another threat – this one from a senior Taliban leader – warning all Muslims to leave the U.S. in anticipation of a major terrorist attack before the end of Ramadan.

The head of the Islamabad-based al-Quds Center reported receiving an audio message from Mullah Masoom Afghani urging U.S. Muslims to get out of the country "because Allah's punishment would fall on America in the month of Ramadan."

Is anyone else tired of these guys????

Time is running short for any new legislation

With just a few remaining legislative voting days scheduled this fall, opportunities are dwindling for state lawmakers to resolve differences on top priorities, including new lobbyist disclosure rules and cleaning up the state's slot-machine gambling law. Read More

Only in California

Ok, see if you can follow this story. San Francisco politicians are upset over a talk host's comments. Here us where it get wierd.

The host, Pete Wilson, is pro-gay marriage. But he was critical of an experiment with life – a gay man and a lesbian woman having a baby. For this reason, many are demanding an apology.

San Francisco Chronicle


From the story: Mrs Roberts, now a lone parent to three children, said her family was overwhelmed by the forgiveness, grace and mercy shown by the Amish community after the tragedy.


I only wish I could be that forgiving...


The LA Times calls it “a key link between the Republican Party and Christian conservatives” and claims “a loss by Santorum would be a signifier of the end of that Republican revolution.”

LA Times

NOTE: Tune in today to hear Salena Zito from the Pittsburgh Trubune-Review outline how Santorum can win this race. PLEASE ... we need everyone to get out and vote for this one!


Once again they all come together with a book – this time one that alleges Christian’s aren’t welcome in the White House. Once again, right before an election. You get a picture of the book author’s agenda with this part of the story: Part of the problem, he says, was indifference from "the base," the religious right. He took 60 Minutes to a convention of evangelical groups – his old stomping ground - and walked around the display booths, looking for any reference to the poor. “You’ve got homosexuality in your kid’s school, and you’ve got human cloning, and partial birth abortion and divorce and stem cell," Kuo remarked. "Not a mention of the poor." (CBS News) The book is, of course, from Simon and Schuster which, according to the publisher’s own website, is the “publishing operation of CBS corporation.” The author, David Kuo, is clearly obsessed with government, not individuals, supporting the poor. (Beliefnet) Testifying before the senate, he said “I believe in government’s inviolable duty to help serve the poor. This isn’t just philosophy for me, it is also theology.” (Senate) From Harry R. Jackson, Jr.: Democrats and liberals have lost sleep worrying about the power of the evangelical Christian vote. They have taken aim at the faith community with two clear strategies. First, they have mobilized a group of left-leaning, “pseudo-evangelicals” to critique our moral, political movement. At least twenty books have been written to denounce evangelical Christian involvement in American politics. (Townhall)

Comment Call

I've had the comment from John (under the profile) up for over a year. As the PowerBlog! birthday approaches I'm looking for some new comments.

Email me and tell me what you like or dislike about PowerBlog! Who knows, your comment could be up next.

Evangelicals Shown the Door

The Alliance Defense Fund has written a letter to Georgetown University asking officials there to reconsider their decision to ban several national and international Christian student organizations because the groups are too evangelical.

Georgetown University, which boasts a tradition of more than 200 years of Jesuit and Catholic teachings, recently sent letters to half a dozen evangelical Christian organizations telling them they no longer are welcome.

If the school feels like these groups are undermining Catholic theology then I guess I understand, but before I give them a pass I must point out an obvious flaw. Georgetown tossed these groups, but left the Muslim Student Alliance and the Jewish Student Alliance intact. Now I have a problem!

Georgetown's explanation has varied: It told the groups in the letter it was going a "different direction." Then it told subsequent news reports that there was a failure in "communication." It also has said, through spokesman Erik Smulson, that the chaplaincy recently was reorganized and it wanted more control over ministries on campus. The Washington Post also reported that the key issue was "whether those in the groups proselytize."

City gets $12 million financial aid from Pa.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is finding that it helps to have a friend in Pennsylvania -- Gov. Ed Rendell in particular. Mr. Rendell, who is counting on strong support from Pittsburgh Democrats in his bid for re-election, told Mr. Ravenstahl yesterday the city will be getting a total of $12 million this year to pay for police, security, communications, building demolition and other programs. Read More

DePaul Professor 'Defames Catholic Education,' Group Says

( - The head of a Catholic advocacy group has lashed out at a DePaul University professor for "defam[ing] Catholic education" by calling a supporter of Israel a "moral pervert" and comparing him to a Nazi. Full Story

Murtha Tells MoveOn Members: 'Screw' Republicans

( - "Screw them," Rep. John Murtha said of Republicans in an email sent to the liberal political group on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who is urging an immediate U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, said he needs the liberal group's help to throw GOP congressmen "out of power -- as many of them as possible." Full Story

Air America Radio Files for Chapter 11

Air America Radio, a liberal talk and news radio network that features the comedian Al Franken, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a network official told The AP.

The network had denied rumors just a month ago that it would file for bankruptcy. On Friday, Air America spokeswoman Jaime Horn told The Associated Press that the filing became necessary only recently after negotiations with a creditor from the company's early days broke down. The network will stay on the air while it resolves issues with its creditors, Horn said.


After finding just two nutty customers. Hey maybe they can clone the customers!


From the story: Colorado's first-in-the-nation ballot proposal to create same-sex domestic partnerships had strong support in a recent poll. At the same time, polls in three of the eight states that will vote on banning same-sex marriage show the measures either trailing or leading narrowly. "It could be a watershed year," said Carrie Evans, state legislative director at the Human Rights Campaign, a gay and lesbian advocacy group.

USA Today

Voter excitement level highest in years

WASHINGTON -- Politics is a water-cooler topic, a dinner-table subject, an issue to discuss after Sunday services, and this year the interest of American voters is at its highest level in more than a decade. That renewed attention could translate into higher voter turnout on Nov. 7, according to an Associated Press-Pew poll. Read More

US Airways offered millions to build operations center here

The state and Allegheny County are offering the airline $16.25 million in aid to build a $25 million flight operations center here, over Phoenix or Charlott, N.C. Read More

Anniversary of Terror

While everyone remembers 9/11 few recall that six years ago today, seventeen American sailors died and another 39 were injured in an attack on the American guided missile destroyer, USS Cole, in Aden Harbor, off the coast of Yemen. As the ship was refueling, a small craft piloted by two al Qaeda terrorists and loaded with about 700 pounds of explosives approached the ship and detonated. The blast blew a 40-foot by 40 foot hole in the port side of the USS Cole. The bombing operation was orchestrated by Osama bin Laden.

Two years later – on the same date in 2002, 202 people were killed and another 210 were injured when two large bombs exploded in the Kuta nightclub district on Bali in Indonesia. A third, smaller bomb detonated outside the American embassy.

Let us never forget the evil we face.

Chris Wallace: Registered Democrat

Bill Clinton accused interviewer Chris Wallace of doing a "nice conservative little hit job” when Wallace recently grilled him about his administration’s pursuit of Osama bin Laden on "Fox News Sunday.”

Evidently Clinton didn’t do his homework regarding Wallace’s political leanings. The Washington Post did – and found that the newsman has been a registered Democrat for more than 20 years.



As part of the “Families All Matter” curriculum. A parent put it best: “The school is undermining my authority as a parent, at a critical, formative stage of my daughter's life.”

Star Tribune


A funny moment from the story: “Democrats said the improvement in the 2006 federal deficit was a temporary blip.” Thanks for celebrating. Then this: “They predicted rising deficits for years to come unless policies are changed.” Raising taxes?

USA Today


Calling GOP members more tolerant “in their office hiring than some in the party have preached on the campaign trail.” But the examples they cite on the campaign trail focus on the effort to protect traditional marriage. Or, as USA Today insists, “anti-gay-marriage.” Does USA Today really think all gays working for Republicans should be fired to avoid hypocrisy on the marriage issue?

USA Today

Pope set to bring back Latin Mass

THE Pope is taking steps to revive the ancient tradition of the Latin Tridentine Mass in Catholic churches worldwide, according to sources in Rome.

Pope Benedict XVI is understood to have signed a universal indult — or permission — for priests to celebrate again the Mass used throughout the Church for nearly 1,500 years. The indult could be published in the next few weeks, sources told The Times.

Use of the Tridentine Mass, parts of which date from the time of St Gregory in the 6th century and which takes its name from the 16th-century Council of Trent, was restricted by most bishops after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

(The Tridentine Mass is celebrated entirely in Latin, except for a few words and phrases in Greek and Hebrew. There are long periods of silence and the priest has his back to the congregation .)

This led to the introduction of the new Mass in the vernacular to make it more accessible to contemporary audiences. By bringing back Mass in Latin, Pope Benedict is signalling that his sympathies lie with conservatives in the Catholic Church.

Catholic bloggers have been anticipating the indult for months. The Cornell Society blog says that Father Martin Edwards, a London priest, was told by Cardinal Joseph Zen, of Hong Kong, that the indult had been signed. Cardinal Zen is alleged to have had this information from the Pope himself in a private meeting.

Closeted Homosexual Republicans Target of Blog-Activist

Homosexual activist Mike Rogers said he will reveal the identities of homosexual Republicans on Capitol Hill each day "for hypocritically opposing gay rights for political reasons when they themselves are gay." But according to Rogers, who runs a web log called, he's "reporting on hypocrisy," not "outing them." "The right wing of this country is so out of control beating up gay people," Rogers told Cybercast News Service on Tuesday. Full Story

Falling Gas Prices Not a Conspiracy

( - The price of gasoline has fallen about 75 cents a gallon in recent months because of market forces -- not, as some liberals have alleged, because of a secret conspiracy to help Republicans in the upcoming mid-term elections, analysts said. Gas prices, which reached a record national average of $3.06 per gallon on Sept. 5, fell to $2.26 nationwide by Tuesday, Oct. 10, as reported by the American Automobile Association at The cost of a barrel of crude oil, which peaked at $78.40 on July 14, fell below $60 on Tuesday. Full Story

N Korea: Sanctions 'an act of war'

North Korea says it regards US pressure to curtail its nuclear weapons programme as a declaration of war. No word on if the U.S considers a nuke test and act of war?


The two-thirds that are able. North Korea promises more tests. (FOX News) As Iran insists they will continue developing nuclear technology. (BBC) And experts worry about terrorists getting nuclear materials. (CBS News) From Hewitt: I wonder if any MSM organization will see in the North Korean threat any reason to review the Democratic Leadership's long standing opposition to deployment of the national missile defense system? (Townhall) From Investor’s Business Daily: The real culprits are Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and their diplomacy of wishful thinking. (IBD) McCain blamed Clinton for the North Korea mess. (ABC News)


Ironically, the writer uses this information to claim it wasn’t an October surprise. Yet here it is, a story that was out there and unpromoted until October. (Harpers) Another story declared “The timing of the e-mails' release appears to be more of a coincidence than an "October surprise," designed to affect the outcome of the elections. It took more than a year for the e-mails to be published because one publication after another decided not to print them.” Still, they held the story until October, then promoted the story relentlessly. That’s not suspicious? (Washington Post)


For $500,000. (AP) A sad ending to a story that began so strangely. Remember how strongly her fiancé supported her after she returned? (FOX News)


The story notes “born-again Christian teens are just as active in stealing and swapping music as their secular peers who pinch the latest Eminem rap hit or Kelly Clarkson power ballad.”



ABC News topping most with a picture of Bush superimposed next to Foley. The story does point out that “the Mark Foley scandal, while it hasn't helped, is a distant concern, with many doubting that the Democrats would've handled it any better.” (ABC News) As many stories claim the Democrats are now poised to take the house, Hugh Hewitt writes “The Dems need 15 seats to change hands, and no credible list is ever produced to back up that number, and even though Foleymania swept the MSM for ten days, it took exactly one day of focus on the world and loose nukes and terrorist kooks to refocus large numbers of voters on the stakes.” (Townhall)


Film has become an essential arena for theological discussion in today’s culture. Faith and its trials and triumphs make good stories, and Hollywood has always recognized a good story and told it creatively, from The Ten Commandments to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Of course, economic factors also contribute to the prominence of religious subjects in movies now. Thanks to the success of The Passion of the Christ, the spending power of the Christian market has registered at the box office. The gospel of dollars, cultural preoccupation with faith issues, and the dictates of creativity all combine now to form a golden moment for filmmaking about spiritual subjects.

Big Hollywood companies are buying in, raising the stakes and multiplying the titles. The Nativity Story, about the birth of Jesus, is scheduled for wide release Dec. 1. It comes from a secular studio, New Line Cinema, known for the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy. But the themes and treatments go way beyond the traditional, beyond the serious, beyond Christianity. One Night with the King, is a biblical epic about the life of the Jewish queen Esther, opens Oct. 13. Conversations With God: The Movie, based on the best-selling books by Neale Donald Walsch and opening Oct. 27, aims at a “spiritual but not religious” audience. Evan Almighty, a sequel to the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty, is due out in 2007; Morgan Freeman again portrays God. Jesus Camp, a controversial documentary now in limited release, offers a look inside a charismatic Christian camp for children.

Movie marketers are borrowing pages from the playbook of The Passion of the Christ, appealing to congregations, offering advance screenings, building buzz among targeted faith communities in advance of a film’s opening.

Some conservative Christians have historically been reluctant to engage popular culture and have been suspicious of entertainment, though that stance is changing for many. How do congregations in your area regard the current products of Hollywood?


Claiming they’re seeking something that can be taxed.

USA Today


From the story: Karr was driven to the Convent of the Sacred Heart school in a limousine with two ABC "Good Morning America" producers and Karr "stepped out of the limo and stood (outside the school) for two or three minutes, walked down the sidewalk, went up to the door and looked in the window," Sgt. Steve Mannina told the San Francisco Chronicle. Neither Karr nor the ABC producers were arrested because they did not break any laws, Mannina said.



Adopted at nine, he molested others at 12. Only then, the parents claim, they received his telling psychological profile.

Washington Post


The story is short – but claims “there seems to be a growing openness to having more than two children, in some case more than four.”

Chicago Sun-Times

Can't refuse pay raise, judge is told

PITTSBURGH - Superior Court Judge Joan Orie Melvin does not want to accept the pay raise granted to state judges, but her attorney said state court officials have refused to give her less pay.
Read More

After pay raise 'mistake,' Rendell wants term limits

Gov. Ed Rendell initially thought that the legislative pay raise in 2005 was a good idea and that state House and Senate members shouldn't have term limits. Now he's changed his mind on both points, admitting "I made a mistake'' by signing the pay raise, and saying that legislators should be limited to eight to 10 years in Harrisburg.
Read More


Coming soon to your town!

One representative explained “We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada, with stones and Molotov cocktails. You no longer see two or three youths confronting police, you see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their 'comrades' free when they are arrested."



From the story: Defense lawyers tried twice unsuccessfully to get the charges dismissed and were seeking to have evidence barred from trial when prosecutors gave up. "The impression that we've had all along is that the prosecution had every intention of getting this case to trial, regardless of the evidence," said defense lawyer Robert Amparan. "I am pleasantly surprised by them having done the right thing."

FOX News


Some news outlets virtually ignored the story. Included in the good economic news: “…the number of new unemployment claims dropped to its lowest level in 10 weeks.” (CBS News) Jerry Bowyer points out “Five years ago, the markets were working their way out of a bubble; this time it’s the real thing.” (NRO)


The GOP wants several Democrats to answer questions about when they knew about Foley. (Human Events) And, as expected, Democrats are upset Freeh is heading up the investigation. From Pelosi: “That's about public relations for the Republican leaders, it's not about protecting the children.” (CBS News) Meanwhile, Bush backed Hastert. (CNN)

From David Limbaugh: Do you remember how many times during the Clinton years Democrats told us everyone lies about sex and that Republicans were shamefully distracting the Clinton administration by harping on White House cover-ups about sex with an intern? Well, we have far worse distractions now being promoted by Democrats about far less important matters and during far more dangerous times. (Townhall)

A Voice for the Voiceless: Father Frank Pavone

I was blessed to spend some time talking one on one with Father Frank Pavone. If you don't know who he is I encourage you to check out Priests for Life

Father Pavone was with Terri Schavio when she passed and I have always admired his efforts on behalf on the unborn.

Father Pavone spoke to a group in Wexford about the need for us to take our faith into the world. That means to work, to the community and to the polls!

The recent attacks on Sen. Rick Santorum sicken me. If you don't agree with his stance on the issues that's one thing, but personal attacks on character and mocking by homosexual groups is unfounded and despicable. Sadly that seems to be part of most campaigns these days while real issues and ideas get pushed to the side.

Sadder yet is the inaction of the church. If you hand out pro-life material, you often will be chased off church property. Not that you would be violating any law, it just the church would rather preempt complaints instead of informing the faithful.

I told Father Pavone how deeply disturbed I was that the church has been scared into silence. When was the last time you heard the evils of abortion preached from the pulpit? Oh sure we have the pro-life group that holds the bake sale but that's about it. Forget talking about election day. Some might think it inappropriate to talk about worldly issues. I've got news for you, it was GOD who put you in this world and trusted you with it.

We can drum up an army over a smoking ban in this area. Phone calls, emails, faxes flood into offices. We can get outraged over casinos and taxes. So we wake up one day with cleaner air a casino down the street and lower taxes, yet babies can still be killed.

Forgive me, but where the hell are our priorities? Do I sound mad? Well I am. I got an email, "I'm not voting for Santorum because my prescriptions cost to much." Well unless Santorum owns the pharmacy or the drug company that's a stupid reason.

If this world continues to spiral out of control it's your own fault. Pay attention. Educate yourself. If you don't want to choose your leaders they will be chosen for you. Get you head out of the sand and don't just vote for a "D" or an "R".

I'll close by echoing the words Father Pavone said, "I'm tired of hearing what you believe. I want to know what you are going to do?"

Put your faith in action.

Protesters drop plans to picket Pa. Amish funerals

A Kansas church group that routinely pickets military funerals has dropped plans to demonstrate at funerals of five Amish girls fatally shot in an attack on their one-room schoolhouse. Read More


From the story: Thomas noted that the annual returns filed by the NCAA with the IRS states that the primary purpose of the NCAA is to "maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program and the athlete as an integral part of the student body." But he said corporate sponsorships and big television deals - he mentioned a $545 million deal with CBS for television coverage of the NCAA men's basketball tournament - have led many to believe that major college football and men's basketball more closely resemble professional sports.

CBS Sports


He explained “You know, I'm a man and I don't want to be paying alimony to a man. If you can't be married to a man legally, how can you legally pay alimony to a man?"

He has a point.....

Bay News

October Surprise : Tis the Season

Part of the Abscam scandal. Apparently there’s video evidence.

Washington Times

A Change of Heart

I have been talking (via email) with a woman about my faith and the Catholic church for about 3 years now. Many times people ask me questions and I never hear from them again. Once in awhile I catch a glimpse of their journey.

I never set out to convert anyone to the Catholic faith. I don't think it's my place to do so. I answer what I'm asked and let God do the rest.

Well I got another email from this person. Last night at her Bible Study she told the group she was becoming a Catholic but would like to continue attending the study. The reception was a bit cold.

One man told her he thought her calling was not to enter the church, but to attend in order to bring people out. Here is part of what she wrote:

As graciously as possible, I said, “No... Actually I AM being called to enter the Church. I’ve done a lot of reading, studying and praying and this IS where God is taking me.” He then made some comment like, “Well, if during the study you ever felt led to stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down... (ha ha) “ I said, “No, no... when in Rome...” I could sense his “horror” at the idea that I was becoming a Catholic. He announced, “Well, we will need to be praying for YOU then!” I responded, “Thanks! I appreciate your prayers and I ask that you do not pray that I will leave Catholicism but that I will follow God’s will because that is what we should ALL be doing... following God’s will for our lives.”

I admire her courage. After heartfelt study and prayer she has embraced the truth she once rejected. Far too many people allow one bad experience to form their opinion of the entire Church. Often this assumption is based on an individual and not the true church.

We had Paul Baloche (singer, songwriter) on the air. He told us of how he was raised Catholic but later became "saved". It saddens me when I hear someone was “raised Catholic” and they claim to never have heard about what Christ did for them... about a personal relationship with Christ. How could they look year after year at Christ crucified and not have an understanding of what Christ did? Why does the term “personal relationship” used in Protestant circles with Catholics make them think they didn’t already have a personal relationship just because that term hasn’t been used?

Your relationship with Christ does not depend on ANY denomination. It is not handed to you when you walk in the door. It is up to YOU to have a personal relationship with Christ and have a full understanding of who Christ is and what He did for us. Far too many people set themselves up to be bitter former Catholics who simply missed all the beauty and truth within Catholicism as if they slept while Christ was in the room.


Jonah Goldberg explains why he believes “Despite the Crucible-like moral panic sweeping Washington right now, this will backfire on Democrats, liberals and the gay left.” Later: “Fanning the flames of righteous fervor over Foley will probably reap electoral benefits for Democrats. But the time will come when something like the "Foley standard" will be inconvenient to Democrats. In response, liberals will hold another fire sale. And yet, they will be stunned again when people claim the Democrats don't stand for anything.” (LA Times) Some find the timing of the information rather suspicious. (Radar Online) And the Democratic National Committee has already worked the scandal into fundraising letters.

Prelate's service draws protests

Advocates for tougher sex abuse laws picketed the Diocese of Harrisburg's annual "Red Mass" for jurists and lawmakers yesterday, protesting its homilist as a strident foe of legislation that child sex abuse victims are seeking. Read More

Rendell, Swann set for debate

Gov. Rendell has been reviewing his record. His Republican opponent, Lynn Swann, has been reviewing Rendell's record, too. It's all part of the last-minute crunch before the two men face off tonight in their first formal debate, at Point Park University Center in Pittsburgh. Read More

Youtube if they Approve

Well, it appears to be a trend among higher-profile YouTube users who are attempting to provide informational and educational resources pertaining to Islamic based terrorism and the actions of terrorists against our troops in Iraq.

Here is how it goes, you are sent an e-mail by the YouTube “team” saying "you've been flagged". Your video is by then removed, and you are on your way to “account suspension.”

Good luck attempting to find out how the videos posted on YouTube violate their terms of service.

Meanwhile, the videos posted by apologists for Islamic terrorists – the snuff films referenced by Michelle Malkin in her great VIDEO message… well, they continue to be hosted by YouTube. Be sure to view the video by Michelle Malkin by clicking the above link.

You go Michelle!


From the story: Increased border security and competition from other industries are driving migrant laborers out of the fields, farmers say.

Good, then enforcement is working!

Washington Post


Calling it “dangerous” and “misleading.”

Times Online


With thousands of signatures from women making the declaration. One signer bragged "I wanted to do something bigger with myself _ I didn't want to be stopped by anything." (AP) A similar conclusion made by Susan Smith before she murdered her two young children. (Wikipedia)


A remarkable recovery from the Clinton era dot-com economic fall, 9/11 and Katrina. (AP) Many outlets, such as the LA Times, USA Today, ABC News, CBS News, buried the story. For some, it didn’t even make the top money news. The Times story headline: Dow’s New Height Not as Giddy as the Last One. Who’s fault is that? The story complains right from the top, “In less than seven years, the value of the typical U.S. home has risen 64%. The price of gold has doubled. The Russian stock market has rocketed nearly 800%.” (LA Times) The USA Today headline: Dow milestone passes without much celebration or sense of euphoria. Again, who’s fault is that? (USA Today)

A Fallen World

The school year is barely a month along and already the nation has been shaken by a series of school shootings. The latest, in Pennsylvania's beautiful Lancaster area, involved the execution of schoolgirls.

Last week, a 53-year-old homeless man held schoolgirls hostage in Bailey, Colorado, sexually abusing several (he had reportedly asked for specific girls he had seen on a popular teen web site) before killing one.

What is going on in this world? Since the start of the school year, according to ABC News, there have been 25 incidents across the country involving school shootings, seven involving fatalities.

President Bush announced plans to convene a summit of education and law enforcement leaders to talk about ways the federal government can help stem the violence. Violence against young, innocent children was once uncommon, even unthinkable, in America. As policy makers meet, there should be time to reflect on how many other taboos modern culture has shattered, how many other unthinkable things are now thought of - and acted upon.

The Foley Blame Game

It would be nice, if every once in awhile when someone does something stupid , they would stand up and take responsibility. My waiting continues....

Rep. Mark Foley has now blamed his lewd behavior with an underage boy on alcohol and sexual abuse by a clergyman. I don't know what Mr. Foley has endured in his life and it is obvious has has some problems. Still, there is no excuse for the type of deviant behavior former Congressman Mark Foley has admitted to.

I'd like to hear those representing the homosexual community denounce the actions of Foley, but they never will. Homosexuality is every bit a part of the culture of death as is abortion and contraception. Acknowledging some things are not acceptable, puts those issues at risk. Not surprisingly, Foley was an ardent supporter of both, representing the interests of Planned Parenthood 64 percent of the time thus far in 2006.

Can we really not see the link here? All these actions that some claim are "rights" denigrate the intrinsic dignity of and respect for human life. Then all of a sudden a child is not child and therefore I can abuse a child in pursuit of my own pleasure. This is the thought that allows a person to rationalize deviant behavior.

Victims of abuse should understand the destructiveness and not use evil as and excuse for evil. Support for these actions breed a mindset where life becomes a commodity and the highest achievement is self-indulgence, which inevitably leads to the reckless behavior we are now witnessing across this country. From teachers to clergy, we opened the door when so called "tolerance" knocked.

There is a movement in this nation to just accept homosexuals. Anything less is bigotry and hatred. Or maybe they will call it homophobia and intolerance. Whatever battle cry is chosen, we must stand firm and not allow the abuse of children, the approval of homosexuality and the continued attacks from those who see to weaken and dishonor the priesthood.

Foley's action show him to be a homosexual predator. Homosexuals continue their lifestyle campaign through a cycle of disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators.

Foley must be brought to justice as should anyone guilty of perpetrating similar crimes against him. Past abuse is not an excuse for deviant behavior. Any person who knowingly covered up this despicable behavior should be removed from office.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dies

Prentiss Barnes, who sang with the Moonglows and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, died Saturday in a weekend traffic accident in southwest Mississippi. He was 81.

Barnes, of Magnolia, was killed when his car wrecked on Mississippi 48, east of Magnolia.
Pike County Coroner Percy Pittman said Barnes was thrown from the car and died of massive trauma.

Barnes, a bass singer for the Moonglows, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2000. He's also a member of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and a Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer.
The Moonglows' R&B and doo-wop recordings include "Blue Velvet," "Most of All," "We Go Together" and "Ten Commandments of Love." The McGuire Sisters recorded a pop version of their '50s hit "Sincerely."
The Moonglows disbanded in the mid-1960s. Barnes struck out on a solo career and headed for California in 1969. On the westward trip, Barnes was injured when a train struck his car in Texas. After the wreck, doctors amputated Barnes' left arm. A shattered hip caused his right leg to shorten. It took two years and 10 operations before Barnes was well enough to return to Mississippi.

Fake 'Catholic Voters Guide' published by former aide to John Kerry

An attempt to recapture the Catholic vote has been launched by Democratic supporters. A new 2006 Voter Guide has been put out by "Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good" (CACG) a group headed up by Alexia Kelley who in 2004 worked as a religion advisor to John Kerry in the closing weeks of his campaign.

An initial printing of one million copies of "Voting for the Common Good: A Practical Guide for Conscientious Catholics" will be distributed nationwide through on-the-ground organizers and partner networks in all 50 states, says CACG. The groups admits in a press release that the new voter guide is a response to the original "Catholic Voters Guide" issued by Catholic Answers last year.

The new voter guide has been described as "slick" by the Catholic League for its deceptive wording which falsely leads Catholics to consider abortion as just one of many important social justice issues to be taken into account when electing politicians.

Commenting on the new 12-page booklet, Catholic League president Bill Donohue said "The voter guide is a slick attempt to get the abortion albatross off the necks of Catholic Democrats, but it's a failed effort-the noose is still there. Instead of listening to James Carville and Paul Begala, who have counseled Democrats to drop their opposition to parental notification laws and their support for keeping partial-birth abortion legal, the best Catholics in Alliance can do is say it is opposed to abortion. But it makes it painfully clear that it will never join any effort to ban any abortions, including partial-birth."

The Catholic Democrats' guide contradicts the guidance of Cardinal Ratzinger prior to his election to the papacy. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote a doctrinal note, approved by then-Pope John Paul II, which stated: "[A] well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program or an individual law which contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals." The doctrinal note added, "laws must defend the basic right to life from conception to natural death . . . Analogously, the family needs to be safeguarded and promoted based on monogamous marriage between a man and a woman."

Bloggers learn about Libel (The Hard Way)

“People take advantage of the anonymity to say things in public they would never say to anyone face-to-face. "Bloggers didn't think they could be subject to libel," says Eric Robinson, a Media Law Resource Center attorney. "You take what is on your mind, type it and post it." Under the 1996 Communications Decency Act, individuals who post messages are responsible for their content and can be sued for libel. That applies whether they are posting on their own website or on others' message boards...

USA TODAY has on article on blogs, the burgeoning, freewheeling Internet forums that give people the power to instantly disseminate messages worldwide. Blogs are increasingly being targeted by those who feel harmed by blog attacks. A few months ago PowerBlog! was threatened with a lawsuit by a man who was mentioned in one of my posts. The story was factual and I stand by my post. (Even in a court of law if need be). However lawsuits cna be a big nuscience.

In the past two years, more than 50 lawsuits stemming from postings on blogs and website message boards have been filed across the nation. The suits have spawned a debate over how the "blogosphere" and its revolutionary impact on speech and publishing might change libel law.

Right here in Pittsburgh, Todd Hollis, a criminal defense lawyer, has filed a libel suit against a website called, which includes message boards in which women gossip about men they supposedly dated. One posting on the site accused Hollis of having herpes. Another said he had infected a woman he once dated with a sexually transmitted disease. Yet another said he was gay. Hollis, 38, who says the accusations are false, is suing the site's operator, Tasha Joseph, and the posters of the messages.

Ligonier Ministries, a religious broadcaster and publisher in Lake Mary, Fla., has taken the unusual step of asking a judge to pre-emptively silence a blogger to try to prevent him from criticizing the ministries.

Robert Cox, founder and president of the Media Bloggers Association, which has 1,000 members, says the recent wave of lawsuits means that bloggers should bone up on libel law. "It hasn't happened yet, but soon, there will be a blogger who is successfully sued and who loses his home," he says. "That will be the shot heard round the blogosphere."

All pro-bono lawyers are asked to email me :)

The Catholic Vote

In 2004 Catholic voters did what not long before would have been considered political heresy: They supported a Republican for president over a Democrat, and an evangelical Protestant, no less, over the first Catholic presidential nominee since John F. Kennedy in 1960. Moreover, Catholics' preference for George W. Bush over John Kerry - 52 percent to 47 percent -- was bigger in key electoral states, such as Florida and Ohio, which have large Catholic populations and provided the Electoral College margin for Bush's victory.

It was this vote that proved Catholics would not just blindly vote for anyone claiming be Catholic as John Kerry did, but really do consider character and morals in making a voting decision.

To many, the 2004 election signaled a fundamental realignment in national politics. However, since 2004 many Republicans have not delivered on the promises they made. Promises of health care reform, permanant tax cuts, immigration reform, a real fix for social security, etc.

So now, Catholics appear to be swinging back to their traditional home in the Democratic Party. A Gallup Poll in June 2006 showed Catholics backing Democrats by an 11-point margin, reinforcing the view of Catholics as the ultimate "swing vote" among American religious blocs.

That could be bad news for the GOP. Often much time and energy is spent on courting the evangelical protestant sector and that leaves Catholic voters wondering of their vote matters?

The truth is, if one wants to win an election, that person had better talk to Catholics. With nearly 70 million baptized members, American Catholics are the largest denomination in the United States and the largest religious voting bloc, at 27 percent of the electorate.

Catholics vote at a higher rate than most other religious groups and a slightly higher rate (by 4 percentage points) than Protestants, according to the late William B. Prendergast, author of The Catholic Voter in American Politics: The Passing of the Democratic Monolith.

Catholics are concentrated in the states with the most electoral votes - California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan, for example. That gives them political clout in Congress and in presidential politics.

Political experts say that Catholic voters have assimilated to the point that they tend to be governed in their voting preferences by the same pocketbook and security issues that affect all voters. But there are at least two hot-button issues that can have a larger impact on Catholic opinions than they would on other religious communities: immigration and abortion.

It is high time that both politicans and Catholics wake up to the fact that if we take an active roll and get out to vote our beliefs, Catholic morals and values would be the rule of the land. We have to power to demand a real change in this nation. A change I hope most other Christians would support.