Rendell -- T work 'tragic mistake'

The Port Authority's North Shore Connector is a "tragic mistake," Gov. Ed Rendell said.

Pitched to federal authorities in 2003 as a $362 million project to extend the T under the Allegheny River, it now is expected to cost about $553 million. That's as much as Rendell is seeking for college tuition aid for 170,000 students and is $117.8 million more than the Port Authority can pay.

"I wish the project had never started," Rendell said during an appearance at Community College of Allegheny County. "There's so many ways that money could've been applied to the transportation needs of this region in a more beneficial fashion. It's gone down the road now, and I guess you've got to finish it, but it's a tragic mistake."

No S*#! Sherlock!

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