Poetry with the Home Boys

Obama “will celebrate American poetry and prose with a gathering of poets, musicians and artists at the White House next Wednesday night.” One of the poets who will attend is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. who goes by the name “Common.”

This guy is no Shakespeare. He is a rapper. I suppose you can say rap is modern poetry but when is comes to Obama "How do I loath thee? Let me count the ways"

Common attended Obama's old church of hate speech. Both were members of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

Gee, I wonder if any of that idealism made it's way into Commons lyrics? Nope, unless you count cop-killing and racially-tinged or misogynist language.

Let me share a bit of his poetry with you:
"Tell the law my Uzi weighs a ton … I hold up a peace sign but I carry a gun”
“I don’t know what it is / but white girls gettin’ ass / I know what it is / It’s cash.”

Common named his daughter after Assata Shakur, a Black Panther who was convicted of first-degree murder 1977. She escaped from prison and exiled to Cuba. The FBI recognizes her as a domestic terrorist.

Nice role model huh?

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