09 Lima - Code Red

We have a problem. Well many but let's deal with one for now.

Soldiers at Fort Jackson, SC are under investigation for trying to poison the food supply at the base. Chris Gray, the public affairs officer for the US Army's Criminal Investigative Division confirmed yesterday afternoon that these soldiers were a part of a fairly new Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) called "09 Lima."

The 09 Lima school is centered at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and it's a special school that falls under the "Civilian Acquired Skills program" This program is put in place for people who already have a skill or profession and want to do that job in the military.

Here's the problem, the 09 Lima program from what I have been able to find is specifically geared towards non-US citizens who bring to the table one very in-demand skill - the ability to speak fluent Arabic, Dari, Pashto, or some other needed language. Most recruits can not speak English. So the 09 Lima program puts them through training where they learn American culture, Army culture and work on their English language skills. Once they finish the course, they are then able to enter normal basic training.

Recruits are offered an expedited citizenship program, once they serve honorable active duty. While I'm not against that in general, it presents an opportunity for jihadi extremists with ulterior motives. We better be ready for attacks on our troops from within if we are not more careful.

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