Spector - Toomey "The Sequal"

If you read this blog back in 2004, it's no secret that I backed Congressman Pat Toomey in his effort to defeat Sen. Arlan Spector. I even helped out on the Toomey campaign.

The decision of Sen. Rick Santorum at the time to back Spector over Toomey left a bad taste in my mouth, as it did many others. I still believe that decision played a key role in the Santorum defeat. As fate would have it, Santorum (the conservative) is out while Spector (the RINO) is still in. That must change. Toomey agrees and is out to make it happen.

This rematch would pit Toomey, 47, against Specter, 79, seeking his sixth-consecutive Senate term. Buoyed by conservative irritation with Specter’s barely Republican, big-government record, Toomey came within two percentage points of retiring Specter in 2004.

Welcome to 2004 all over again, yet this time I asking all of my readers to start now and make sure the nameplate on the Spector office door gets changed to "Toomey".

Why? Specter, of course, was one of three GOP senators who voted for Obama's stimulus sham, he has constantly supported abortion and often goes against conservative values. You can bet the recent stimulus vote will be a big issue in a Specter-Toomey primary.

I'm very cautious endorsing candidates. Not that I'm anyone special, but integrity is important to me. I've met and spoken with Pat Toomey. I've followed his work with the Club for Growth and I can say I trust him. Trust a politician??? It's rare but I do. That last sentence could certainly come back to haunt me but I believe in this man enough to take that risk.

While it not "offical", I'm announcing the Pat Toomey is running for Senator. I've already contacted the Club for Growth and I want to work on the campaign. (Anyone associated with the campaign contact me!)

Like in 2004, the political machine will come to life when Arlen Specter pursues re-election in 2010. That's why we must start NOW. While top Republicans back him in tight races, he typically joins Democrats when the GOP desperately needs him. Exhibit A: Specter’s February 13 “stimulus” vote, which will cost more than $1 trillion after interest payments are slathered atop its $787 billion budget

Peg Luksik has already officially announced her candidacy against Specter in next year’s GOP primary. Luksik ran for governor three times in the 1990s – once as a Republican and twice as a third-party candidate. While I admire her efforts and join her desire the defeat Spector, I feel Mr. Toomey is the stronger candidate.

Since 2005, Toomey has led the Club for Growth, a Washington-based pro-market advocacy group and PAC that is one of America’s most influential voices for fiscal discipline and economic progress.

Toomey believes he can bring the Spector era to a close. He won a congressional seat in a Democrat-leaning district that has voted for the Democrat in the last five presidential elections. He was reelected twice, and has never lost a general election. Not to mention he will promote and fight for the free-market at a time when it’s sorely needed.

We will continue to follow Mr. Toomey as things develop.

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