The Death of the Pork Authority PAT in death throws

I know many of my readers are interested in my take on the PAt contract talks. (or lack of them) Dec.1 st could bring a strike that will end the PAT union as we know it and I say strike and good riddance. I know that leaves some folks in a pinch but so many have been holding those folks hostage for so long it has to end.

I hold no sympathy for Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85. With gas prices lowering, lay-offs coming left and right, and an economy that is sliding, I find the disgusting display of absolute greed from this Union appalling. Unions served a purpose, in the early decades of the 20th century, when corporations would exploit their workforce in the name of profit. Today, the reverse has proven true, where unions exploit their employers in the name of lining union officials pockets. That is why only 7% of the current US workforce is unionized.

People can serve themselves better by staying away from the Socialist propaganda of unions and just saying no. However, that will be hard with a new President who plans on doing away with the secret ballot in unionization. Employees will feel the pressures of union bosses, whom upon finding their pocketbooks threatened, will have the ability to intimidate and coerce memberships. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 has the ability to hold itself up for the betterment of this city, but as this showdown approaches, I hold no hope for this Union.

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