I sent this article to Senator Casey before it was published and I asked for a response. As one might guess I have not heard from him.

Senator Casey Votes to Support Brothel’s Prostitution, Child Sex Slave Business and Voter Fraud.

On Sept 14, 2009 US Senator Robert Casey D-PA voted against Amendment 2355 to HR 3288 which “would prohibit the use of funds to fund ACORN”. Can we then conclude that Senator Casey is in favor of supporting brothel’s, prostitution, child sex slave business and voter fraud. The reader may recall that recently ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has been recently exposed by Fox News and a few other responsible news outlets for there laundry list of crimes which included using tax payer dollars to commit crimes involving prostitution, tax fraud, bank fraud, and using illegal 13 year old immigrants as prostitutes.

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