Couric: 'Palin Makes No Apologies for Her Pro-Life Views'

(From News Busters) It was the kind of liberal media bias that is perhaps the most telling of all. The unconscious sort, revealing a Main Stream Media's world view. On today's Early Show, introducing the portion of her interview with Sarah Palin dealing with abortion, Katie Couric states: "Palin says she makes no apologies for her pro-life views."

Can you ever imagine Couric introducing an interview with a Dem and saying "so-and-so makes no apologies for his pro-choice views"? In Couric's circles, support for abortion rights in this default position, the view that all right-thinking people hold. No apologies necessary.

But being "pro-life"? That's the kind of thing any cultured person should really consider apologizing for. If Palin won't, so be it: but she better not expect to be invited to the better parties on the Vineyard this summer. Read more..

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