On The Radar

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis (and strong supporter of the Employee Free Choice Act) has so many ties to dirty money, it’s unbelievable. Read Here

Rep. Jeff Flake doesn’t give up. Check out how Rep. John Murtha could finally get the investigation he deserves. Here

PENCE SAYS GOP BUDGET COMING THIS WEEK: U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, talking on Sean Hannity’s radio show, said the GOP budget alternative will be ready this week. “The Republican proposal is going to be built on fiscal restraint,” Pence said. “When our own Paul Ryan, our lead Republican on the Budget Committee, introduces the Republican budget next week you’re going to see a Party that is willing to make the kind of tough choices to put our fiscal house in order. We are going to make the commitment which the Democrats and this Administration are not doing to real entitlement reform…”

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