Pennsylvania Criminal Representatives

On Sept 17, 2009 the US House of Representatives voted on a bill to defund ACORN, the criminal enterprising community action group. This is the group has been recently exposed by Fox News and a few other responsible news outlets for there laundry list of crimes which included using tax payer dollars to commit crimes involving prostitution, tax fraud, bank fraud, and using illegal 13 year old immigrants as prostitutes.

As previously report, Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey voted against a similar bill in the Senate. Now Pennsylvania can add three Congressmen to the list of public servants who are apparently in favor of funding prostitution, tax fraud, bank fraud, and using 13 year old illegal immigrants as prostitutes. Congressman Mike Doyle D-PA from the 14th District consisting of the Pittsburgh Area, Congressman Robert Brady D- PA from the 1st District consisting of parts of the Philadelphia area and Congressman Chaka Fattah D-PA of the 111th District consisting of parts of Philadelphia all voted against defunding ACORN. In other words they want OUR tax dollars to go to ACORN to help continue funding this criminal organization. ACORN is now under investigation in 20 states including Pennsylvania.

What are our elected leaders thinking? They took an oath to Support and Defend the Constitution. This is not supporting or defending; this is tearing it down and destroying the Constitution. Shame on the 4 of you. You let this conduct continue and, by your very actions, you fund and condone it. You are the real criminals; not some ACORN clerk or housing officer.

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