NFL - No Foreign Language

If you saw Monday night football you might have noticed something a bit strange. No not the awful uniforms, but a referee making a call in Spanish.
Latinos are celebrating their heritage this month and while I have no reason to object, changing and American icon such as Monday Night Football is a bit much. I mean why not broadcast in Italian for Columbus Day?
Before you call me some sort of bigoted racist, review the tape. The audience in Miami booed. If you can’t sell Spanish in Miami then just give up.
The Latino celebration began with Marc Anthony singing the National Anthem. Fine. From there the NFL goes completely LOCO! They released a series of 30-second Spanish-language spots pitching a Hispanic Dolphins fan against a Jets fan in several win-lose situations. In the first video, a child wearing a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey beats up on a dolphin-shaped pinata.
The call in Spanish was for a false start. Ironic, isn’t it.

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