Cheers to Changes - Wine and spirits at beer distributors

After attending the Pittsburgh Wine Festival and talking to folks from all different backgrounds the common complaint is the way adult beverages are regulated in the commonwealth of Pennsylvainia.

If you want bottle of wine you can get from the new kiosks but selection is limited as are the kiosks. You can go to a state store but not all store carry the same products.

If you want a 6 pack of beer you have to go to a restaurant, bar or one of a limited number of grocery stores, but a case has to come from a distributor. And forget ordering products online and having them shipped. It's against the law.

It rules always seem crazy to me and the only time things seem to change is when the job security of the union state store employees is threatened. Another change may be coming.

Under a new proposal your corner beer distributor would be able to sell wine and liqueur according to State Rep. John Payne, R-Derry Twp. He will soon introduce a bill to allow the roughly 1,200 beer distributors statewide to apply for a free permit to carry wine and spirits.

Wholesalers would also have the option to apply for a permit to sell wine and liquor, but it would cost $50 million.
Payne’s proposal, the latest salvo in the debate over whether Pennsylvania should sell its state-owned liquor stores to private operators, would leave the state liquor stores intact.


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