I came in this morning, turned on my computer and there it was.... the blue screen of death. "Inexecuteable boot drive sector". Well it should just say "Your Computer is Broke" because beyond that I'm lost.

That pesky file the kept rewritng itself last week has now grown into a full blown disaster! "pmljk.dll" is pure evil! So my hard drive is on the floor as I beg someone much smarter than me the come to my rescue. Therefore, untill my computer is in recovery, my posting my be a bit lacking. I'll send you handwritten notes till then.

So I'm in the air studio updating this. In the news, Tammy Faye passes, I'm moving to Ava Maria, Flordia and we need your help with our Joni & Freinds campagin. Tune in on Tuesday or give on the web and help us if you can.

Sorry for the short post, I hope to be back up and running soon!