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Renda Broadcasting's WISH (99.7) and WJAS (1320) ceased their online broadcasting feature on January 1, 2009 "due to escalating royalty fees for online streaming broadcasts." Renda Broadcasting was among the first to pull music from the internet a number of years ago when the RIAA challenged whether there should be further royalties incurred for broadcasting over the net.

In Make Me Vomit TV News...

HBO's is airing "The Trials of Ted Haggard" the former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, who fell from grace after a scandal involving gay sex and drugs. Haggard comes off as pitiful, a self-described "first-class loser" who appears to be suicidal at one point. But the timing on this is interesting after new allegations came out late last week that Haggard had a relationship with a twentysomething male church volunteer. The new guy stepped forward to talk about his supposed relationship with Haggard because he feared the HBO doc would present Haggard as a victim.

Haggard told Newsweek that he never had an adult same-sex encounter with anyone other than male prostitute Mike Jones, whose revelations kicked off the Haggard scandal in 2006. Someone is not telling the truth.

My suggestion to Ted is to just go away. I forgot about you until you ran back in to the HBO spotlight. How many evangelical preachers would even admit they watch anything on HBO? Maybe Ted should audition for Sex in the City next?

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