Radio Waves

Newlin leaves, Jeniffer Arrives
WPXI-TV (11) vmorning anchor Newlin Archinal said her goodbyes on the air. Within hours of Newlin Archinal's departure from Channel 11, Corrie Harding announced that Jennifer Abney would take the duties sometime after October 20. Abney comes to the station from WKRG where she's been performing similar duties.

Lanny Frattare retires
After 33 years of announcing Pirate games, Lanny Frattare is giving up his spot on the air. 33 years is longer than any other announcer in the 122-year history of the Pirates - even longer than the famed Bob Prince. Greg Brown, Bob Walk, Steve Blass and John Wehner will return for the 2009 season.

Delilah pens a book
Nationally syndicated radio host, Delilah, has just published a book containing some of her favorite stories from listeners over the years. The book is entitled, "Love Matters: Remarkable Love Stories That Touch the Heart and Nourish the Soul".

Madden to WXDX
Mark Madden wil land at WXDX (105.9). ESPN will release Madden from his contract at the end of the month to allow him to make the move. A source says ESPN could have kept Madden off the air for another year, but opted to release him in order to use the $12,000 monthly salary in other areas. October 6 is a likely start date during the 3-7 pm shift. That will pit him up against the "Paulsen, Logan and Crow" show which replaced the former Madden show on 1250.

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