Terri Schiavo: An Indelible Impact

On May 27, USA TODAY released a list titled, "Lives of indelible impact" over the past 25 years. Number 12 on this list was Terri Schiavo.

The introduction that also included Pope John II, Mother Teresa and the heroes of 911 began by stating, "They blazed trails. They showed courage. They made us cry. They are the 25 on USA TODAY's list of people who moved us in the past quarter- century. Most are famous, but some are ordinary folks in extraordinary situations. Many became accidental leaders, even heroes, whose spirit enriched our lives."

Terri's brother, Bobby Schindler said, "As I travel throughout the US and around the world speaking about my beloved sister, I continue to be deeply moved by the number of people who are very disturbed with the manner in which Terri was deliberately killed. My family and I are also constantly humbled by the way she has touched the hearts and changed the lives of so many."

All life has meaning. Even if the "experts" disagree.

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