Rants and Raves

I've missed so much being too busy to post. The Death of Uncle Teddy created an uproar among Catholics who saw his funeral mass as a slap in the face. Kennedy was about as faithful a Catholic as Marilynn Manson. Still, I see a funeral as being more for the living and not the dead. If you are sizzling like bacon then pomp and circumsatnce doesn't really matter much.

Iran is now working on nuke factory number 2 and they announced it like it's a new Macy's opening at the mall. I seem to recall suggesting we hasten the meeting between President Ahmanidoit and Allah. Even his own people know this guy is nuts. I guess it's going to take a pair of Isreali gonads to get anything done.

Speaking of that .... Has anyone notice how our president has just nutured us on the world stage? Hope and change folks. I'm hoping we don't changing into a 3 world country. Nowadays if you turn America over, there is a sticker that says "Made in China".

As the G 20 comes to a close here in Pittsburgh, I applaud the police who protect our city. With the excepeion of a few broken windows order has reined. I'm all in favor of free speech, just don't act like an ass in the process. People stop listening to you if you are dressed like a ninga or sparying urine in their face. It's not a good conversation starter. Half of the fools I can't even tell you what they really want.

My encounter with the Greenpeace bridge idiots earlier this week is a good example. They are worried about emmissions in the air. Yet their act of stupidity caused 40 fossil fuel burning police vehicles to respond and no less than 3 helicopters to hover for 2 hours. I would have cut the rope they were holding onto just to save the earth. (and for a chuckle).

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