Radio Waves


Could the dreded Fairness Doctrine bring an end to tlak radio? WPGB program director Jay Bohannon thinks the new Obama Administration might keep things cooking for the talk format in 2009. He tells the Post-Gazette, "These guys are pretty much salivating over the whole state of politics at this point." He continues, "I do see the conservative genre of talk radio being extraordinarily popular over the next four years. When Bill Clinton was in office, Rush Limbaugh exploded."

Hey Jay, how about the Powerball show??? Call the station now folks!

Meanwhile the recent returning member of KDKA Mike Pintek and Fred Honsberger don't see their jobs changing. Pintek says "If Obama does something right, I'm going to say good for him, and if he does something I think is wrong, I'm going to say that, too."

Media watchdog group Media Matters recently gave local host Jim Quinn a "radioactive" rating because they feel his speeches could be "hazardous to listeners." According to the Post-Gazette, Media Matters was founded in 2004 as a progressive/liberal organization keeping a watchful eye on all media. It was founded by David Brock whose conversion from a right-wing journalist is told in his book, "Blinded by the Right" Oh great, now I have Manfred Man stuck in my head.

The organization's mission is to "draw awareness to what is being said on the public airwaves and analyze and correct conservative misinformation in the media." Mr. Brock, please review the first four letters in the word ANALYZE

There are some changes coming to 1590 WZUM. It's developing and I'll let you know as things happen.

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