And We Off

So 2009 is here. Last year brought many changes and I'm sure the trend will continue.

I stopped by WORD FM just before Christmas. It was good to see those that were there. Stephanie has departed for greener pastures and there is now a bit of an on air contest to find a partner for John. No, I'm not entering. They know me and where to find me.

It seems like the world was turned upside down in 08. The stock markets, and gas pumps crashed, Obama gets his four year shot and a self-proclaimed hockey mom is now the most googled political figure in history.

That's enough looking back. Let's look forward. When you are at the bottom there is nowhere to go but up. I think.....

As for me, I've launched my own company. Pierce Events. I'm taking my experience, contacts and talents and putting them to work for companies, individuals and non-profit organization in the area.

The website is still being developed by you will find it at

If I can help with your next event please give me a call.

Well let's cross our fingers (whatever that does) and hope for the best.

Many blessings in 2009 to you!

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