Peering behind the rift: Obama’s pro-Palestinian agenda

The current animus between the U.S. and Israel is being carefully orchestrated by the Obama administration, and will eventually lead to this administration’s complete abandonment of our most trusted democratic ally in the Middle East -or worse.

An un-named source believes that the current rift in relations was not only orchestrated by the Obama administration, it is purposely being manipulated to become a “defining moment and a watershed event” in U.S. and Israel relations. It will allow this administration to manipulate the facts to further sway world opinion against Israel and embolden the Palestinians. “It is designed to change the overall dynamic of the Middle East, something the Obama administration and his Arab backers had planned since the beginning,” stated this source. He added that this incident could be used to restrict or cancel the future sales of arms necessary for Israel’s defense.

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American Idle said...

I totally agree with this. All of the people that have been in power for the last decade have been been related. Americans need to know who they can trust in their government, and it keeps turning out to be no one. I think it's pretty funny in a way, but more funny in the way that food smells after it goes bad in the fridge.