95% of US Should be Mad

How many times did we hear it in the campaign? "95% of Americans will receive a tax cut under the Obama plan".

As they say down south.... "Horsepucky!"

All that talk about Fiscal Restraint has turned into $8.8 Trillion In Debt. They said they would go "line by line" to enforce fiscal discipline. The budget has more lines then the telephone company, and no one is taking anything out.

Not that any of this is a surprise, but we should be keeping score. Let's add these facts to the score card. During the stimulus debate, Democrats promised a tax cut for 95% of Americans. That tax cut amounts to nearly $13 a week for an average family. 13 bucks is better then nothing, but I doubt it's going to stimulate much. Maybe you can get cheese on your burger now.

This whopping tax credit ends in two years. The Bush tax cuts will expire. At the same time that they are ending their tax credit, the Democrats' budget institutes tax hikes on energy, small businesses, housing and charitable giving. So you get to keep $13 of your money and use it (and then some) to pay for the multiple other tax hikes. Congratulations to those of you who bought hope and change for 13 bucks.

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