Rendell may remove Turnpike commissioner tied to Fumo

Gov. Ed Rendell said today he isn't sure if he'll try to remove Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Chairman Mitchell Rubin, whose name came up during the just-ended public corruption trial of ex-Sen. Vincent Fumo.

Mr. Rubin is married to former Fumo aide Ruth Arnao, who also was convicted yesterday on corruption charges, along with Mr. Fumo. Mr. Rubin was mentioned in the federal indictment of Mr. Fumo, with allegations that Mr. Fumo gave him a high-paying "ghost job" where he did little. The indictment alleged Mr. Rubin had a job paying $30,000 a year for five years but requiring little work.

Mr. Rendell, who is from Philadelphia, as are Mr. Fumo and Mr. Rubin, said that although he named Mr. Rubin to the turnpike commission, he isn't sure he has the power to remove him or ask him to resign.

Hello, you are the Gov! You can ask him. Heck I can ask him! Come on Eddie....

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