Analyzing the Talk About a Transit Shutdown

For months we have been watching a marathon bargaining impasse between the County Executive and the Port Authority Board on one side and the Amalgamated Transit workers on the other. The impasse is characterized by union intransigence over retiree health benefits and a threat by the Chief Executive to force the system to shut down through the creation of a massive revenue shortfall by withholding matching funds needed to gain the release of state assistance. The Executive has stated forcefully that if the union does not make substantial concessions on legacy costs and other issues, he will not release County funds being generated by the new drink and car rental taxes. Continue

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Anonymous said...

I find the whole thing disgraceful, both sides need to grow and and consider all of the people that they would be inconveniencing, the problems that will occur if emergency vehicles need to get through and what about the people who have no car and rely solely on public transportation.