Glenn Beck and Anita Dunn

If any of you watched Glenn Beck on Thursday you saw Anita Dunn extoll the virtues of Chairman Mao at a commencement speech she gave at St Andrews Episcopal School.
I sent the following letter to Ms. Beach, Academic Dean, for the class of 2008.

Ms. Beach,

I am not a parent of one of your student nor do I give money to your school, I am just an American. I watched with horror as Glen Beck played the Video of the commencement speech given by Anita Dunn where she extols the virtues of Chairman Mao to your High School students.

Our children are our most precious gift and they should be protected and nurtured. Having an adult, endorsed by the school and our government, tout the philosophy of someone who murdered 70,000,000 people at their commencement ceremony is inexcusable unless you support and agree with Ms. Dunn position. I realize there is a “freedom of speech” argument but would you let David Duke address you student body?

This incident begs the following questions:

If you didn’t know what she was going to say did you do anything to offset her comments?
Was there anyone in authority at the ceremony who should have “pulled the plug” when she rambled on about “the great philosopher Mao”?
Did your students even know who Mao was and what he did?
Did you students know he killed more people that Hitler?

It would be nice to receive an answer but I don’t expect one unless you were as appalled by her comments as I was. God bless you and the children in your care. Please be careful with your charges.

James G. Pierce
Pittsburgh PA

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