It is no secret to those who know me that I am a conservative and so it is no surprise that I am opposed to most, if not everything, the Obama Administration is doing. When fighting against someone like Obama and his minions it is important to have a strategy. It is also more important to know their strategy.

What is the Obama strategy? I have just figured it out that the strategy is overwhelm the opposition. Obama has done so many outrageous things, appointed so many unqualified, left wing loons and is trying to do so much more that it is hard to focus on one problem. There is a laundry list of programs, bills, and government appointees which make any American stand up and say “Wait a Minute”!

Some of the problems which need to be addressed are

Anita Dunn and she idolizing Mao.
Health Care – pick you problem; abortion, illegal aliens, taxes, etc.
Cass Sunstein – Free speech critic and regulatory czar.
GM Chrysler bail out.
AIG bail out.
Control of pay from the executive to the janitor.
Van Jones – gone but not forgotten.
Cap and trade.
Mark Lloyd – FCC Czar for diversity.
Carole Browner – Climate Czar

There is more but I am now overwhelmed. This is an outright frontal assault on the American way of life and it threatens our own existence.

Now what about our strategy; what to do; so many things, so many problems. If every concerned American would pick a problem and resolve to do one thing a week toward solving it we might get somewhere. The secret is not to let them overwhelm you. Take on one problem and go after solving it. It will empower you and more importantly it will overwhelm the opposition and distract them from their ultimate goal.

Go ahead America; pick a problem and go after them. Together we can save our country.