No Compromise!

I am extremely proud of all the true conservatives that stood their ground on the whole debate over the economic future of our nation.

Even after Speaker John Boehner ordered his team to "get your ass in line" those who were elected by the tea party movement stood firm and respectfully said no.

I've heard several calls for compromise. Give a little, get a little and everyone goes home with an acceptable feeling. The time for compromise has passed in my opinion. I don't want compromise. Compromise creates mediocrity in which no really wins or loses. Screw that. We need a battle in which we finally decide who the winner is and go with it.

This debate is not over budgets, spending or debt ceilings. At the heart of the issue is an ideological struggle. It is impossible to compromise when one side want the total opposite of the other. Do we let people succeed and fail on their own, or should government tweek every step of the way?

I say get government out of the way of people. Let's really cut spending by putting a stop to the redistribution of other peoples money. We can solve the debt problem overnight. Simply eliminate:

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