Who wrote this script?

It's like a bad B movie. Al Franken gets elected Senator by court order and Alec Baldwin wants to be cast in the role of congressman.

Is this some twisted game where if you are some whacked out liberal who's name starts with the letters A & L you get a political post?

Al Franken in his very first vote rejected the White House plan to scrap $6 million funding to protect buses from terrorists. Back on April 29, Arlen Specter's very first vote was "no" on President Obama's budget -- a day after declaring himself a "loyal Democrat."

He the Dems lose by winning. Go figure?

We are no longer electing real people, we are electing characters. We have crossed the line and reality shows are now more real then real life.

I'm not ready to throw in the towel on this country but we have some series challenges that lie ahead. I only hope there is something left to be salvaged when these kooks are done having fun.

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