The POTUS Embarrassment Tour

Our president has taken taken his embarrassment world tour to Europe. It kicked off with a stop in Ireland and a claim of Irish roots. So I guess it's now O'Bama. This guy is the first Christian Muslim African American Hawaiian Irish bi racial left handed ambidextrous presidential buffoon in history.

Apparently O'Bama was so full or it his limo could not even carry him over a ramp as Obama was exiting the US embassy in Dublin. Yes his limo got stuck. It's a metaphor of sorts, as it readily draws a parallel to the fact that the US as a whole has been stuck with a miserable economy that never gets better, ever since the president came into office.

Things did not get any better on London as Obama (now back to the proper English spelling) flubbed a toast as bad as a best man at at wedding telling about all the girls the groom slept with before he decided on one to marry.
There he stood, raising a glass "to Her Majesty the Queen," whereupon the band -- in keeping with the usual signal -- began playing "God Save the Queen" and the other guests stood glassless, according to protocol, while Obama finished his remarks over the music. Thank God Michelle didn't start to dance!

Maybe he just just stay in the backyard for awhile

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