Assessing the Reassessment

In mid-2011-when all indications were that the County was on pace to complete the court-ordered reassessment and taxpayers would be getting notice of their new values as early as July-the Institute obtained two months of sales data on single family homes in order to compare the existing assessments on the homes with the new assessment as soon as it became available. Similar analysis was carried out in 2005 when the County was scheduled to unveil new assessment values for 2006. Unfortunately, the County chose to scrap the 2005 assessments leading to prolonged court cases ending in a Supreme Court order to reassess.

A week ago the County mailed the last of the 2013 reassessment notices out to residents in the north and west parts of the County. For the County as a whole, the new assessments put the total value of properties 35 percent above the assessed value currently in place. Changes in assessments vary widely across municipalities and school districts.

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