A Tip of the Hat to WAPO

Why some feel the need to publicly flaunt their sexuality is beyond me. Columbus day also happened to be claimed as "National Coming Out Day" Is there a staying in day?

Showing the guts to present both sides if the issue, the Washington Post published an op-ed piece by Tony Perkins.

In a column on the paper's On Faith blog, Perkins wrote "homosexual activist groups like GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) are exploiting" recent incidents of gay youth committing suicide after anti-gay "bullying." Perkins suggests that these tragedies are not caused by the homophobic attacks these individuals were subjected to, but rather because "homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression," and there's no "evidence to link this with society's general disapproval of homosexual conduct."

What non Christians of any sexual preference need to understand is opposition to homosexuality is not based in bigotry or hate. It is based on the word of God and the laws he has given to man. There mere consideration of eternal damnation because of chosen lifestyle should be enough to cause at least some bit of mental anguish and rightly so.

Too often we are expected to simply nod and smile as others embrace, celebrate and shove in the face of others their perversion of choice.

There is plenty of selfish homosexual propaganda out there. We ought to thank Mr. Perkins for his bold stand and presenting an rational voice.

Judge orders military to stop enforcing don't ask, don't tell

A federal judge ordered that the U.S. military stop enforcing the don't ask, don't tell policy on Tuesday.

Judge Virginia Phillips ordered the military "immediately to suspend and discontinue any investigation, or discharge, separation, or other proceeding, that may have been commenced under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"."

The judge had previously ruled that the policy regarding gays serving in the military violated service members Fifth Amendment rights but delayed issuing the injunction.


Get Ready for Massive Tax Hikes

All you who vote for hope and change, well you better hope there is a bit of change left after the government sucks more money out of you pocket.

We were told taxes would only go up on the rich. BIG FAT LIE.

We will ring in the new years with taxes that will hit families and small businesses in three great waves on January 1, 2011:

First Wave: Expiration of 2001 and 2003 Tax Relief

In 2001 and 2003, the GOP Congress enacted several tax cuts for investors, small business owners, and families. These will all expire on January 1, 2011:

Personal income tax rates will rise. The top income tax rate will rise from 35 to 39.6 percent (this is also the rate at which two-thirds of small business profits are taxed). The lowest rate will rise from 10 to 15 percent. All the rates in between will also rise. Itemized deductions and personal exemptions will again phase out, which has the same mathematical effect as higher marginal tax rates. The full list of marginal rate hikes is below:

- The 10% bracket rises to an expanded 15%
- The 25% bracket rises to 28%
- The 28% bracket rises to 31%
- The 33% bracket rises to 36%
- The 35% bracket rises to 39.6%


Higher taxes on marriage and family. The “marriage penalty” (narrower tax brackets for married couples) will return from the first dollar of income. The child tax credit will be cut in half from $1000 to $500 per child. The standard deduction will no longer be doubled for married couples relative to the single level. The dependent care and adoption tax credits will be cut.

The return of the Death Tax. This year, there is no death tax. For those dying on or after January 1 2011, there is a 55 percent top death tax rate on estates over $1 million. A person leaving behind two homes and a retirement account could easily pass along a death tax bill to their loved ones.

Higher tax rates on savers and investors. The capital gains tax will rise from 15 percent this year to 20 percent in 2011. The dividends tax will rise from 15 percent this year to 39.6 percent in 2011. These rates will rise another 3.8 percent in 2013.

Second Wave: Obamacare

There are over twenty new or higher taxes in Obamacare. Several will first go into effect on January 1, 2011. They include:

The Tanning Tax. This went into effect on July 1st of this year. It imposes a new, 10% excise tax on getting a tan at a tanning salon. There is no exemption for tanners making less than $250,000 per year.

The “Medicine Cabinet Tax” Thanks to Obamacare, Americans will no longer be able to use health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), or health reimbursement (HRA) pre-tax dollars to purchase non-prescription, over-the-counter medicines (except insulin).

The HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike. This provision of Obamacare increases the additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10 to 20 percent, disadvantaging them relative to IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts, which remain at 10 percent.

Brand Name Drug Tax. Starting next year, there will be a multi-billion dollar tax assessment imposed on name-brand drug manufacturers. This tax, like all excise taxes, will raise the price of medicine, hurting everyone.

Economic Substance Doctrine. The IRS is now empowered to disallow perfectly-legal tax deductions and maneuvers merely because it judges that the deduction or action lacks “economic substance.” This is obviously an arbitrary empowerment of IRS agents.

Employer Reporting of Health Insurance Costs on a W-2. This will start for W-2s in the 2011 tax year. While not a tax increase in itself, it makes it very easy for Congress to tax employer-provided healthcare benefits later.

Third Wave: The Alternative Minimum Tax and Employer Tax Hikes
When Americans prepare to file their tax returns in January of 2011, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise—the AMT won’t be held harmless, and many tax relief provisions will have expired. These major items include:

The AMT will ensnare over 28 million families, up from 4 million last year. According to the left-leaning Tax Policy Center, Congress’ failure to index the AMT will lead to an explosion of AMT taxpaying families—rising from 4 million last year to 28.5 million. These families will have to calculate their tax burdens twice, and pay taxes at the higher level. The AMT was created in 1969 to ensnare a handful of taxpayers.

Small business expensing will be slashed and 50% expensing will disappear. Small businesses can normally expense (rather than slowly-deduct, or “depreciate”) equipment purchases up to $250,000. This will be cut all the way down to $25,000. Larger businesses can expense half of their purchases of equipment. In January of 2011, all of it will have to be “depreciated.”

Taxes will be raised on all types of businesses. There are literally scores of tax hikes on business that will take place. The biggest is the loss of the “research and experimentation tax credit,” but there are many, many others. Combining high marginal tax rates with the loss of this tax relief will cost jobs.

Tax Benefits for Education and Teaching Reduced. The deduction for tuition and fees will not be available. Tax credits for education will be limited. Teachers will no longer be able to deduct classroom expenses. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts will be cut. Employer-provided educational assistance is curtailed. The student loan interest deduction will be disallowed for hundreds of thousands of families.

Charitable Contributions from IRAs no longer allowed. Under current law, a retired person with an IRA can contribute up to $100,000 per year directly to a charity from their IRA. This contribution also counts toward an annual “required minimum distribution.” This ability will no longer be there.

Read more: http://atr.org/six-months-untilbr-largest-tax-hikes-a5171##ixzz0uTTfqwZO

Marty Surfaces

Years ago I produced a show hosted by Marty Minto on WORD FM here in Pittsburgh. I'm very proud of what we acomplished over the 3 years that show aired because we brought a lot of things into the discussion arena.

I have a better understanding of protestant evangelicals and I hope I shared a few things about the catholic faith with listeners.

After the show came to an abrupt halt I only spoke to Marty once. I considered him a friend and I wish his departure had unfolded differently.

To this day I still have people ask me about him. I can tell you that he is now living in South Carolina and working with Waccamaw Baptist Association doing resort ministry.

I have not spoken to him but I wish him well.

Catholic-Evangelical Split Over Gay Marriage

Churches played an influential role in the passage of Proposition 8 almost two years ago. But researcher Robert Jones said his polling indicated that religious people hardly form a monolith when it comes to gay marriage.

Jones heads the Public Religion Research Institute. The organization’s survey of 3,351 churchgoers in California found that White mainline Protestants - including Episcopalians and Lutherans – and Catholics are support same-sex marriage than substantially more than Protestant evangelicals and African American Protestants.

The split is biggest among Latinos. The poll found that 57% of Latino Catholics would vote for same-sex marriage today, compared to just 22% Latino Protestants.

“Overall what we really see here is a general Protestant-Catholic divide," researcher Dan Cox said. "So white Protestants verses white Catholics, we have a 20-point difference with white Protestants more likely to report hearing their clergy speak out on this issue. And we see the same size gap between Latino Protestants and Catholics as well."

Full Story

Prayers Go Out to Rick Warren

It no secret that I'm not a big fan of Rick Warren. I think he is much better at marketing than being a pastor.

That aside I don't like to see anyone injured. The recent news about Rick Warrens' eyes being burn by the sap of a firestick plant is sad.

He recently tweeted: My eyes were severely burned by a toxic poison.Hospitalized Mon.Excruciating pain.Now home.Pray my sight loss is restored.

I do ask readers to pray for his recovery and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Teaching Math to Schools - Taxes Going Up

In my local school district taxes are going up by the full 3.1 mills allowed by the state.This despite weak economic factors and growing unemployment. It seems to be a trend that school districts ignore the fact that they (along with the rest of us) have to cut back when times are tough.

Yet even our state official earn some blame here. The increase would have been a fraction of that amount except for the district successfully applied for exceptions from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that gave the school board the power to raise the millage rate beyond the annual index amount without having to obtain voter approval of a ballot referendum. How nice. How many of you think that vote would have passed?

This year's (2009-10) budget deficit is expected to be about $1 million. Currently there is $1.8 million in the reserve fund, with $800,000 allotted to balance this year's budget.

The budgetary future at Northgate is bleak, with state pension contributions escalating in the next few years to increase schools’ expenditures in that area by millions of dollars. The alarm has been ringing for some time now. It can no longer be ignored. Districts, union and our state leaders need to take a long hard look at the future of education in our state. We are paying more and often seeing less in the way of results and improving test scores.

It's time to review basic math skills when it comes to budgeting.

Pittsburgh’s 0.3 Percent Solution Is a Very Bad Idea

According to Mayor Ravenstahl there is unanimous agreement in his task force of government, university and business leaders that Pittsburgh needs a new source of revenue to bail out its ailing financial situation. We can think of a few gigantic problems with the Mayor and his task force's assessment of the situation.


Pittsburgh Blues Festival

Eric Burdon and Kenny Wayne Shepherd are among the headliners of the 16th Annual Pittsburgh Blues Festival, a benefit for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank at Hartwood Acres July 23-25.

July 23: The Iguanas with Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band. Free with donation of a bag of noon-perishable goods.

July 24: Eric Burdon & the Animals, Sonny Moorman Group, Peter Karp & Sue Foley, and Nick Curran & the LowLifes.

July 25: Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Larry McCray Band and Tinsley Ellis.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10131/1057384-388.stm?cmpid=entertainment.xml#ixzz0nfS3vYTO

Peering behind the rift: Obama’s pro-Palestinian agenda

The current animus between the U.S. and Israel is being carefully orchestrated by the Obama administration, and will eventually lead to this administration’s complete abandonment of our most trusted democratic ally in the Middle East -or worse.

An un-named source believes that the current rift in relations was not only orchestrated by the Obama administration, it is purposely being manipulated to become a “defining moment and a watershed event” in U.S. and Israel relations. It will allow this administration to manipulate the facts to further sway world opinion against Israel and embolden the Palestinians. “It is designed to change the overall dynamic of the Middle East, something the Obama administration and his Arab backers had planned since the beginning,” stated this source. He added that this incident could be used to restrict or cancel the future sales of arms necessary for Israel’s defense.

Read the full story

Gaming Revenue Impact on Government Spending

Money received by Allegheny County from gaming taxes almost certainly delayed hard budgetary choices. Would the County have raised taxes or cut spending in the absence of gaming dollars promised or received? Recall that the County Executive intercepted gaming derived payments totaling $40 million, money intended originally to be used by Pittsburgh International Airport to pay down debt incurred to construct the new airport facilities. The intercepted funds were used to plug holes in the County's budget. In absence of this "found" money, extremely hard budget decisions would have been required.


New walks crumbing in Point State Park

Sidewalks installed less than two years ago as part of a $7 million renovation of Point State Park are already starting to crumble. Read More

Big insurance rate increase for Pennsylvania poor

Facing a sharp rise in costs, Pennsylvania has almost doubled the monthly bill for a state health insurance program for poor people who do not qualify for Medicaid and are on a waiting list for a less costly option. Read More

State senator introduces marriage amendment

A conservative Republican senator from Blair County is making another attempt to strengthen the state's existing ban on marriages between persons of the same sex.

Hoeffel's petitions challenged

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato has challenged the nominating petitions of Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, one of his competitors in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Read More

Forced Government

Screw the will of the people. They are too stupid to know what's good for them.

That seems to be the approach these days of our democratic leaders. Ladies and Gentleman are you awake yet? We are under attack from our own government. The question is are you willing to fight to take back control of this country?

When the speaker of the house publicy states that she might attempt to pass the measure without having members vote on it we are past the point of minor concern. You are wittnessing the destruction of democracy.

Netanyahu to Biden: We Don't Need America

If you had any doubt the recent actions by Isreal were a slap in the face the Obama administration put them aside.

Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel last week was widely hailed as a catastrophe-but not because of settlements. After a tense year in which Washington had failed to stop Prime Minister Benyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu from settling more occupied land, Biden had come to shore up the relationship. Instead, officials in Netanyahu's government caught both men off guard by announcing plans to build more in contested East Jerusalem. True, that was a snafu. But the real disaster was what it may cost Israel.

According to Newsweek Israel didn't just spit in Joe Biden's face last week. It jeopardized America's willingness to protect it from Iran.

So why aren't we buddies anymore. Answer: Obama. America is moving left as Israel is moving right. Obama's grand design for a new, peaceful, and pro-American Middle East (featuring a new Palestinian state) stood in stark contrast to Netanyahu's long-held support for Israel's control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Isreali ambassador in Washington called the crisis "the worst in American-Israeli relations since 1975," when then–secretary of state Henry Kissinger announced a "reassessment" of the relationship. And even Netanyahu's key coalition member from the center-left, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, backed the prime minister, securing the prime minister's political position at home.

So much for everyone loving Obama.


RD Summers Tribute Dance



It's a night of good times and great oldies as we pay tribute to the long time host of the "Oldies Diner" on 3WS - R.D. Summers.

Saturday March 13th at West View Banquet Hall, we honor and remember RD as we bring back a bit of West View Danceland with music from the 50's and 60's.

You'll hear all the great RD songs hosted by former 3WS Diner producer Shaun Pierce.

Ticket includes refreshments and snacks. Free parking. BYOB, mixers provided. Food is welcome. A portion of the proceeds goes to supprt the West View Fore Department.

This is an all ages show. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Shows Begins at 8:00PM. Seating is limited so get your tickets now! Don't miss the "Oldies Diner Dance - A Tribute to RD Summers"

Produced by Pierce Events

Elton John "JESUS was GAY "

I really like some of Elton's music. I've even met the man. But he can't re-write gospel like he writes a song.

Elton declares in a upcoming magazine interview "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems."

He adds: "Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don't know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East - you're as good as dead."

First Sir Elton has just mashed Islam together with Christianity. No can do! In many parts of the Middle East you're as good as dead if your a Christian so the hate is not exclusive to homosexuals.

Elton (any many others) base their "opinion" of Jesus on emotion and create a fictional Jesus who exists to make them feel good.

If that's the case I can claim Jesus has electric boots, a mohair suit because I read it in a magazine. (OK, that was bad)

Leviticus 18:22 Please read it Elton and anyone else interested in the truth.

09 Lima - Code Red

We have a problem. Well many but let's deal with one for now.

Soldiers at Fort Jackson, SC are under investigation for trying to poison the food supply at the base. Chris Gray, the public affairs officer for the US Army's Criminal Investigative Division confirmed yesterday afternoon that these soldiers were a part of a fairly new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) called "09 Lima."

The 09 Lima school is centered at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and it's a special school that falls under the "Civilian Acquired Skills program" This program is put in place for people who already have a skill or profession and want to do that job in the military.

Here's the problem, the 09 Lima program from what I have been able to find is specifically geared towards non-US citizens who bring to the table one very in-demand skill - the ability to speak fluent Arabic, Dari, Pashto, or some other needed language. Most recruits can not speak English. So the 09 Lima program puts them through training where they learn American culture, Army culture and work on their English language skills. Once they finish the course, they are then able to enter normal basic training.

Recruits are offered an expedited citizenship program, once they serve honorable active duty. While I'm not against that in general, it presents an opportunity for jihadi extremists with ulterior motives. We better be ready for attacks on our troops from within if we are not more careful.

Did Ya Miss Me? .

I must hang my head in shame. The world is falling apart and I have not been blogging about it. Forgive me.

When I used to do the daily radio show I had much more opportunity to stay on top of info and news. Today my foucus must be on other things, but I always will get back here as often as I can.

So let's catch up!

What an Ash

It is lent. Catholics just observed Ash Wednesday. Our Vice President Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic (although he favors abortion) and participated in Ash Wednesday by having his forehead marked with the sign of the cross reminding the faithful that from ashes and dust we came and shall return.

It's seems the media in Europe have never heard of this. Two British reporters wondered on the air what the spot was and asked if Biden had "bumped and bruised his head at the Olympics".

Now I don't expect every person to understand Catholicism but even the Church of England observes Ash Wednesday. Even non Catholics in Great Britain ought to have some clue about this.

Here is the real kicker, Kay Burley, one of the reporters make a foll out of herself was finally informed by a producer that didn't live in a cave that Biden had ashes on his forehead. She then apologized for being a bad Catholic. Yes folks, she is a freaking CATHOLIC. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. She must go to the dentist more than she goes to Church. I don't think the Muslims that are taking over your entire country and turning it into Londonaston are missing many days. Use it or lose it Brits.

Reid's "Game Change" Mess

I've often said politics and be described as constantly talking but saying nothing. The problem is when you do that enough something is going to slip out that reveals your true self.

Reid, a key figure in pushing Obama's agenda through Congress, apologized to the president on Saturday over remarks published in a new book calling Obama a "light-skinned" black man "with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one."

The dialect Sen. Reid refers to is often the speech of the uneducated who were never taught, or never bothered to learn proper English. That is by no means President Obama. I'm no fan of our president but he is well educated and a great speaker. That should be applauded and held up as an example not seen as and an ineffective way of reaching black voters across America.

When are black Democratic supporters going to awaken to the fact that you are being used by this party?

The real story here is the glimpse of how Democrats are willing to devour each other.

Hillary Wanted Staff To Push Obama Drug Allegations...Bill Clinton on Obama: 'A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee'... Saint Elizabeth and the Ego Monster John...

I'm waiting for the Jackson / Sharpton response on all this. I'm sure Don Imus is scratching his head.

Brit Hume's Courage

Much has been made about Brit Hume's remarks on the Fox News Sunday program in which he told Tiger Woods he should turn to the Christian faith to receive forgiveness, be restored and be a great example to the world.

For those of you that are not aware, that's what the Christian faith is all about. We are all sinners. Not all of us are caught in brutal public spotlight but the very foundation of Christianity is based on us messing up and need forgiveness from each other and our Saviour.

I'm not sure why some are shocked by this. Nothing has changed about it in 2000 years.

Yet it seems like this is a new concept invented by Brit Hume if you ask Washington Post critic Tom Shales. Shales declared, “the remark will probably rank, even only a few days into January, as one of the most ridiculous of the year.” He goes on to say Hume must apologize for getting “carried away” with his faith, doing “the satellite-age equivalent of going door-to-door and spreading what he considers the gospel” and “not try to cross-pollinate religion and journalism and use Fox facilities to do it.”

I guess freedom of speech is not a consideration here. If Fox has an issue with Mr. Hume and his comments, then let Fox deal with it. I'm not calling for the Washington Post to fire Mr. Shales just because he uses the media outlet to present his ignorance of liberty and a faith.

In fact Mr. Shales is not alone is his stupidity quest. Buddhists have complained that Hume was insulting Buddhism by saying it cannot offer Tiger the redemption he needs. Well it can't. Buddhism does recognize sin the need for a Redeemer. If a belief system offers no Redeemer because it doesn't acknowledge sin then it can not possibly offer real forgiveness and redemption.

Mr Hume did what every Christian is called to do. Speak the truth. Not just when it comfortable or politically correct.

I can't tell you how tired I am of Christians preaching to the mirror. Mr. Hume did more in those few moments more then some Christians do in a lifetime. He shared his faith with everyone and anyone listening.

Step out the front door of the church and join the world. Sure it's violent, messy and you won't get a hero's welcome. but that's part of what you sign up for when you claim Christ.

St. Paul says “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Cor 1:18

If you really want to know someone..... share your faith.

A Blessed 2010

I'd like to wish all of you health, happiness and many blessings in 2010. Since leaving WORD FM in 2008, I've been working on my event compnay Pierce Events. Often that does not leave me much time to dedicate to PowerBlog.

I do thank all of you who continue to check in and I will do my best to update the site as often as I can. If any of you would like to contibute postings email me and I will be happy to welcome you on board.

PowerBlog! is going on it's 7th year thanks to all of you. There have been many changes since the begining but I have enjoyed my time with all you.

Happy 2010!

Officer says security worked perfectly on eve woman knocked pope down

Safety procedures worked perfectly and security personnel performed excellently the night Pope Benedict XVI was knocked down by the same woman who had attempted to get close to him a year before, a chief security officer said.

Get this guy a job with the TSA!!!

Susannah Maiolo, 25, jumped a security barrier at the start of the Dec. 24 liturgy as Pope Benedict processed into St. Peter's Basilica. As Vatican guards tackled her to the ground, she was able to grab the pope's vestments, causing him to lose his balance and tumble to the floor.

The woman, who was not armed, has a history of mental illness. Vatican sources confirmed that Maiolo was the same person who attempted to rush the pope at midnight Mass in 2008, but was tackled, again by Giani, before she could reach the pontiff.

You might want to check her for exploding underwear next time.......

Things Are Not Great in Pittsburgh Promise Land

In late December the Pittsburgh Promise Program secured a corporate grant from BNY Mellon. The $500,000 gift is the Program's second largest corporate donation, trailing only UPMC's pledge of $100 million. While corporations are certainly allowed to donate money as they see fit, we question whether they are doing a lot of good with the Pittsburgh Promise contribution-especially when compared to other worthy education grant opportunities.


Gerlach drops out of GOP governor's race

Rep. Jim Gerlach on Thursday quit the race for governor, citing the high cost of "media-driven" campaigns as an obstacle.

Read More

Rendell's signature legalizes table games in Pennsylvania

Gov. Ed Rendell signed the table games bill despite misgivings about it being "laden" with benefits for lawmakers' districts.

Read More

Radio Waves: DUQ for Sale

Duquesne University may sell WDUQ-FM (90.5), the station reported during its morning newscasts today.

WDUQ celebrated its 60th anniversary in December. It signed on in 1949 as a student-operated radio station at 91.5, but now employs a paid staff and is virtually independent from the private, Catholic university.
However, the station remains located in Duquesne's Des Places Language Center, along with various academic units and the Duquesne Duke newspaper.
The relationship has occasionally caused tension between WDUQ and Duquesne. In 2007, the station was forced by university President Charles Dougherty to return underwriting donations made by Planned Parenthood, whose birth control and abortion referral services were viewed as antithetical to the college's Catholic heritage.

A sale would have to be approved both by the university's board of trustees and the Federal Communications Commission. Because the main 90.5 frequency is located in the non-commercial FM band, it could not be sold to anyone who would operate it as a commercial station --- but it could be sold to another public broadcaster or a religious organization.

The repeater stations could probably be sold to commercial operators, because they operate in the commercial part of the band.

Sad News as Yvonne Zanos, Phil Musik Pass

KDKA-TV consumer reporter Yvonne Zanos passed away early this morning from complications related to ovarian cancer. She had just turned 60 on Wednesday.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Nicole and her family.

Funeral plans are incomplete but in lieu of flowers her family asks that donations be made to the KDKA Turkey Fund at the following address:

KD Turkey Fund

c/o Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

1 N. Linden St

Duquesne, PA 15110

In another loss for Pittsburgh media, Former WTAE (1250) host and longtime Pittsburgh Press columnist Phil Musick died at the age of 71.

In 1987, he became a talk-show host for the former WTAE, where he remained for 11 years in afternoons and overnights before moving to KDKA-TV as managing editor.

Bad Medicine

Sen. Nelson[D]: We should have waited on health care...

Dem congressman puts blame on leaders for slipping support...

NOONAN: The Risk of Catastrophic Victory...