Rotten Apple


Owning an iPad pr Apple PC is a requirement in some circles. I haven't bought in. After having to return 4 (yes 4) ipods I became very cautious when it came to Apple products. Oh they are slick and look cool but I need it to work. Therein lies the problem.

While most of the software is great, Apple’s hardware is awful. After meeting several people who work at the "Genius Bar" I was told the repeating issues with my iPod may be how I used it. Huh? I played music on it till it stopped.

I'm not the only one out there. I found all kinds of last ditch efforts to save a dying iPod. Most of them I tried after being told I would just have to buy a new one. So now my cracked screen, grinding had drive, ipod is an expensive paper weight.

Apple has done an amazing job with product development and an even better job at marketing and building brand loyalty. I only wish their product lasted a bit longer.

I know the apple addicts out their are gasping right now but when you go to turn on your ipad, pod, phone or whatever and you get that sinking feeling you will understand.

RIP Steve Jobs. Oh and take my iPod with you.