Hanson notes an important irony in liberal talk of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine: There is a sort of irony in the debate over talk radio. Of all our media, it is perhaps the most populist. A radio host requires neither a journalism degree nor political connections. He just needs sheer talent. The unforgiving market - judged by how many turn the dial to your show or call in with questions - alone adjudicates success. Liberals who profess affinity for the little guy should welcome this prairie-fire revolt against the more highbrow New York Times, CBS News or NPR. Hanson concludes: Rather than promoting government audit of our opinion media, liberals should master talk radio and cable news. And conservatives should work harder at providing counter-voices in Hollywood, on the campuses, and amid the major networks and newspapers. Then let the best men and women win in the free arena of ideas and entertainment. ( See, also, Russell Shubin’s commentary on the Fairness Doctrine: “Big Brother’s Doctrine” (

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