Commentary: Recent Headlines

By Jim Pierce

Here are some headlines which have appeared recently:

NYC Mayor Bloomberg declares war on salt. Table salt!

Mayor – don’t you have anything better to do? How about putting some smokers in jail?

Stimulus Gives Cash to Illegals. No Social Security Number Needed.

Pelosi justifies $335,000,000 stimulus expenditure for STD.

Stimulus ear marks 25,000,000 for an ATV trail. Why does an ATV need a trail?

Obama’s Illegal Aunt seeks asylum after ignoring a 2004 deportation order. Hey Barack – have some cohones and give her asylum and while you’re at it send your half brother that lives on 20.00 a month a few of your bucks.

Jack Murtha offers to take Gitmo prisoners. Speak for yourself Jack. I don’t want terrorist in my back yard.

Holder receives Spector OK as Attorney General. Great judgment Arlen. You and Holder must have the same set of blinders. He O.K.’s the Mark Rich pardon and you OK him.

Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geither who oversees the IRS has been picked and confirmed by the Senate after it was disclosed that he “made a mistake” on his taxes. Obama wants him to lead the economic recovery and he either can’t do his taxes on Turbo Tax or he is a tax cheat.

Does anyone have any trouble believing the lowest approval ratings in history for Congress and the government in general? Sure Obama has high numbers now but I am sure he will catch up with Congress in no time.

We have the worst leadership I can imagine. Almost every elected official has one goal in mind and that is to increase their own power; the good of the country be damned. (Both Republicans and Democrates) We are now in the middle of a terrible economic downturn, recession, depression what ever you want to call it and our governmental leaders are only looking out for themselves.

Memo to Congress: If you want to stimulate the economy cut out taxes. I don’t mean reduce them I mean cut them out completely. Your going to borrow a trillion dollars before this stimulus package is paid for so instead of borrowing to spend it on the stimulus just stop collecting it. It is easy, fast, and equal. This country would be back on its feet before the 4th of July.

Memo to Obama: Try hiring honest, hardworking, truthful people as aides. So far all I have seen is Clinton retreads, lobbyist, tax cheats, and pardon sellers. My apology goes out to those aides who are hardworking, honest, and truthful people. I hope you are there but right now I can’t see you through the cloud of b.s. which is hanging over Washington.

Why do I think this will fall on deaf ears?

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