It's Been Awhile

Hi all. My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I have watched the change of power in the good ol' USA and despite my hopes, our new president seems to be the exact type of person I fear. I don't like to judge, but if you claim Christianity and voted for Obama who on day one tossed the sanctity of life out the window .... well it downright shameful.

In other news.... I've also been continuing the launch of Pierce Events. I've decided to take my years of promotions, event experience and production and out it use planning and producing events for corporate, private and non-profit groups. The website is up (although sill being developed) you can check it out at

Please call me if you, your church or anyone you know could use some help with an event. We do everything from weddings to fund raisers.

I have to get back to regular posts. Please check back often and thank you for your continued support of PowerBlog!

Shaun Pierce
PowerBlog Editor.

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