From the editorial:

The NIE also gives the lie to the notion that the gang calling itself al Qaeda in Iraq is somehow distinct and independent from the one the U.S. went to war with after 9/11. The recent arrest and interrogation of a top figure in the Iraqi outfit indicates that the original al Qaeda leaders "continue to provide directions, they continue to provide a focus for operations, they continue to flow foreign fighters into Iraq," according to Brig. Gen. Kevin Bergner, a U.S. military spokesman.

All this being the case, it would be useful to hear from some of our Presidential hopefuls--Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama come to mind--on how they intend to fight al Qaeda once they have removed U.S. forces from Iraq. For that matter, would they favor a U.S. military incursion into Pakistan should it continue to be a sanctuary for al Qaeda? And what about Iran and Syria, which continue to funnel arms to Hezbollah, another group the NIE warns may be prepared to launch terrorist attacks against the U.S.?

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