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This came from Powerblog reader Karen. I'm posting to at her request to share it all with you:

Dear Fellow Pray-er;

I have some hope for people that are in despair about the recent elections. My story is about how praying about the elections forced me to LISTEN to God AND why I am sending you this letter.

I had been praying so hard the weeks before the election (as most Christians were). I, however, am not a very good listener when it comes to sitting down and listening to God.... instead I usually just pray and ask for things. I was praying the r osary, doing novena’s, fasting and other intercessions along with the 'Pray the Vote' (if you are not familiar, it was part of the Presidential Prayer Team:

Below is what I wrote to the 'Pray the Vote' people on November 4th, the morning of the elections, (they had asked everyone that participated to share our experience).

My time in prayer has brought an amazing revelation to me! This is what I believe God said to me: "Don't Worry, (about the elections), it is in MY hands. I know the big picture; you can only see what is in front of you. Just keep praying for the President, no matter who it is, THAT will be the CHANGE. Just listen to ME and make sure you do what I tell you to do."

Those words were given to me last Tuesday (Oct 28th). So I contemplated and prayed over those words during my prayers over the past week. To me it meant that if Obama becomes president, we have to PRAY HARDER THAN EVER for his heart to soften and change so that he does not overturn any progress that has been made with the Pro-Life decisions over the past years. I was SO passionate about that. I thought of so many ways to get the word out for daily prayer for his change of heart.

Then, while in prayer the morning of November 4th, (before I went to vote), I came to the revelation that ‘This is my passion, this is my purpose’! No matter who wins this election, (at any level of government), I need to start some sort of prayers for all of our leaders to have a CHANGE OF HEART. For us to focus on really getting the word out and EDUCATE everyone with what abortion really means! There are so many people that still do not know that abortion can take place at 9 months! We need a grassroots effort of PRAYER for specific leaders so that their hearts are changed!

I have been praying so long over the years as to what my purpose in life is and I believe my prayers were answered today! I do not think I would have sat and listened to God long enough to hear Him, but because of me signing up for the “Pray the Vote” and making it a priority, I MADE the time

So with the above in mind, I am asking that you SPREAD THE WORD to all your friends, family, congregations, various groups, EVERYONE about praying for all of our leaders, especially Barack Obama and Joseph Biden. There is currently a new "77 Days of Prayer for our New President" which might help people with prayers:

Some suggestions to consider for prayers are:- To ask God to surround Obama and Biden with spiritual people that can influence them as to why they should not overturn what has been done so far with the abortion issue and for the Holy Spirit to guide them in making the right decisions. - For all leaders that are pro-choice to have a 'Change of Heart' and for God to soften them and to help them see abortion for what it truly is.- For all of our media, but especially those in charge of what is reported, for God to take the blinders from their eyes and for the media to start reporting the truth about abortion.- For all pro-choice people everywhere to have more of an open mind and 'change of heart'. For Satan to not have control of their thoughts so they can actually see and hear the truth about what abortion really is.

Other suggestions would be to have weekly prayer services for the ‘Change of Heart’ of ALL Americans who are pro-choice.

I thank you for your time and hope you will join me in this effort to Change Hearts so unborn Babies, in danger of being aborted, can be saved!

In Christ’s Love,
Karen A. Ford

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