Bin Laden - His Legacy

The news of that Osama Bin Laden comes with multiple reactions. I found out about 7 hours after the news broke as I turned on the morning news.

It is by far the biggest victory for the Obama administration. I wasnt really sure if the United States was even still activly looking for Bin Laden. Oh sure if we found him they would grab him, but beyond that who knew?

What I forgot was the fact that our military does not change with a new president. Thank God we have men and women who are highly trained, paitent and do not easily forget.

It is also a huge victory for our military. Kudos to our Navy SEALS who got the job done but let us not forget all those in inteligence agents and each branch of the service who have worked for over a decade to bring justice to those murdered on 9/11.

I do have to say I felt a bit uncomfortable with the juballie in the streets as people learned the news. The atmosphe resemeble a home team victory and in a way it certainly was. However the celebration of death struck me as odd. Don't get me wrong, I'm as happy as anyone that the bastard is no longer part of this world, but the headline "Rot In Hell" seemed a bit uncooth for America.

I remember a video of a toothless women cheering the death of American in some God forsaken country when the towers fell. Did we just resemble her?

It's time our government had some long hard conversations with Pakistan. It is clear there is no way Bin Laden was hiding there without the knowledge of Pakistani government officials. They have some explaining to do. We as a country need to carefully examine each of our so called allies in the region. There are many who are playing both sides of the field and that can not be tolerated.

While Obama was the name on the Marquee, the sick, twisted and evil idealism of radical Islam has not died yet. There are still those who consider Bin Laden a hero and who champion murder as a form of worship. That is a reason to subdue our celebration.

Bin Laden does leave behind a legacy for those that hate the American way of life.  He has taught them if you murder Americans, we will find you no matter how long it takes. Justice will be served one way or another. Knock down our buildings and we will rebuild. Srtike us and we will band together despite political differences. We have fought for freedom and independence since the birth of our nation and have no intention of ceasing those efforts.

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