Metcalfe Challenges McCall for PA House Speaker

From the Press Release: Massive budget deficits created by excessive state spending; out of touch state government salary increases and bonuses; billions of dollars in increased taxation and debt, both past and currently looming over the 2009-2010 state budget process, have all motivated Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) to announce his candidacy for Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives with the following statement:

“The recent history-making headlines of financial institution bailouts, automobile manufacturer bailouts to the governor’s Boscov’s department store bailout scheme have left Pennsylvania taxpayers legitimately perplexed and dismayed at the reality disconnect of their government.

“It would be beyond na├»ve to expect any degree of fiscal responsibility from the Democrat candidate for Speaker who represents and continues to support all the most reprehensible elements of past legislatures, including his votes for the:

• Rendell administration’s welfare state expanding, deficit-creating budgets.

• Rendell administration’s 2003 Personal Income Tax increase.

• July 2005 unconstitutional state government pay raise.

“Collectively, his actions expose him as part of the problem, not the solution. In sharp, crystal clear contrast, I have consistently voted against the excessive spending, appropriated not only by the legislature during the Rendell administration, but also during the Ridge administration. During my ten years in office I have never voted for a tax increase and I voted against, and led the fight in the state House to repeal the 2005 state government pay raise in its entirety. Read more....

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