Barney Frank - Playing with the Boys

I'm pissed. U.S. Rep. Barney Frank admitted he helped his ex-lover land a lucrative post with Fannie Mae in the early 1990s and doesn't see anything wrong with it. It's wrong on so many levels you would think Frank would find just one.

First it was his homosexual interest that was given the job at the time  when Frank was on a committee that regulated the lending giant. 1st issue: Voters did not elect Frank so he could have easier access to deviant sex. 2nd issue: Frank abused his position and power and used public money in the process. 3rd issue: Frank calls questions of a potential ethical conflict “nonsense.”

 “It is a common thing in Washington for members of Congress to have spouses work for the federal government. There is no rule against it at all.” said Frank.  HE'S NOT YOUR SPOUSE! There's no rule that says I can't stick a knife in my eye but it's still not a good idea. This guy should go to jail for this.


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