What an Ash

It is lent. Catholics just observed Ash Wednesday. Our Vice President Joe Biden claims to be a Catholic (although he favors abortion) and participated in Ash Wednesday by having his forehead marked with the sign of the cross reminding the faithful that from ashes and dust we came and shall return.

It's seems the media in Europe have never heard of this. Two British reporters wondered on the air what the spot was and asked if Biden had "bumped and bruised his head at the Olympics".

Now I don't expect every person to understand Catholicism but even the Church of England observes Ash Wednesday. Even non Catholics in Great Britain ought to have some clue about this.

Here is the real kicker, Kay Burley, one of the reporters make a foll out of herself was finally informed by a producer that didn't live in a cave that Biden had ashes on his forehead. She then apologized for being a bad Catholic. Yes folks, she is a freaking CATHOLIC. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. She must go to the dentist more than she goes to Church. I don't think the Muslims that are taking over your entire country and turning it into Londonaston are missing many days. Use it or lose it Brits.

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