Lesbian Minister Defrocked in PA

The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church, the highest court in the 8-million-member denomination, has defrocked a lesbian minister for violating the church's ban on "self-avowed, practicing homosexual" clergy. The text of the Judicial Council's decision was posted Monday afternoon on the Web site of the United Methodist Church.

Eight of the nine members of the panel participated in the ruling, six favoring defrocking the Irene "Beth" Stroud, 35, and two issuing a dissent. The Judicial Council was ruling on an appeal from the Northeast Jurisdiction Committee of Appeals, which had overturned a previous ruling that Stroud could no longer serve as a minister in the United Methodist Church.

Pro-Life Politics

The Catholic Leadership Conference, an annual gathering of the leaders of over 100 Catholic organizations representing in their memberships over 2 million Americans has released a statement on political action. Quoting the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Pope John Paul II, and Cardinal Ratzinger - now the current Pope, the Catholic leaders assert that "The ultimate political goal for Catholics must be the achievement of public policies and laws that result in the legal protection of all innocent human life and that promote the dignity of each human person without exception and compromise."

See the full statement below:
We Catholic voters acknowledge the following ten obligations and guidelines. These principles should be a part of Catholic educational programs at every level utilizing all the means of social communications.

1. "In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political process is a moral obligation. Every believer is called to faithful citizenship, to become an informed, active, and responsible participant in the political process."[1] An informed vote by a Catholic is one that is guided by the authentic moral and social teaching of the Catholic faith.

2. Catholics should recognize that not all moral and social teachings have equal weight in determining how to cast their vote. Some teachings are directly binding and some are guided by individual prudential judgment.

3. The first obligation of government is the protection of innocent human life from conception[2] to natural death. The Church teaches that justice requires this protection. This truth can also be known through reason unaided by revelation. On the specific "life issues" in law and public policy - direct abortion[3], euthanasia, and the killing of unborn life for medical research, Catholic teaching is unequivocal; the defense of innocent human life is an imperative.

4. Catholic voters must first make decisions about their votes based on the moral issues that are non-negotiable. First among these are the life issues.[4]

5. On prudential matters that affect the common good, Catholics of goodwill can disagree. Though there are Catholic principles such as compassion, justice and charity that we should share, there is no single "Catholic" policy on issues like taxes, education, foreign policy and immigration reform.

6. A similar distinction was made by the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, His Emminence Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, to the American Bishops when he stated: "There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia."[5]

7. Catholic priests and bishops first and foremost are shepherds of souls. The role of these shepherds is to instruct and to remind voters, candidates and public officials of the moral obligations and social principles that should guide their political action.

8. All Catholics, especially the laity, have a right and duty to be heard in the public square. Catholic moral teachings should be publicly espoused in such a way that they can inform law and public policy and not be artificially limited to the private domain of individual belief.

9. In their political participation, Catholics must not compromise these principles even though, at times, prudential judgment will require accepting imperfect legislation as a means of incremental progress.[6]

10. The ultimate political goal for Catholics must be the achievement of public policies and laws that result in the legal protection of all innocent human life and that promote the dignity of each human person without exception and compromise.

1] Faithful Citizenship, USCCB[2] Conception, as the Church traditionally teaches, means the earliest moment of biological existence.[3] Direct abortion is any procured abortion whether chemical or surgical.[4] There are other non-negotiable matters that are not a part of the current political debate. For example no serious candidate is advocating decriminalization sexual assault. [5] Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Letter to Theodore Cardinal McCarrick for USCCB[6] Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae

Scientology creeps into some Protestant Churches

Some churches are embracing teaching methods devised by the Church of Scientology. Tutoring. Anticrime. Antidrugs. Everyone seems comfortable, as long as it all stays secular.

St. Petersburg Times

Kabbalah guru arrested for fraud

Police arrest Sunday Shaul Youdkevitch, head of Kabbalah Center in Israel, on suspicion he extracted money from cancer patient, convinced her donations will make her recover from illness.

YNet News

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism

A pastor performing a baptism was electrocuted inside his church Sunday morning after grabbing a microphone while partially submerged.

The Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, was standing in water up to his shoulder in a baptismal at University Baptist Church when he was electrocuted, said Jamie Dudley, a church business administrator and wife of another pastor there. Doctors in the congregation performed chest compressions for 40 minutes before Lake was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center.

Pastors at University Baptist Church routinely use a microphone during baptisms.


The Burning Bush

The Bush administration is having a meltdown -- and the political media, both right and left, are having a field day. Each new government misstep energizes the pundits.

Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court -- and her Oct. 26 withdrawal -- capped a series of events that have been catnip to talkshows, including the ongoing upheaval in Iraq, the administration's sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina, Social Security, the Minutemen and the prospect of indictments in the Valerie Plame-CIA affair.

Part of the newfound zest is coming from a subtle shift in conservative attitudes. Ever since Rush Limbaugh pioneered right-wing radio 18 years ago, talkers have followed a knee-jerk script: Clinton, liberals and Democrats are bad; Bush and Republicans, good.
Now, they are veering from that mantra. Democrats are still targets and the potshots at Bush are selective. But, for the first time, there are potshots.



On Sunday, Harry Reid said an Alito nomination would “create a lot of problems." (CBS News) Some cases and opinions of Alito. (SCNomination) From NRO: “In selecting Third Circuit judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. for the Supreme Court, President Bush has made a truly outstanding nomination that deserves widespread acclaim. By any objective criteria, it is doubtful that there is anyone now or in recent decades (yes, not even Chief Justice Roberts) whose experience and qualifications better prepare him for the Supreme Court.” (NRO) Democrats had threatened a filibuster unless they deem the candidate “somebody really good.” (NY Times) Liberals are particularly concerned over Alito’s opinion in “Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey” where he felt a spouse has the right to know when his wife is having an abortion. (NOW) He also ruled against the ACLU, saying a holiday display was not a violation of the so-called separation of church and state. (ACLU)

Happy Birthday PowerBlog!

Time sure flies. It was one year ago that I began banging out my thoughts on a keyboard and PowerBlog! was born. Much has happened since then. I was clicking down memory lane through some of the archives. Oh the places we have been!

We fought to save Terri Schiavo. We fought to save marriage. At times we fought with each other. I hope along the way you have laughed, learned and in some small way have grown as a person. I know I sure have.

I want to thank each of the 25,000 people who have come here over the past year. I have enjoyed the conversations, challenges, questions and debates. Well, most of them......

Thanks for all your support and I ask you to please tell people about PowerBlog! Thanks to all of you have have signed the guestbook, posted a comment or participated in the forum. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.

Turn your clocks back Saturday night and have a great weekend!


Mad in Mass.

The Catholic Church in Massachusetts is under fire for allowing its adoption agencies to give children to homosexual couples. Pro-family activist Brian Camenker of the pro-family organization Article 8 Alliance says the problem has occurred because "the state government is requiring any adoption agency to give babies to homosexuals if they're asked to, and the church is going along with it," he notes. Catholics are outraged at their church leaders' response, Camenker contends; however he says, "the Archdiocese of Boston has decided not to defy the government." Some church leaders are saying they have no choice, the Article 8 spokesman points out; yet others are saying they have no problem assigning children to homosexual couples, even though the action violates Vatican dictates.

Internet Saves Unborn

Harnessing the technology of the Internet to reach a generation much more likely to go online than use a phone book, a pro-life program is helping to educate pregnant young women about their options to abortion, saving countless unborn lives in the process.

The Life Donor Program places banner ads on the Internet on websites, chatrooms and search engines where girls and women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant will see them. Clicking on the ad brings the Net surfer to OptionLine.org, a site that explains abortion and the alternatives available, offering personal help to those facing a crisis pregnancy. The goal of the program is to have the women visit a care center in their local areas to get the help they need to carry their babies to term.


Scooter Scoots: Libbey Resigns

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury in the CIA leak case.

Libby, a chief architect of the war with Iraq, has resigned as Cheney's chief of staff. A replacement will be named as early as tomorrow, according to Fox News.


Firefighter Fined for Stupidity

Pittsburgh firefighters photographed using city equipment to work on a TV satellite dish at one of their homes will be fined a total of $1,227.

The fines stem from an incident photographed in September in which five men, apparently firefighters, used city ladders to remove the dish from the Westwood home of Thomas R. Pilch, a fireman since 1998.

James Genco, a Democratic committeeman from Lawrenceville, presented the photographs to City Council on Oct. 12.

The captain of Truck Company 30 in Elliott "accepted full responsibility" for the incident and was fined $1,000, according to a letter by Joe King, president of the firefighters union, to council.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Dream On Mr. Mayor

Can someone tell me what planet Tom Murphy lives on? I know it's nowhere near reality.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting "Mayor Tom Murphy has asked Gov. Ed Rendell to intervene directly on three issues critical to the city's finances.
In a letter released today, Mr. Murphy said Pittsburgh was "on pace to end 2005 with as much as a $9.6 million surplus" due largely to budget cuts. But any windfall could prove fleeting.
He highlighted three threats to the city's budget this year and next. First, state legislation threatens to delay collection of the $52-per-worker Emergency and Municipal Services tax, costing the city around $4 million next year. "

"Second, proposed contributions from nonprofit institutions appear likely to be millions of dollars lower than anticipated this year and next. "

"And third, it's unclear when revenue from a slot machine parlor slated for Pittsburgh will materialize. Mr. Murphy urged Mr. Rendell to fix all three problems."

I was not aware the Rendell was the mayor and the governor! The people elected you Mr. Murphy to run the city. You spent the money and now it time for you to figure out how to pay the bill!

"Relations between Mr. Murphy and state officials have been strained for years. That hasn't changed in recent weeks, as the mayor has blamed Harrisburg for revenue shortfalls, and, yesterday, questioned whether the state's process of choosing slots parlor owners will be tainted by politics."

Mr. Murphy should be an expert on things tainted by politics.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Porn Mogul Captured

Four years after dodging a $65-million court judgment by fleeing the country, former online-porn mogul Stephen Michael Cohen was arrested by Mexican authorities in Tijuana and handed over Thursday to U.S. agents.Cohen, a multiple felon and longtime con man, had been on the run since before 2001, when a judge ordered him to pay a San Francisco entrepreneur for hijacking the Internet address Sex.com. In 1995, Cohen forged a letter to Internet authorities to gain control of the address, which he transformed into a highly profitable site for pornography ads.

Cohen, who had been living in a Tijuana mansion, was arrested on an immigration violation by Mexican authorities and turned over to agents of the U.S. Border Patrol.


Radio talker fired for joking about Jews

In joking about Jews atoning for their sins on Yom Kippur, Fritzy Konstantelos probably figured he was being no more or less offensive than he's been toward a lot of ethnic and racial groups over the years on WSCR-AM (670). But this time, it cost him his gig.

"Fritzy's Night on the Town," a weekly segment on Mike North's morning show, aired for the last time Oct. 13 -- coinciding with the Day of Atonement, the most solemn day on the Jewish calendar.

By his own account, Konstantelos made fun of Jewish people who "go to temple for two hours, atone for their sins and then go right out flim-flamming again." Not everyone was laughing.
Even though they weren't paying him for his weekly appearances, bosses of the Infinity Broadcasting sports/talk station decided that Konstantelos had gone too far this time. After a decade as one of North's regular go-to guys, he was banished.


Priest battled with Satan

While not every person who dabbles in the occult ends up spiritually obsessed, even a trip to a fortune teller can open one up to demonic oppression, says an Ottawa area priest. He believes because he has helped people find deliverance from demonic obsession and harassment. "You're simply asking for trouble," says the priest. "What are you doing? You're looking for knowledge or power from a source other than God. You've invited stuff in."

Full Story: Western Catholic Reporter

'Straight Talk' Radio Program

Stephen Bennett, the famous former homosexual, now happily married to wife Irene and proud father of two children, has made it his mission to spread the hope of change for men and women struggling against homosexual inclinations. In an interview with LifeSiteNews.com, Bennet explained his latest venture to reach out to Canada with his message.

Bennett's US national radio program "Straight Talk Radio", which is to launch October 31 will broadcast in Canada via internet streaming radio.

Because of Canadian broadcast restrictions, Straight Talk Radio will provide a 1" square icon and code that can be downloaded for all interested Canadians to stream the daily broadcast from their blogs and websites, without taking visitors away from the pages they are visiting.

Straight Talk Radio is one of the very first - if not the first - daily, national Conservative Christian radio programs to deal exclusively with homosexuality. "Straight Talk Radio will feature the most outspoken guests, tackle tough issues and host very lively debates, while injecting a blend of adrenaline, compassion and a bit of humor," said Bennett.

Bennett himself is controversial as his life story contradicts the born gay, and once gay always gay theories of today's politically-motivated psychology. Bennett is a former homosexual who abandoned his 11-year promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, along with a long term homosexual relationship, after becoming a Christian in 1992. "I bring to the table the undeniable truth that I was not born homosexual, and that homosexual men and women can completely change," he says.


Ok, Who's Next????

Farewell dear Harriet. We hardly knew you. Literally. I never really took a stand for or against Ms. Miers. I did not know enough about her to take such a position. The "red flag" for me came when the White House was putting together these publicity pep-rallies. Did the folks in Washington really have no idea that this revolt was a possibililty? If not, then they have no one to blame but themselves for this mess.

We have no guarantee with any appointed or elected person. You hold you breath and hope for the best. You have a good shot at being disappointed no matter when you stand.

So dry your tears or contain your cheers (which ever the case) and turn the page.

Some have you have asked my pick. That's bit odd because I'm not expert in this area but I will go back to my original pick:

EDITH BROWN CLEMENT, 57: On the 5th Circuit since 2001, Clement is known as a no-nonsense judge with a reputation for being tough on crime and meting out stiff sentences. Her 99-0 Senate confirmation vote to the circuit court in November 2001 suggests she has broad appeal. She was touted as a top possibility for the vacancy to which Roberts was nominated.

There you have it!

Sex Selection

A clinical trial into the effects of allowing couples to choose the sex of their babies has been given the go-ahead at a US fertility clinic. The controversial study was given the green light by an ethics committee after nine years of consultation. The purpose of the study is to find out how cultural notions, family values and gender issues feed into a couple's desire to choose the gender of their child.

The Guardian

Remote Controlled People

Thanks to The Unseen Blogger over at http://hiddenblog1.blogspot.com/ for this story.

Remote Control Device 'Controls' Humans

Just imagine being rendered the rough equivalent of a radio-controlled toy car. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp., Japans top telephone company, says it is developing the technology to perhaps make video games more realistic. But more sinister applications also come to mind.

The technology is called galvanic vestibular stimulation — essentially, electricity messes with the delicate nerves inside the ear that help maintain balance. The phenomenon is painless but dramatic. Your feet start to move before you know it. I could even remote-control myself by taking the switch into my own hands.

There's no proven-beyond-a-doubt explanation yet as to why people start veering when electricity hits their ear. But NTT researchers say they were able to make a person walk along a route in the shape of a giant pretzel using this technique.


If You Care: In the Wake of Stern

Here's the complete list of Infinity Broadcasting's Howard Stern markets, replacement talent and station format: (*denotes format change)

WXRK/New York - David Lee Roth - Free-FM*
KLLI/Dallas - David Lee Roth - Free-FM
WYSP/Philadelphia - David Lee Roth - Free-FM*
WBCN/Boston - David Lee Roth - Active Rock
WRKZ/Pittsburgh - David Lee Roth - Active Rock
WNCX/Cleveland - David Lee Roth - Classic Rock
WPBZ/West Palm Beach - David Lee Roth - Modern Rock
KLSX/Los Angeles - Adam Carolla - Free-FM
KPLN/San Diego - Adam Carolla - Free-FM*
KZON/Phoenix - Adam Carolla - Modern Rock
KUFO/Portland - Adam Carolla - Active Rock
KXTE/Las Vegas - Adam Carolla - Modern Rock
WCKG/Chicago - Rover - Free-FM
WKRK/Detroit - Rover - Free-FM
WAQZ/Cincinnati - Rover - Modern Rock
WMFS/Memphis - Rover - Modern Rock
WZNE/Rochester - Rover - Modern Rock
WJFK/Washington, D.C. - The Junkies - Free-FM
WHFS/Baltimore - The Junkies - Free-FM/Alternative Rock
KITS/San Francisco - Morning Music Co-Op - Alternative Rock
KIKK/Houston - CNN Radio - News
WBZZ/Tampa - Talk*
KHWD/Sacramento - Jack-FM*
WBUF/Buffalo - Jack-FM
KKDG/Fresno - Jack-FM
WOCL/Orlando - Drew and Mel - Alternative Rock
KXBT/Austin - Star & Buc Wild - Rhythmic CHR

Al Qaeda Internet Statement

Al Qaeda published a “statement” concerning Monday’s attack where three massive vehicle bombs were used at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, a location that is home to numerous Western journalists. The bombings killed at least 20 people and injured countless more.
The attack was well planned, according to Iraq’s national security adviser, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, adding that it was a “very clear” effort to take over the hotel and seize journalists as hostages he told the Associated Press.

”Three cars came from three different roads in succession to create security breaches for terrorists,” said al Rubaie, adding that “they were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and light arms.”

The blast shattered hotel windows, blew out light fixtures and blasted pictures from the walls. In video footage taken after the first, but before the second blast, journalists and others were shown walking up and down the smoke filled hallways.

Hillary Clinton Proposes Massive Energy Tax

I admire honesty. I like person who tell you what they are going to do and then does it. That doesn't mean I want them running the country.

Hillary Clinton said she backs a plan to hike gasoline taxes through the roof. Ahhhhhhh, what kind a campagin strategty is that?

Clinton proposed to sock oil companies with $20 billion in new fees that would be used to fund research on clean energy - driving up costs for oil producers that they would inevitably pass along to consumers.

Oh goody, I was hoping we could break that $3 a gallon mark!

Mrs. Clinton insisted that her $20 billion fee plan was "not about new energy taxes on consumers" - but she declined to say how oil companies would absorb the additional costs without charging consumers.

Oh, pick me (hand waving high in the air) I know the answer!


Conservatives Launch 'Withdraw Miers' Website


I've been watching this whole Miers thing. I've seen the pep rallys held in her honor and have watched the seams of conservative groups begin to tear and fray. I don't have anything against Ms. Miers, but I'm going to make my prediction here... she will not make it. I doubt she will withdraw, but she will not have to votes to pass. This is to hot right now and it's not getting any better despite the white house cheerleaders.

(CNSNews.com) - Even senators who aren't wild about Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court nevertheless say they'll wait to see how her confirmation hearing goes before they decide whether to vote for her or against her. But a coalition of conservative groups isn't waiting to hear what Miers says. Full Story

Pittsburgh slots parlor

The city planning commission pushed through zoning changes yesterday that will permit a slot machine casino Downtown, at Station Square, in the Strip District or on the North Shore, despite a last-minute blitz by the Steelers, Pirates and other stakeholders to exclude property between the stadiums.

After more than a month of discussion and hearings, the commission approved a series of recommendations setting up districts in which a casino will be allowed to operate, as well as requirements an operator must meet in construction, design, traffic, parking and related issues.

That means the right people must be paid off. I'm sorry, sometimes my thoughts just appear on the screen.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Inspecting Inspections

House Republican leaders are pushing for major changes in the state's vehicle inspection program, totally eliminating emissions testing and reducing required safety inspections from once a year to once every two years.

YEAH! That duct tape ought hold the bumper for at least two years!


Another Lutheran pastor heads to Catholic Church

Carl E. Braaten, one of the nation's leading Lutheran theologians has been lamenting the exodus of Lutheran scholars and ministers from the mainline Lutheran denomination to the Roman Catholic Church.

He expressed his dismay over the direction the ELCA in strong words, including "heresy," "pious piffle," and "empty body." He warned that the denomination was on a "trajectory that leads to rank antinomianism." Braattan said his departed colleagues were "convinced that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has become just another liberal protestant denomination. Hence, they have decided that they can no longer be a part of that. Especially, they say, they are not willing to raise their children in a church that they believe has lost its moorings in the great tradition of evangelical (small e) and catholic (small c) orthodoxy (small o), which was at the heart of Luther's reformatory teaching and the Lutheran Confessional Writings. They are saying that the Roman Catholic Church is now more hospitable to confessional Lutheran teaching than the church in which they were baptized and confirmed.

On Oct. 9, the Rev. Tom McMichael of Hope Lutheran Church in Lynden, Wash., cited similar reasons for his resignation from the ELCA to enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. "It is no secret that I, and confessional pastors like me, have become increasingly alarmed and dismayed at the direction of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America," McMichael said in a letter that is posted on Pontifications, a Web site.

"On issues as fundamental as ethics, sacramental practice, liturgical life, and ecclesial self-understanding, we as the ELCA are moving farther and farther from our biblical and confessional moorings, and from the consensus of the 'one holy catholic and apostolic church' that we confess."He added, "I am not alone among pastors when I say that sitting through synod assemblies, participating in task forces, and reading the official pronouncements of our leaders has left me with a heavy heart and convinced me that these differences are irreconcilable. Despite my life-long commitment to and thankfulness for the Lutheran expression of the church catholic, I cannot in good conscience remain a public face to this institution. I do not want to leave the impression that my motivations lay simply in dissatisfaction with trends in the ELCA. No faith community this side of the Kingdom has a monopoly on silly and sinful members."

The Layman

What does the Bible say about the Pope and infallibility?

I had a question about the Pope asked in the forum so I thought I'd post it here as well.

Christ made Peter the leader of the apostles and of the church (Matthew 16:18-19), and in giving him the keys of the kingdom,Christ not only made him leader but also made him infallible when he acted or spoke as Christ's representative on earth (speaking from the seat of authority or ex cathedra). This ability to act on behalf of the church in an infallible way when speaking ex cathedra was passed on to Peter's successors, thus giving the Church an infallible guide on earth to lead the Church unerringly.

Peter later became the first Bishop of Rome. As Bishop of Rome, he exercised authority over all other bishops and church leaders. The teaching that the Bishop of Rome is above all other bishops in authority is referred to as the primacy of the Roman Bishop.

Peter passed on his apostolic authority to the next Bishop of Rome, along with the other apostles who passed on their apostolic authority to the bishops that they ordained. These new bishops, in turn, passed on that apostolic authority to those bishops that they later ordained and so on. This passing on of apostolic authority is referred to as apostolic succession.

The New Testament contains five different metaphors for the foundation of the Church (Matt. 16:18, 1 Cor. 3:11, Eph. 2:20, 1 Pet. 2:5-6, Rev. 21:14). "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18).

The Catholic Church's teaching on papal infallibility is one which is generally misunderstood by those outside the Church. The infallibility of the pope is not a doctrine that suddenly appeared in Church teaching; rather, it is a doctrine which was implicit in the early Church. It is only our understanding of infallibility which has developed and been more clearly understood over time. In fact, the doctrine of infallibility is implicit in these Petrine texts: John 21:15-17 ("Feed my sheep . . . "), Luke 22:32 ("I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail"), and Matthew 16:18 ("You are Peter . . . ").

Christ instructed the Church to preach everything he taught (Matt. 28:19-20) and promised the protection of the Holy Spirit to "guide you into all the truth" (John 16:13). That mandate and that promise guarantee the Church will never fall away from his teachings (Matt. 16:18, 1 Tim. 3:15), even if individuals might. There is no guarantee that popes won't sin or give bad example.

I have been questioned but on Peter's conduct at Antioch. Paul rebukedinfalliblehe was infalible, how could that happen? the problem was Peter's, not his teaching. Paul acknowledged that Peter very well knew the correct teaching (Gal. 2:12-13). The problem was that he wasn't living up to his own tmaintain

If you maintian that Peter did not have any infalibilty, then you must explain how Peter wrote two infallible epistles of the New Testament.

Thornburgh To Defend Wecht

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that former Governor and United States Attorney General Dick Thornburgh has joined the defense team of Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht. Details at http://PoliticsPA.com.

PETA's Priority

CNSNews.com - A significant development in treating breast cancer is being hailed by experts as "stunning" and "very exciting," but one group is downplaying the breakthrough because animals were used in the testing process. Full Story

WithdrawMiers.org launched

A coalition of conservative activist organizations has launched WithdrawMiers.org in an effort to have Harriet Miers taken out of the running for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Included in the effort are the Center for a Just Society, Fidelis, Eagle Forum and ConservativeHQ.


ACLU's 'rampage' on 'Jesus' prayers challenged

Charging the American Civil Liberties Union is on a "rampage," a public-interest legal group is offering free assistance to three legislative bodies threatened for opening public meetings with prayers that refer to Jesus.


Judiciary Questions Dobson, Bauer on Miers

Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), their respective party leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, are asking conservative leaders about conversations they had with White House officials regarding the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

Two conservatives who have been questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee include Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and Gary Bauer, head of Campaign for Working Families.


Cambria County priest admits child porn

A former Byzantine Catholic pastor pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.
The Rev. Jason R. Dolan, 31, of Portage, pleaded guilty in federal court in Johnstown. He had been pastor at Ss. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church in Portage and St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church in South Fork.

Rev. Dolan was relieved of his pastoral duties in January by the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh and is currently on leave.


Swann says he can beat Rendell

Former Steelers star Lynn Swann said Monday he is the Republican with the best chance of beating Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell in 2006.

As a campaign theme for taking on any incumbent, that's not new.
But the candid, off-the-cuff way Swann framed it brought howls of laughter and a round of applause during a Republican event in Pittsburgh.

Swann, 53, of Sewickley Heights, was asked by someone in the audience to explain the "major difference" between himself and Bill Scranton, 58, a former lieutenant governor from Lackawanna County. Scranton and Swann are considered the early front-runners among four Republicans seeking the nomination.

"The major difference?" Swann said. "I win."


Fred Phelps Church of Hate

There are some people that just do not help advance Christianity. If I could remove one person of the "Christian team" it would be Fred Phelps. This is the guy who started the "God Hates Fags" crusade. I have talked to him before and he was so out there I refused to have him on the program.

Well he is now back in the news. How he continues to talk with his foot in his mouth is beyond me.

Fred Phelps says that terrorist outrages and natural disasters such as Hurricane Rita are examples of God's wrath against countries such as America and Britain for tolerating homosexuals and homosexuality.

Fred Phelps, who set up the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, told an undercover reporter about the attacks, which killed 52 people:
"Oh I am so thankful that happened. My only regret is that they didn't kill about million of them. England deserves that kind of punishment, as does this country (America)".

The church, which has 150 followers, recently started picketing funerals including those of American soldiers killed in Iraq, waving banners such as "Thank God 9/11", "God Hates Fags" and "Aids Cures Fags".

The investigation includes secret filming inside the church's fortified compound during a weekly service in which Fred Phelps also denounced the Roman Catholic Church as the "biggest paedophile organization in the history of the world".

The fact that Phelps preaches his twisted gospel to children and uses them to spread his hate cloaked in a so-called "Christian message" ought to outrage all true Christians. It is his time that true Christian leaders and the faithful denounce this man and his despicable efforts.

Sky News

Oh Deer

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has begun receiving calls about a deer with a headache.

The calls come in to Eric Horsh, wildlife conservation officer for Cumberland County, who has not been able to capture the deer. It seems to have a large brown or gold plastic ball stuck on its head — a lawn ornament or possibly a Halloween decoration, Horsh says.“From the size, it may be a yearling.” He adds, “I’ve never seen anything like it” in five years as a wildlife conservation officer.

He hopes to get close enough to grab or rope the deer. A tranquilizer gun is not an option since the drug would make the deer unfit for human consumption for up to 30 days should it be harvested legally during hunting season.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission asks anyone who has seen a deer with a pumpkin head to call 1-814-643-1831.

Breaking My Rules

I usually don't directly readers to some crazy left wing propaganda piece but........

It's almost Holloween (yes, I'm Christian and celebrate Holloween) so I thought I would break my own rules and have a little fun. You have to admit it kind of funny when people make fools of themself. Click below if you dare .............

Principal Says: Down with the Blogs

When students post their faces, personal diaries and gossip on Web sites it is not simply harmless teen fun, according to one Catholic school principal.

It's an open invitation to predators and an activity that Pope John XIII Regional High School in Sparta, NJ will no longer tolerate, the Rev. Kieran McHugh told a packed assembly of 900 high school students two weeks ago.

Effective immediately, and over student complaints, the teens were told to dismantle their Myspace.com accounts or similar sites with personal profiles and blogs. Defy the order and face suspension, students were told.

While public and private schools routinely block access to noneducational Web sites on school computers, this order reaches into students' homes.

The primary impetus behind the ban is to protect students, McHugh said. The Web sites, popular forums for students to blog about their lives and feelings about their teachers and schools, are fertile ground for sexual predators to gather information about children, he said.

Is this for their own good? Or a violation of free speech?

Asbury Park Press

Senator Wins Powerball

Sen. Judd Gregg a republican from New Hampshire is $853,492 richer thanks to the Powerball lottery.

Gregg chairs the Budget Committee and has a reputation as a strict fiscal conservative (but he will drop a few bucks on a lotto ticket) He said his wife is currently remodeling their home and already has plans for the new money. (All women have plans for the money Senator!)

He said he bought about $20 of tickets on Monday at a D.C. Citgo gas station as he headed from Baltimore to Washington for a Senate vote. He said he will not quit his job.

He will owe 25 percent in federal taxes on the $853,492. New Hampshire doesn't have state income taxes and so he will get to keep the rest. Aint' that a doosey!

After hearing the lottery news, Sen. Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota, the top Democrat on the Budget Committee, quipped the money should be used to pay down the federal deficit. Now there is a fiscal plan!

Dear Powerball

Email your questions here

Dear Powerball,

Can you tell me where I can find scripture that tlaks about homosexuality. I have a friend who says the Bible does not speak against it.

Thanks for the email. There is a major movement to push this idea of acceptance. Yet scripture is clear.

The first reference to homosexuality in Scripture is in the infamous account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. The wickedness of the men of that city is obvious and is of such a severe nature that it brought divine destruction upon the entire city. Both Peter and Jude make reference to it and describe the sin of homosexuality as " ungodly, lawless, unnatural and extreme immorality" (see 2 Peter 2:6, 8; Jude 7).

In Leviticus 18:22 and 24 homosexuality is described as an "abomination" and "defiling." It is reprehensible and unclean.

In Leviticus 20:13 it is again described as an "abomination."

Deuteronomy 23:17 forbade the presence of a "sodomite" in the land of Israel.
An incident similar to that of Sodom and Gomorrah is seen again in Judges 19. Again the sin of homosexuality is described as "wickedness."

In 1 Kings 14, 15, and 22 the removal of male prostitutes from the land of Israel is viewed as a sign of much-needed spiritual reformation.

The prohibition in Deuteronomy 22:5 of women wearing men's clothing appears to be a specific condemnation of transvestism.

In Romans 1:18-32 the apostle Paul condemns the practice in the severest terms. Homosexuality is "unclean," "impure," "dishonoring to the body," "vile," "degrading / disgraceful," "contrary to nature," "unseemly/ obscene," "improper activity of a depraved mind," "unrighteous," "wicked," etc. Of particular importance to the apostle in this passage is the fact that homosexuality is "unnatural"--contrary to nature. In other words, nature itself teaches that the practice is wrong; we all know it intuitively. Homosexuality is, then, a particularly rebellious sin.

“Wherefore, God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness: to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause, God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one towards another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient. Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness: full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity: whisperers, detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, foolish, dissolute: without affection, without fidelity, without mercy. Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death: and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.” (Romans 1: 24-32)
In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 the apostle Paul speaks of homosexuals as "effeminate" and "abusers of themselves with mankind" who "shall not inherit the kingdom of God." The terms he uses here seem to be specific references to both active and the passive participants in a homosexual relationship. Such people are "unrighteous," he says, and if they remain in that practice they will be condemned.

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

A Pakistani newspaper Ausaf published from Multan has reported that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden died four months ago in a village near Kandahar of severe illness. According to the newspaper report, Bin Laden was campaigning at Bamiyan, fell very ill, returned to Kandahar where he died and was buried in the Shada graveyard in the shadow of a mountain. The controversy continues to surround Osama bin Laden and while US and Pakistan officials have often been quoted by the media as saying that his mortal status was just a matter of detail, the hunt is still on and the issue remains a topic of great interest for the media and governments alike. Funeral prayers have been said for Osama bin Laden over these years with one reported now by the Ausaf, and another in an Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd as far back as December 2001. Osama bin Laden has a reward of $25 million on his head. Despite this he remains elusive, and could remain that way for a long time, alive or dead.
South Aisa Network

300 dead babies found near Pittsburgh

An ex-funeral director near Pittsburgh is facing 19 charges of corpse abuse for failing to incinerate 19 dead babies in a case where authorities discovered a total of 300 tiny bodies – most of which were aborted at the Magee-Women's Hospital. Charges were filed only for those infants born alive.

Robert B. Winston Jr., 61, had a contract with the hospital to cremate the remains at a rate of $1 per pound. The man’s lawyer said he failed to cremate the bodies, which were found in his garage after he ran out of money to dispose of them.

It wasn't until the Allegheny County coroner's office opened the boxes that they learned some of the remains were not unborn babies. At least 19 were born and had lived for a short time. Some wore tiny diapers and caps.

Police alleged that Winston, the onetime owner of Newman-Winston Memorial Chapel, violated a contract with the Oakland hospital to pick up fetal remains and treat them in a "respectful and dignified manner" by having them cremated.

Winston once served on McKeesport's Civil Service Commission, was a member of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and volunteered for various boards and organizations.


The Gospel According to Anne Rice

You probably know the name Anne Rice. She is the author of a best-selling vampire series. She came close to death last year, when she had surgery for an intestinal blockage. She returned to the Roman Catholic Church, which she'd left at age 18. She is now 64.

In two weeks, Anne Rice, the chronicler of vampires, witches and—under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure—of soft-core S&M encounters, will publish "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," a novel about the 7-year-old Jesus, narrated by Christ himself. "I promised," she says, "that from now on I would write only for the Lord."

She immersed herself not only in Scripture, but in first-century histories and New Testament scholarship. She also watched every Biblical movie she could find, from "The Robe" to "The Passion of the Christ" ("I loved it"). And she dipped into previous novels, from "Quo Vadis" to Norman Mailer's "The Gospel According to the Son" to Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins's apocalyptic Left Behind series. ("I was intrigued. But their vision is not my vision.") She can cite scholarly authority for giving her Christ a birth date of 11 B.C., and for making James, his disciple, the son of Joseph by a previous marriage. But she's also taken liberties where they don't explicitly conflict with Scripture. No one reports that the young Jesus studied with the historian Philo of Alexandria, as the novel has it—or that Jesus' family was in Alexandria at all. And she's used legends of the boy Messiah's miracles from the noncanonical Apocrypha: bringing clay birds to life, striking a bully dead and resurrecting him.

Rice already has much of the next volume written. ("Of course I've been advised not to talk about it.") But what's she going to do with herself once her hero ascends to Heaven? "If I really complete the life of Christ the way I want to do it," she says, "then I might go on and write a new type of fiction. It won't be like the other. It'll be in a world that includes redemption." Still, you can bet the Devil's going to get the best lines.

Listen to an excerpt from the audiobook of 'Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt' By Anne Rice


Howard Stern: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?


Flamboyant former Van Halen frontman Roth debuts Jan. 3 on seven of its stations; the flagship WXRK-FM in New York, WBCN-FM in Boston, WYSP-FM in Philadelphia, WRKZ- FM in Pittsburgh, WNCX-FM in Cleveland, WPBZ-FM in West Palm Beach, Fla., and KLLI-FM in Dallas.


Could the wish of so many who have rallied against him for years be granted? Will Howard Stern be off the air as early as tomorrow? Even Stern is wondering.

He was set to depart after the first of the year and move to satellite radio and out of the reach of the FCC. PowerBlog reported last week his ratings continue to drop. (However not as bad as Air America!)

His current employer may cut their losses much sooner then expected. Locally, that leaves one radio station up a creek. This is going to get very interesting. Does anyone smell a format change cooking?

Air America: Broadcasting to No One

If Al Franken speaks on the radio, and no one is tuned in to hear him, does he make a sound?
That could be the question being asked these days in the nation's capital, where Franken's liberal network, Air America, has no measurable audience according to the Arbitron rating service.

The Washington Post reports the dismal ratings are in for the summer seasonal book:
Air America, the liberal talk network carried on WWRC-AM (1260), went from bad to nonexistent. After WWRC recorded a mere fraction of a rating point in the spring with syndicated shows from the likes of lefty talkers Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Stephanie Miller, Arbitron couldn't detect a measurable listenership for the station this time around.

The news comes on the heels of the network asking its listeners to send in money, a financial scandal involving money siphoned from a Boys & Girls Club in New York City, a California radio station pleading for advertisers to sponsor the programming claiming it could not get a single ad, and a host apologizing for what some thought were threats against President Bush's life.


Theaters "Left Behind"

The third movie based on the "Left Behind” series of novels about Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ is opening on 3,200 screens across the U.S. – not one of them in a commercial theater.

Instead, "Left Behind: World at War” will be shown exclusively in churches.
More than 70 million copies of the novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins have been sold, but the previous two "Left Behind” movies flopped at the box office.

So this time, Sony Pictures Entertainment – which has underwritten the film – has decided to forgo a regular commercial release and instead rely on the movie’s Christian theme to attract viewers in churches.


Bible League

The 2005 WORD-FM Bible League campaign is underway! Each Fall, WORD-FM listeners from across western Pennsylvania help us to send thousands of Bible to areas around the world who need them.

This year, our focus is on Africa, where a Christianity "boom" is currently underway! More than 14 million there become Christians each year. But the cost for a Bible is beyond the reach of many.

For just $4, we can send a Bible to an African Christian who needs to read God's written word. $48 will send 12 Bibles. $96 will send 24. And only $200 will send 50 Bible to Africa!
Hear more about the good work The Bible League is doing in Africa on The Jerry Bowyer Program.

Please call to make a pledge now at 1-800-YES-WORD, or
click here to make a pledge on line. Thanks, in advance, for your help in spreading the Word of God around the globe!

Philly Councilman Talked off 500-foot ledge

Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano was talked off the Philadelphia City Hall observation deck by Mayor John Street and Police Chief Sylvester Johnson late Thursday afternoon as police thought he might jump off the 500-foot ledge. Many expect Mariano to be indicted in coming days in a wide-ranging federal probe into his finances. Details at http://PoliticsPA.com.


Movies with a with Biblical messages, such as Left Behind (the third one) and The Chronicles of Narnia hope to cash in the same way The Passion did.

Washington Post


Here in in Pennsylvania, the Rev. Irene Elizabeth Stroud is fighting a ruling by the Methodist church to defrock her after she disclosed to her congregation that she was a lesbian in a long relationship with another woman. It's one of many simialar cases across the country in which the intensifying debate rages on within the denomination on the role of gay men and lesbians in the pews and in the pulpit. The highest judicial body of the United Methodist Church is expected to rule on them when it meets in Houston for one of its two annual gatherings, starting Oct. 27.

The United Methodist Church, the country's third-largest denomination, has struggled for 30 years to define and then further refine its stance on homosexuality. But in its effort to accommodate disparate views, it has fashioned a position that some clergy members say is ambiguous, even contradictory, and people are demanding clarification.

The church's official policy is to welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation, into its congregations. Gay people can also serve in the clergy, as long as they are celibate. But church rules ban "self-avowed, practicing homosexuals" from the ministry.

In the shadow of these cases, anxiety is growing among some Methodists that the church could split over homosexuality, as it did over slavery in the mid-1800's. The likely outcome, some clergy members said, is that those who oppose liberalizing the church's position on gays will leave.

The New York Times

Glamor Mug Shots

Who would have thought that Olan Mills would be working for the Sherrif's Department? Tom Delay's mug shot looks like he had it done at the mall! Somebody tell Nick Nolte he needs the Delay makeover before he gets arrested again.

I Won't Even Try For a Title

David Copperfield says he plans to impregnate a girl on stage - without even touching her.

Hey David, come up with something original.

When asked about this trick all would say was "Naturally it will be without sex. Everyone will be happy about it, but I'm not telling you any more."

But David, I have soooo many questions!

Who is going to volunteer for this stunt? Will you still be the dad? Does the audience need to stay the entire 9 months to see if it worked? Did you make your mind disappear?

Trial over pro-'gay' book begins

Homosexual activists are expected to show up today at the trial of a Massachusetts man arrested while attempting to secure a promise from school officials to notify parents before teaching about homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class.

David Parker, who faces criminal prosecution by the town of Lexington, spent a night in jail in April and was charged with criminal trespassing after refusing to leave a scheduled meeting with officials at the Estabrook Elementary School.

Parker said he wouldn't leave unless the officials agreed to provide parental notice of lessons about homosexuality and gave him the option of pulling his child out of the classes.


Leading Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri said, "Jews must come to the land of Israel to receive our righteous Mashiach (Messiah), who has begun his influence and will reveal himself in the future."

I'll book my flight right away. Maybe I can sit next to Britney Spears!


Terri's Watch: Don't Change Your Mind, It could Kill You

He says he wants to live. But his wife, caregivers and South Carolina state officials are so focused on carrying out a decade-old, out-of-state living will that 79-year-old Jimmy Chambers can't get a word in edgewise.

That's the account of 10 of Chambers's children and their spouses who signed sworn affidavits in an attempt to block their mother from removing his life-sustaining ventilator and gastric feeding tube, which would cause his death.

It's a case that's reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo controversy which captured the attention of millions around the world, in which a fault line opened up in the middle of a formerly close-knit family, splitting it into pieces over whether to end a loved one's life or allow them to live.

The ordeal began August 20 in Naples, Florida, when the "active" and "vibrant" Chambers hopped on a riding lawnmower to help out with his son's yard work. Chambers apparently took his eyes off the road briefly and by the time he fixed his gaze back forward, a hefty tree limb struck him and bent him backwards over the seat of the mower. He was found sometime later lying unconscious on the ground.

Chambers suffered a broken back, a spinal chord injury and a torn aorta. Doctors didn't think he would survive the emergency room. He surprised them.

Full Story WorldNetDaily.com

Howard Stern's Ratings Plummet

Recent Arbitron ratings show Stern’s nationally syndicated morning program remains popular, but it is rapidly losing audience in key media markets, such as New York City and Washington, D.C.

As reported by The Washington Post, Stern’s audience share in Washington, D.C., where he is broadcast on WJFK-FM, fell by nearly one-third among the lucrative 25- to 54-year-old demographic during the July-September ratings period.

Stern plans an exodus from traditional radio to Sirius satellite radio in January, which would place less Federal Communications Commission "indecent speech” restrictions on his often-vulgar content.

The ratings drop, according to his present employer, Infinity Broadcasting, is not surprising since Stern has railed against censorship and has bashed Infinity and the FCC often since he announced his satellite radio future last October.

Locally, Sterns' new year departure leaves the former B-94 (now KROCK) without a morining show, not much of an audience and speculation of a format change for 2006.

Air Force Rule May Ban Christian Prayer

If, indeed, "there are no atheists in foxholes,” a new Air Force regulation may ensure that there is no Christian prayer there either.

Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) is circulating a letter he sent to President George W. Bush, which alleges a new Air Force guideline urging "non-sectarian” prayer is "merely a euphemism declaring that prayers will be acceptable so long as they censor Christian beliefs.”

The letter requests Bush to sign an executive order withdrawing the new regulation. Thus far, Rep. Jones has only gathered 32 signatures. He says more are to come.

The Air Force regulation was authored by Arnold Ressnicoff, a retired U.S. Navy chaplain, who was hired by the Air Force in June following accusations that evangelical Christians at the Air Force Academy were imposing their faith on other cadets. There were also charges of rampant anti-Semitism and religious harassment.


Onorato May Surrender

Allegheny County may press the state next year to take over supervision of property assessments to make sure the system is uniform across the state.

Chief Executive Dan Onorato told the Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh today that Pennsylvania should consider overseeing assessments on a statewide basis. Maryland, Ohio and New York have much more state involvement in property assessments than Pennsylvania, with Maryland actually hiring all assessors and supervising their work across the state.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Radio on TV

PCN (PA Cable Network) will be decending on our studios today to tape a bit of the Jerry Bowyer Program. Yes, fire up the Tivo mama, you'll get to see Jerry on the tube. It will air Thursday at 5PM. Any of you with cable in PA should be able to catch the show statewide.

You can find more info here.

Will will see Powerball they ask? Not if I can help it!

Grover Norquist Banished by Washington Conservatives

A number of conservatives are seething over the fact that Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), was the featured speaker at a fund-raising event for a group of homosexual Republicans last weekend. One pro-family leader called Norquist's appearance "an act of utter betrayal."Norquist was the main attraction at the "Grand Ol' Party," the largest fund-raising event of the year for the Dallas, Tex., chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual advocacy group within the GOP.


Victoria is Back with her Secret

After a two-year absence from national television, "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" will return to the airwaves this fall, as CBS plans to broadcast the sexy clothing fest Dec. 6.

The program, which some critics call pornographic, will feature supermodels including Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima displaying the latest in lingerie styles, and will be the final Victoria's Secret show for Banks, who now hosts her own syndicated talk show.

CBS canceled the last scheduled show in April 2004, just two months after the infamous Super Bowl incident when Janet Jackson suffered a "wardrobe malfunction," leaving one of her breasts exposed.

The fashion show has been a lightning rod for controversy since it first debuted in 2001. The Federal Communications Commission gets bombarded with complaints each time the program has aired, though no fines have ever been assessed.


What Did You Learn in School Today?

A case brought by parents and children challenging a California school district for its practice of teaching 12-year-old students to "become Muslims" will be heard in U.S. appeals court today.

The lawsuit was filed by the Thomas More Law Center against the Byron Union School District and various school officials to stop the "Islam simulation" materials and methods used in the Excelsior Elementary School in Byron, Calif.

The Thomas More Law Center says that for three weeks, "impressionable 12-year-old students" were, among other things, placed into Islamic city groups; took Islamic names; wore identification tags that displayed their new Islamic name and the star and crescent moon; handed materials that instructed them to 'Remember Allah always so that you may prosper'; completed the Islamic Five Pillars of Faith, including fasting; and memorized and recited the 'Bismillah' or 'In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,' which students also wrote on banners hung on the classroom walls.

Students also played "jihad games" during the course, which was part of the school's world history and geography program.

But don't say "GOD" in the pledge of allegiance!


Kids Out of Control

USA Today says data collected in a "groundbreaking" study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate oral sex has occurred between more than half of teenagers 15-19 years old.
And while the circumstances surrounding oral sexual encounters were not gauged by researchers, "the report does provide the first federal data that offer a peek into the sex lives of American teenagers," the paper said. Many view it so casually it can occur outside of the confines of a steady, monogamous relationship. Some report it often occurs at parties and may involve multiple partners.


Seeking Votes

Those seeking office are shaking hands, making speeches and calling radio talk shows. Yet only a few have actually announced they are running. Bill Scranton made his second appearance in 3 weeks on our program. He has now officially announced he wants the top job in PA and is beginning to answer specific questions. (sort of)

Scranton was asked on the show about the issue of abortion. He claims to be in favor of a partial birth abortion ban. This practice is so barbaric that there are even some in the "pro-choice" camp that cringe at it. Yet Scranton also said he would ban state money for abortions in a greater effort to reduce or eliminate abortions in the state.

He also tossed out a few conservative names to support his efforts. Glenn Meakem and former state Rep. Jeff Coleman have been given senior campaign positions with Scrantons' campaign.

While the abortion question is often asked of candidates by most Christians, the one question that was not asked of Scranton was his involvement with the Transcendental Meditation movement. Claims have been made that Scranton is concealing his ties to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Maharishi University. His daughter, Elizabeth Scranton, is a recent graduate of said university. Scranton has claimed in other interviews these connections no longer exist and has explained that he became involved in the Maharishi's movement when he had a drug problem and they helped him quit. While Scranton may have broken past ties, the issue is bound to surface as he seeks GOP approval.

The Republican National Committee seems to adore Steelers legend Lynn Swann. He was standing by the side of President Bush in his re-election campaign while his team mate Franco Harris was elbow to elbow with Sen. John Kerry. While Swann has not officially announced, he has done everything just short of doing so.

Swann also has a few names in his corner. Former Republican State Committee Chairman Alan Novak and Republican National Committeewoman Christine Toretti Olson. It will be interesting to see if the White House makes a move to repay Swann for his Bush re-election efforts. There has also been some speculation the Swann could go after Dan Onoratos' job as Allegheny County Executive if he does not make a run for Governor.

Conservative Jim Panyard, wants to run as well. He may do so as the Constitution Party third-party candidate. Panyard (who was also on the show) is campaigning on a ban on abortion, a commitment to hang the 10 commandments on the wall of the governorÂ’s office, rolling back gay rights, ending corporate welfare and cutting state spending. The problem is he is not making much impact in any of the polls.

Then we also have State Sen. Jeffrey Piccola who has tossed his hat into the ring running as a pro-life convert and tax reformer.

It's early in the race, but there is already much to ponder with the folks who seek to serve us.

High school hosts 'National Coming Out'

Maryland high school is observing "National Coming Out Week" with events organized by the campus Gay/Straight Alliance, prompting protests from parents.

The activities at Pikesville High School in Pikesville, Md., near Baltimore – all approved by school officials – include pink and rainbow shirt day and a homosexual film festival, according to local WJZ-TV.


Will Cheney Resign for Rice?

After a Washington Post story suggesting that Vice President Dick Cheney’s office is involved in the Plame-CIA investigation, rumors are flying around Washington that Cheney might step aside – and be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

That would in essence set up Rice as the "incumbent" for the next election. A move now to elevate Condoleezza to the vice president’s position would better prime her for a run against Hillary in 2008.

Keep in mind this is a rumor and it's Washington. Could anyone possibly plan all this?

County Council OKs fixing values at '02 levels

Allegheny County Council last night approved an assessment plan that won't change values for any of the county's 550,000 properties next year and, possibly, for years to come. The change allows county officials to put off a future reassessment until they decide one is necessary.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Porn Battle in Pittsburgh

In a legal debate being watched nationwide, U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan will face off today against a company that sells videos with brutal and graphic depictions of sexual violence.
Ms. Buchanan and H. Louis Sirkin, a Cincinnati lawyer who represents California-based Extreme Associates, will argue before a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is hearing cases this week in Pittsburgh. The case represents the first major test of the obscenity laws in 15 years, and the federal government is on the defensive.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Threat to Baltimore Harbor/Tunnels

UPDATE: Traffic is now being allowed through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel after it was closed down in both directions over concerns about a possible terrorist attack.

Orignal Post:
The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and part of the adjacent Fort McHenry Tunnel have been closed due to an unspecified terror threat. A tip, which may have originally come from a foreign country, was given to authorities warning of a possible terror related threat on the tunnels.

At this time there are massive traffic jams on the outskirts of the city. Confidential sources in the area have indicated that anti-terror squads are on the lookout for possible IEDs, and six to 10 men of middle-eastern descent, who are possibly driving fuel tankers in the area. There are further reports that these same men have been under surveillence for at least two days.

PowerBlog! will track this developing situation. The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel is 100 feet below sea level.

Follow Up: Time Magazine Basted

Time magazine's controversial cover story on "gay teens" is being denounced by critics as blatant homosexual propaganda – which is not surprising, since the Time journalist who researched and wrote the story is a homosexual with a long history of advancing "gay" causes, including the promotion of anonymous homosexual orgies.

In its Oct. 10 cover story, "The battle over gay teens," Time fails to disclose that its reporter, John Cloud, is himself homosexual, nor does Cloud mention until near the end of his lengthy report that the key researcher on which the entire story is based is also homosexual.

In the article, Cloud positively portrays the phenomenon of ever-younger American children self-identifying as "gay," praises the massive proliferation of Gay Straight Alliance clubs in public schools nationwide, showcases the Point Foundation, which provides scholarships to youngsters who believe they are "gay," and categorically dismisses professional therapeutic and religious attempts to help homosexuals change their orientation.


Scranton launches bid for governor

Bill Scranton staged the ceremonial launch of his campaign for the GOP nomination for governor last night with a rally in the town named for his family, one that has already produced one governor of Pennsylvania.

His kickoff speech, in which he promised a leaner government and lower taxes, was a prelude to an across-the-state series of events, including a stop in Pittsburgh later today.

Tune in as he joins live on the show in the 5Pm Hour.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Bill O'Reilly to Quit?

O'Reilly told Newsday that he receives death threats and has to hire bodyguards. He can't check into hotels with his family. People on the street take his picture with their cell phones and then post it on the Web.

Almost exactly a year since he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with former Fox News producer Andrea Mackris, the embattled life of O'Reilly has become an increasingly strange and scary one.

As a result of the lawsuit settlement, O'Reilly must have a third person present whenever he conducts an interview or speaks to someone on the phone. "Anyone can accuse me of anything and it's on a Web site," he said in the interview.

So little wonder that when Bill O'Reilly is asked about his future after his current contract ends a little more than two years from now, he blurts out one word even as the question is asked: ‘Retirement.'" But then O'Reilly backpedaled somewhat: "I might. I might. There's only so much aggression you can absorb.



The story opens: “To millions The Chronicles of Narnia are a childhood tale of wonder and triumph now made into a film that could inspire millions of children to read. To others, including the celebrated fantasy author Philip Pullman, they are stories of racism and thinly veiled religious propaganda that will corrupt children rather than inspiring them.”

The Observer

Powerball on the Powerball

$340 Million dollars. Whoever wins that might have enough money to heat their home and put gas in the tank!

New Orleans Corrupt, Former Politician Charges

CNSNews.com - A former president of the New Orleans City Council and member of the Orleans Levee Board blames corruption "down to the bone" and "unbelievable ineptness" for the loss of life and injuries during and after Hurricane Katrina. The Republican politician also fears the worst for her city if local officials are allowed to manage the federally funded rebuilding efforts. Full Story

Disney Missing Fertilizer

In the wake of 51,000 pounds of fertilizer stolen in Arkansas, security officials at Disney in Orlando, Florida have discovered that 237 bags, each weighing 50 pounds, were taken sometime in the last few weeks. A supervisor noticed that 237 bags of the fertilizer was missing from a secured storage facility last week. Disney security immediately notified the Orange County sheriff's office after the theft. The type of fertilizer was not identified as either urea nitrate or ammonium nitrate, although both have been used for deadly bombs in the U.S. and elsewhere. According to Orange County, Florida Sheriff's spokesman Carlos Torres: "We did get some information from the manufacturer that there was really no hazard behind it, but we still treat it as a regular theft."

WWJB : What Would Jesus Blog?

What would Jesus blog? This was among the questions considered by a conference of God bloggers in California at the weekend, which heralded their growing numbers as potentially the most important development in the spread of Christianity since the Gutenberg printing press began churning out bibles in the 15th century.

The three-day gathering at Biola University brought together around 135 Christian bloggers to discuss topics ranging from their relationship with the traditional church to their growing influence on mainstream politics.

Blogs - online diaries or commentaries - are at the vanguard of a new personal publishing revolution outside the mainstream media. A recent Guardian/ICM poll showed that a third of all young people with access to the internet in Britain have launched their own blog or website.
Joe Carter, author of evangelicaloutpost.com and one of the delegates at the conference, compared Christian blogging to the 95 Theses said to have been posted by Martin Luther on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg nearly 500 years ago that launched the Protestant Reformation in Europe. "It's like putting 95 blogs out there," said Mr Carter, who added that God bloggers offer an "uncensored and unadulterated" view of contemporary Christian thought on politics and organised religion.

Some commentators believe the growth of religious blogs will have political ramifications in the US. Christian conservatives make up the Republican "base" that was primarily responsible for putting George Bush in the White House, and the God blogging phenomenon could make them an even more effective political force. It is "certainly going to be [of] more benefit to Republicans than Democrats", Carol Darr, director of George Washington University's Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, told Fox News.

The Guardian

Wands and wine for imprisoned pagans in UK

PAGAN priests will be allowed to use wine and wands during ceremonies in jails under instructions issued to every prison governor.

Inmates practising paganism will be allowed a hoodless robe, incense and a piece of religious jewellery among their personal possessions. They will also be allowed to have Tarot cards but are forbidden from using them to tell the fortunes of other prisoners.

The guidance, issued by Michael Spurr, the director of operations of the Prison Service, makes it clear that Skyclad (naked pagan worship) will not be permitted. Prison staff have been told that pagan artefacts should be treated with respect.

The formal guidance on paganism in prison is contained in a 14-page annexe to a Prison Service order on religion in jails. It was issued last month to governors, chaplains and race relations officers. Under sections ranging from the use of wine, dress and hygiene to festivals, marriage and death, governors are given a complete guide to paganism, based on information supplied by the Pagan Federation.

Welcome to prison, enjoy your stay.

The Times

'Devil' Cast Out of Pr. William

After the devil went down to Georgia, it seems, he got censored in Prince William County.
In preparation for a guest appearance at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, the marching band at C.D. Hylton High School had a logical and seemingly innocuous idea: play a Georgia-themed song. They decided on "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," by the Charlie Daniels Band.

But early this month, a local newspaper, the Potomac News, published a letter by a Woodbridge resident who, after having seen the C.D. Hylton Bulldawg Marching Band perform the country-western hit at a football game, wondered how a song about the devil could be played at school events, because of the separation of church and state.

Are you grining yet?

Fearing bad public reaction, Hylton's longtime band director, Dennis Brown, pulled the song from the playlist. "I was just being protective of my students. I didn't want any negative publicity for C.D. Hylton High School," he said.
But Brown's strategy backfired. The decision has created a furor, and even Charlie Daniels has weighed in.

"I am a Christian, and I don't write pro-devil songs. Most people seem to get it. It's a fun little song," Daniels said Friday in a telephone interview from Mokena, Ill., where he was scheduled to perform a concert. "I think it's a shame that the [marching band director] would yield to one piece of mail. If people find out that he can be manipulated that easily, he's going to have a hard way to go."

You tell em' Charlie!

Residents, alumni and parents have been fulminating in the Potomac News and on its Web site against censorship, the values of the media, the band director and, perhaps not surprisingly, the writer of the letter, Robert McLean. In the paper's online forum, people have written about a range of topics -- abortion, presidential politics, whether Daniels rocks or not-- that show how testy emotions have become.

To paraphrase from the song, fire has flown from their fingertips:
"God have mercy. How did we become a country full of weenies who give into the cranky nonsense of 1 voice?" one person tapped out on a computer. "I guess I need to go back to school. I thought the idea behind our country was that the majority ruled? You know, like the majority of people voted for the President's re-election and now the ruling party is knuckling under to every left wing nut out there? I give up!"

A person identified as Ticked Off Parent chimed in: "What's next? School Book Burnings because someone finds To Kill a Mockingbird offensive? Whoever started this should be banned from the school, NOT THE SONG!"

Another wrote in: "So what if the song does actually 'revolve' around Satan? Satan has its rightful place in history as does Women's suffrage, slavery, and every other subject bad or good!"

The Washington Post

Louis Farrakhan's Inclusiveness

By Steve Malzberg

They billed it as the "Millions More Movement." I guess when you are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of an event dubbed "The Million Man March," an event that never really drew a million people, then you can call last Saturday's celebration "Millions More," even though it drew less of a crowd than the event that never hit one million ten years ago. Are you with me so far?
For hour after hour, speaker after speaker took to the podium at the Mall in Washington, D.C., to speak to a very faithful, peaceful and overwhelmingly African-American audience. This gathering, called by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, was supposed to be a lot more inclusive than the event in 1995.

For one thing, women were encouraged to attend this time around. And although one gay group has complained that it was not allowed to speak as planned, a guy representing the Black Man's Exchange did speak. He referred to himself as a "same-gender loving black man." That's inclusive, I must say.

There were congressmen from Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Illinois. All are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, of course. Former D.C. mayor Marion Barry and Former New Orleans chief executive Marc Morial were there, as was the current mayor of Detroit, Kuame Kilpatrick.

Most major African-American groups were represented, as were most black religious groups. Tavis Smiley was there and so was Jesse Jackson. They both spoke, although I must say that the good reverend did not have one of the "prime-time" slots and seemed to be reading his piece from a sheet of paper. It was quite unusual, but still nice and inclusive.

Unfortunately, Farrakhan's idea of inclusive also includes the following folks:
Michael Muhammad, who happens to be the National Youth Minister for the Nation of Islam, wanted to stress a need to stop the violence as it now exists. Or maybe change the direction of the violence. I'll report, you decide.

The Minister said: "We want to send out a message to our young brothers and sisters to stop the killing. We want to say to our young brothers of the Crips and Bloods that we are one family. The real enemy doesn't wear red nor necessarily blue but white, even when he's butt naked."

Full Story

ADL Condemns Millions More March

The Anti-Defamation League strongly condemned Saturday's Millions More March organized by Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan, calling the event a "sideshow of racists."

A roster of speakers distributed by the organizers of the Millions More Movement to publicize a kick-off event includes several "noted racists and anti-Semites on the extremist fringe," the ADL said, complaining that the event was "tainted with bigotry."

"All along, Louis Farrakhan and his minions have suggested that this march will be different, that it will embrace diversity in a show of solidarity and strength," said Abraham Foxman, ADL National Director. "Now we see what he means."

In a press release issued before the event, the ADL listed several of the speakers it had problems with, including, "CUNY professor Dr. Leonard Jeffries, who has claimed that Jews financed the Atlantic slave trade" and New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, who the ADL said was "virulently anti-Semitic and racist."


Rabbis teach Catholics about church's persecution

When the rabbi told the roomful of teenage Catholic boys that he'd never eaten a McDonald's cheeseburger because his religion forbids it, they stared at him in awe.

Two of the boys raised their hands when Rabbi Alvin Berkun asked how many of them thought Jews and Catholics had been friendly toward each other in the past 2,000 years.
"You guys are wrong," he told them.

The whole idea behind Rabbi Berkun's recent lecture at Central Catholic High School was to help ease the lingering effects of historical tensions between Catholics and Jews and to recognize the special duty the Catholic Church has to teach its young about the awful legacy of Jews being persecuted by Catholics.

Central Catholic students are being exposed to the complicated story of Judeo-Christian relations through a program called the Catholic-Jewish Education Enhancement Program, C-JEEP. Now in its fifth year locally, it is part of a nationwide effort by the two faiths to redefine their relationship to each other in positive terms.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pro-Choice in the Pen

The Supreme Court, in an abortion case of relatively narrow scope, cleared the way Monday for a Missouri prison inmate to terminate her pregnancy.

The high court decision was not a sweeping rendering on the issue of abortion, per se, but rather a holding that Missouri corrections officials must drive the woman to a clinic to have the procedure. It was unclear how soon that would be done.
Late Friday, Justice Clarence Thomas had granted a temporary stay to the state, which prevented the woman from having an abortion on Saturday. But Monday's high court action was unanimous.

Missouri's law forbids spending tax dollars to facilitate an abortion, but the federal judge took the position that the prison system in Missouri was blocking her from exercising that right.

Is that not part of prison? You have some rights taken away! She had the right not to get pregnant in the first place. She also had a the right not to break the law. Yet none of that seems to matter. Welcome to prison, how may we help you?

Associated Press

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Exorcism Course Continues at Vatican

A Vatican-recognized university is offering a course in exorcism and demonic possession for a second year, concerned about the devil's lure _ particularly among young Italians.
Standing in solemn prayer, around 120 priests, lay people and theology students began the course that is intended to clear up misconceptions and understand what makes people turn to the occult.

The opening class of the "Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation" on Thursday at the Pontifical Academy Regina Apostolorum featured lectures about liturgical and spiritual aspects of Satanism and problems related to exorcism.

"The aim of this course is to express a clear vision of the phenomenon," said Italian Bishop Andrea Gemma, a leading exorcist who delivered the opening lecture.
"Exorcism ... is an important prayer of the church to help those who believe to be, or who really are suffering from a diabolic infestation," he told his audience.

Lectures, which will be broadcast via video to other pontifical institutes, focus on subjects that range from theological and historical aspects of Satanism to legal and medical issues.
The course is being offered for the second year, after an introductory session was held on February.

Pope Benedict XVI welcomed a large group of Italian exorcists who visited the Vatican on Sept. 14 and encouraged them to carry on in their work "in the service of the church."
Exorcism, the Roman Catholic rite in which demons are expelled from "possessed" persons, is usually administered by priests with the permission of a bishop.

"Devil's action is much more common than people may think," Gemma said, adding that he performs at least four exorcisms a week. He also said that youngsters were particularly at risk.
A former papal aide, the late Cardinal Jacques Martin, wrote in his memoirs that Pope John Paul II performed the exorcism rite in 1982, on an Italian woman who was screaming and writhing.
When the first course opened in February, Italy was gripped by a gruesome case in which members of a Satanic sect being investigated in the deaths of three people. Two people were later convicted in the murders, which occurred in woods near Milan.

In recent years, police have discovered sites in the Castelli hill towns outside Rome where they say Satanic cult followers hold black Masses.

Associated Press


All because a Muslim group (CAIR) asked that a Muslim holiday be added. Instead, the Hillsborough school district removed Yom Kippur, Good Friday and the Monday after Easter.

St. Petersburg Times

How Do You Say Homer Simpson in Arabic? "Omar Shamshoon"

When an Arab satellite TV network, MBC, decided to introduce "The Simpsons" to the Middle East, they knew the family would have to make some fundamental lifestyle changes.
"Omar Shamshoon," as he is called on the show, looks like the same Homer Simpson, but he has given up beer and bacon, which are both against Islam, and he no longer hangs out at "seedy bars with bums and lowlifes." In Arabia, Homer's beer is soda, and his hot dogs are barbequed Egyptian beef sausages. And the donut-shaped snacks he gobbles are the traditional Arab cookies called kahk.

An Arabized "Simpsons" -- called "Al Shamshoon" -- made its debut in the Arab world earlier this month, in time for Ramadan, a time of high TV viewership. It uses the original "Simpsons" animation, but the voices are dubbed into Arabic and the scripts have been adapted to make the show more accessible, and acceptable, to Arab audiences.

Some longtime "Simpson" fans who are Arabs are incensed over the Arabized version. "This is just beyond the pale," wrote As'ad AbuKhalil, a professor at California State University, Stanislaus, whose blog, angryarab blogspot, often touches on politics and the media. After viewing a promotional segment of "Al Shamshoon," Prof. AbuKhalil wrote, "It was just painful....The guy who played Homer Simpson was one of the most unfunny people I ever watched. Just drop the project, and air reruns of Tony Danza's show instead."

How do you say "flop" in Arabic?


Terri's Watch: Judge: Take infant off life support

A judge ordered life support removed Friday from a 5-month-old Indianapolis boy with a severe head injury that investigators say was caused by abuse.

The Marion County Department of Child Services requested the removal of the ventilator that is keeping Hamad Elijah Sanda alive. The agency took custody of the baby Sept. 26, four days after he was brought to the Methodist Hospital emergency room with a skull fracture and brain injury.

Citing the boy's grave condition and testimony from medical experts who said there was nothing more they could do, Superior Court Judge Marilyn Moores issued the order over the objections of Hamad's mother, Tiwanna Sanda. The judge also issued a "do not resuscitate" order.
Sanda, 30, who attended the hearing without an attorney, declined to comment after the judge's ruling.

At the hearing, she said she opposed taking the baby off life support. "That is no decision any mother can make," Sanda said.

Medical ethics experts and right-to-life advocates say such decisions are difficult and should be made only as a last resort.

Moores said it was up to hospital officials to determine when to remove Hamad from the ventilator. Medical personnel will continue to provide water or nutritional support to the baby through a feeding tube.

Indianapolis Star