Police say church fest was a drug fest

It was not your typical worship service.

People working like cocktail waitresses walked the crowd, selling "Ganja" treats -- including Rice Krispies snacks believed to be laced with marijuana, according to authorities.

A total of 22 people were arrested Saturday evening as the Fayette County Drug Task Force raided the 47-acre Bullskin site of the Church of Universal Love and Music.

While police recovered a large amount of drugs on the grounds, they found even more on the concert-goers.

Illegal substances seized included several pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms, several pounds of marijuana, hash and LSD.

The operator of the church, Willie Pritts, was not charged.

Last night, Mr. Pritts' attorney, Gregory Koerner, was outraged by the raid and arrests and said he felt the church was purposely targeted.

Ahh yeah it was purposely targeted.... because the congreation was high.

In February, Mr. Pritts and Fayette County reached a settlement on the eve of trial in a 2006 federal civil rights lawsuit, claiming that the county's failure to issue him a special exception permit violated his First Amendment right to freedom of religion.Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09215/988247-55.stm#ixzz0N82ApBKX

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