Hey Aren't You????

It still happens to me every now and then. I'll be talking with someone and they will remember me from my radio days. "Hey aren't you Powerball?"

The other day I met a gentleman who out of the blue just stuck up a conversation. He told me about how he was raised Catholic but in his teenage years became involved with a Neo Nazi group.

He used to pray the rosary under a poster of Hitler in his room. A bit of a conflict of ideas if you ask me.

You may wonder how he didn't see the conflict himself. If one only goes through the motions of religion and doesn't truly understand the foundation and teaching, then they are vulnerable to any and all ideas, both good and evil.

That is just what happened to this man. He ran from idea to idea thinking each one was right at the time. It wasn't until the responsibilities of a wife and children did he begin to really seek.

I'm happy to tell you he was given a Bible as a gift and began to read and understand. That brought him back to the truth. He shared with me that even though he rebelled against God, it was his early days in the church that showed him the way back home when he was ready to follow.

He talked about this radio show he used to listen to. It was the radio program I produced for years. When I told him I produced that program he smiled and asked, "Hey aren't you Powerball"? That whole time each topic, each guest, each caller was pulling on his heart.

I don't take credit for any of it. I was just blessed to be a part of it and was sorry to see it end when a new path was laid before me.

It funny how life changes so many things, yet was is good and true always remain, even if we spend years trying to bury it.