Dismantling America

As a country we have faced many threats in our history. First from British rule, then our own civil war, World War I & II, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, The Soviet Empire, Iraq, Iran. Afgahistan and countless others. At each conflict we have risen to defend the vision and gift our founding fathers bestowed upon us. Anything worth having must always be defended for it will always be under attack.

I have always thought if you want to destroy something, it is best done from the inside out. I have seen this happen in the Church, corporate America and I see it happening in our own government right now. When we were attacked on September 11th it was done from the inside. By people who lived here, blended in, were accepted into our country and allowed to use freedom against us.
Today I see people in position of great power with goals and ideas that will do nothing less than destroy what we as American should be willing to die for. They gloss over dangerous ideology with catchy words that under the surface have little or no meaning. "Public Option" "Consumer Option" "Hope" :Change" it's sounds good, but what the hell does it mean?

Don't write this off thinking it's above your head and it doesn't matter to you. Yes YOU. If you are reading this it WILL AFFECT YOUR LIFE. Someday you will need a doctor or medicine or your loved one will and at that point you might start to care. At that point it might be too late!
If you have never cared much about government or what they do, now would be a great time to take up this one issue. We DO NOT have a health care problem in this country. We have some of the finest health care in the world. Doctors come here from all over to learn. Why? Because we are innovative, we never stop with research and developing new ways to treat and heal patients. All that could come to a screeching halt.
The problem we do have is AN INSURANCE PROBLEM. That's what needs to be fixed. You pay too much for your health care insurance or you don't have any because it's too expensive. They doctor pays too much for his practice insurance because he is afraid you might sue him if you're not happy at the end of the day. Billions of dollars are being passed around and things are getting worse.
We need our leaders to fix the insurance system, not the healthcare system. It's because of their actions (or lack of it) the problem even exsists. Tort reform is overdue. Allow insurance companies to compete in any state. Let the American people deduct the cost of insurance and treatment through taxes.

We can fix this if the government is willing to get out of the way, but they are not. This is exactly what they wanted. They created the crisis. The real problem is this is a grab for power. Uncle Sam is about to own you. They will control your bank, your health, what kind of car you drive, how much you are paid for a job if you have one and this is just the beginning.
If you sleep through this you will not like what's left of America when you awake. Please pay attention, call your representatives, email. write a letter, do something to stop the dismantling of America.

State senator pushes plan to shrink Legislature

A Schuylkill County senator is pushing a new plan to reduce the size of the Legislature -- eventually.
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Clarifying Pittsburgh’s Employment Picture

Pittsburgh's mayoral race has produced some heated rhetoric about the jobs situation in the City. One candidate has criticized the Mayor's characterization of the unemployment situation as being better than the state and nation, saying that it's offensive to those out of work and that the region's September unemployment rate stood at a 23-year high. The Mayor's spokesman replied that the candidate doesn't understand statistics and repeated the claim that the City unemployment rate is lower than the rate for the country, state and region. A third candidate argues there are pockets of economic hardships throughout the City's neighborhoods where people cannot find jobs.


The Kennedy Legacy

Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence has asked Senator Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) to discuss health care legislation and life issues with him. The invitation follows a heated exchange in which Kennedy said the Catholic bishops were acting "against the biggest social justice issue of our time" by opposing abortion-funding health care legislation. Kennedy accuses the Church of fanning "the flames of dissent and discord" by resisting the abortion-funding legislation, and called their position an "absolute red herring."

What Mr. Kennedy fails to realize is that the Catholic Church in the United States has been at the forefront of healthcare for centuries. Many of the hospitals and nursing programs today were started through the efforts of the Catholic Church and the desire to assist the ill and suffering. 

Many bishops have been advocating for universal healthcare. However, common sense would dictate that healthcare should aim to keep people alive and healthy. The murder of a healthy child under the label of "medical procedure" does not change the fundamental immoralality of the act and should not be supported financialy or otherwise by the American taxpayers.

Bishop Tobin in turn responded by calling Kennedy "a disappointment to the Church and to the citizens of Rhode Island."

Tobins' letter to Kennedy argues that "the Catholic Church has been clear and consistent in its support of comprehensive health care reform; support that continues to this day." He said Kennedy is "a disappointment to the Church and to the citizens of Rhode Island" and invited Kennedy to meet with him to discuss the Church's support of both "comprehensive health care legislation and measures that protect and defend life."

It's a shame this even needs to be explained to anyone who claims to be Catholic.


It is no secret to those who know me that I am a conservative and so it is no surprise that I am opposed to most, if not everything, the Obama Administration is doing. When fighting against someone like Obama and his minions it is important to have a strategy. It is also more important to know their strategy.

What is the Obama strategy? I have just figured it out that the strategy is overwhelm the opposition. Obama has done so many outrageous things, appointed so many unqualified, left wing loons and is trying to do so much more that it is hard to focus on one problem. There is a laundry list of programs, bills, and government appointees which make any American stand up and say “Wait a Minute”!

Some of the problems which need to be addressed are

Anita Dunn and she idolizing Mao.
Health Care – pick you problem; abortion, illegal aliens, taxes, etc.
Cass Sunstein – Free speech critic and regulatory czar.
GM Chrysler bail out.
AIG bail out.
Control of pay from the executive to the janitor.
Van Jones – gone but not forgotten.
Cap and trade.
Mark Lloyd – FCC Czar for diversity.
Carole Browner – Climate Czar

There is more but I am now overwhelmed. This is an outright frontal assault on the American way of life and it threatens our own existence.

Now what about our strategy; what to do; so many things, so many problems. If every concerned American would pick a problem and resolve to do one thing a week toward solving it we might get somewhere. The secret is not to let them overwhelm you. Take on one problem and go after solving it. It will empower you and more importantly it will overwhelm the opposition and distract them from their ultimate goal.

Go ahead America; pick a problem and go after them. Together we can save our country.


I know we are all busy trying to keep our heads above water in today’s economy. As I look around I have never seen a threat to our country as I do today – not even 9-11. The threat is not from some crazy religious zealots but from within. I know some of you are saying right wing nut job! But hear me out.

Health care is a big issue today. Ask yourself, if most people like their health care (85%) and most people don’t want it changed (55-59%) why are our politicians insisting on changing the whole system. It is a power grab of 20% of the economy.

The government already took over the banks and the auto companies.

The National Endowment for the Arts was commissioned to produce propaganda.

Cass Sunstein has been confirmed as Regulatory Czar and is ready to disassemble the constitution and bill of rights from the White House.

Van Jones is an avowed communist and was in the White House.

Kevin Jennings is put in charge as Safe School Czar and is a person who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.

The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) is about to launch a campaign to encourage volunteerism. Sounds like a nice idea but when you go to the suggested web sites you are directed to Plan Parenthood and other far left organization.

The list goes on and on. You could write a book; and some people have. Everyone needs to do something. Think of this as a call to arms. Find something to do to reclaim our government. Form a group, join a group, send a donation to a politician you can believe in (there are a couple out there), talk to your family and friends, be proactive, vote, write letters to your government officials, forward relevant information to your friends and family, go to a tea party; the list goes on and on. Make a promise to yourself and commit to doing one thing a day or a week what ever you can manage. Let’s save this great country together.

Glenn Beck and Anita Dunn

If any of you watched Glenn Beck on Thursday you saw Anita Dunn extoll the virtues of Chairman Mao at a commencement speech she gave at St Andrews Episcopal School. www.saes.org.
I sent the following letter to Ms. Beach, Academic Dean, for the class of 2008.

Ms. Beach,

I am not a parent of one of your student nor do I give money to your school, I am just an American. I watched with horror as Glen Beck played the Video of the commencement speech given by Anita Dunn where she extols the virtues of Chairman Mao to your High School students.

Our children are our most precious gift and they should be protected and nurtured. Having an adult, endorsed by the school and our government, tout the philosophy of someone who murdered 70,000,000 people at their commencement ceremony is inexcusable unless you support and agree with Ms. Dunn position. I realize there is a “freedom of speech” argument but would you let David Duke address you student body?

This incident begs the following questions:

If you didn’t know what she was going to say did you do anything to offset her comments?
Was there anyone in authority at the ceremony who should have “pulled the plug” when she rambled on about “the great philosopher Mao”?
Did your students even know who Mao was and what he did?
Did you students know he killed more people that Hitler?

It would be nice to receive an answer but I don’t expect one unless you were as appalled by her comments as I was. God bless you and the children in your care. Please be careful with your charges.

James G. Pierce
Pittsburgh PA

Radio Waves

WAOB calls now grace 860

The ledgendary call letters WAMO are now up for grabs as WAOB now graces AM 860 as well as FM 106.7. The FM callsign was changed a few weeks ago. Will Eddie Edwards grab WAMO for 660?  Edwards is purchasing Alex Langer's WPYT (660), a 1,400-watt daytime-only station licensed to Wilkinsburg.

Bye George

George L. Miles, Jr., the longest-serving chief executive of WQED, will retire as President and CEO. George Miles has been WQED's President and CEO since September 1994.

Pitt, Penn State tuition fates ride on table games decision

Whether students at the University of Pittsburgh will bear another tuition increase could depend on whether the Legislature approves table games.

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NFL - No Foreign Language

If you saw Monday night football you might have noticed something a bit strange. No not the awful uniforms, but a referee making a call in Spanish.
Latinos are celebrating their heritage this month and while I have no reason to object, changing and American icon such as Monday Night Football is a bit much. I mean why not broadcast in Italian for Columbus Day?
Before you call me some sort of bigoted racist, review the tape. The audience in Miami booed. If you can’t sell Spanish in Miami then just give up.
The Latino celebration began with Marc Anthony singing the National Anthem. Fine. From there the NFL goes completely LOCO! They released a series of 30-second Spanish-language spots pitching a Hispanic Dolphins fan against a Jets fan in several win-lose situations. In the first video, a child wearing a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey beats up on a dolphin-shaped pinata.
The call in Spanish was for a false start. Ironic, isn’t it.

More Tax = Less Freedom

Around the Nation: Tax Foundation Report on the States
A report just released by the Tax Foundation has given the unwelcome title of least "business-friendly" states to -- no surprises here -- New Jersey, New York and California. On the other end of the spectrum is South Dakota, which has the most business-friendly tax system, followed by Wyoming and Alaska. Evaluating states based on taxes that matter most to businesses -- corporate income, individual income, sales, unemployment insurance and property taxes -- the foundation found that the blue state trio boasts "the most inhospitable [tax structures] to economic growth." The foundation noted, "The ideal tax system ... is simple, transparent, stable, neutral to business activity, and pro-growth."
Interestingly, a study released earlier this year by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University ranked the same bottom three states among the five least free states in the country in terms of economic and personal freedom as measured by "state and local government intervention across a wide range of public policies." New Hampshire, which tied for first in freedom, also came in as one of the Tax Foundation's most business-friendly states.
Unfortunately, the most anti-business states have yet to fully grasp the connection. For example, it appeared to be news to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office when it announced this week that small business regulations have cost the state $492 billion and a whopping 3.8 million jobs, amounting to $134,122 and one job loss per small business in 2007.
So, freedom = economic growth, while burdensome government regulations = economic contraction. Coincidence? We think not.

Excellent analysis and reporting by the Patriot Post