Birth Control and The Christian Part II

UPDATE: Dr. Allan Carlson is scheduled to be on the John & Stephaine show June 21 at 4:40pm on 101.5 WORD Fm in Pittsburgh.

Back in November of 2004, I wrote a piece on the myth of birth control, It a myth that millions of Christians have accepted. We did a show on it and had two doctors live on the air that both had different ideas as to when life begins. Is it when the egg is fertilized or when it attaches to the wall?

What the two doctors did agree on is the fact that there is a lot we just don't know. We can't say for certain that the use of birth control does not and never will cause an abortion. That is the one fact in this whole debate we need to put in neon lights.

All of you Christians out there reading this and using birth control need to understand.... It is possible by using birth control pills you are causing (albeit unknowingly) an abortion. Let that sink in a moment.

Millions of Christians could be having abortions every year without even knowing it! Just that fact must cause us to review our decisions and answer the question: Are we doing things because it's God's will or because it's convenient for us?

Back then I was slammed for even suggesting such a thing. Many chalked it up to "Catholic teaching" and dismissed my ideas. But now more Protestants are questioning are contraception
Pro-life principles inconsistent with ‘birth control’?

Fact is Protestants and Catholics were united in opposing contraception until the mid–twentieth century. Since then, the Catholic Church has stood virtually alone on the issue. But some pro-life Protestants are rediscovering that marriage and procreation are intertwined blessings.

Family experts DR. ALLAN CARLSON and PAUL MERO—neither of whom is Catholic—explain why many believers of various denominations are deciding that birth control is incompatible with a biblical world view.

In The Natural Family: A Manifesto, Carlson and Mero describe what our public policy would look like if we were serious about restoring the American family. They show why the family is in crisis and what we can do to preserve the most fundamental and wholesome relationship on earth. None of it is new. But finally people are being to understand what the Catholic church has been teaching and the reasoning behind it. Muslims are not using birth control and simple math should sound an alarm for all Christians.

I intend to try and get Dr. Carlson on the show. In the meantime to read the essay by Dr. Allan Carlson on Protestants and contraception, go here