Joe The Plumber And The Homeless

From Gary Bauer: Two news stories out of Ohio yesterday provide us with a telling glimpse into the leftwing mindset of America’s elites.

A federal judge (a Clinton appointee) ruled that homeless people can list their “park bench” as a valid “home” for the purposes of voting. Now, obviously, this ruling makes voter fraud much more likely. But the Left, knowing it can exploit these “voters,” will make grand idealistic arguments that a liberal federal judge will buy into regarding the “rights” of the homeless. And there are widespread reports of street people being given alcohol and money in exchange for voting for Obama.

Contrast this with how Ohio government officials have treated another citizen – Joe Wurzelbacher, the now famous plumber. Joe pays taxes. His taxes go, in part, to help the homeless. He lives in a home. He is a free citizen of these great United States. He is an informed voter. He responsibly exercised his right of free speech to tell a candidate for public office that if he raised taxes, it would hurt people like Joe, who is working very hard to buy his own small business. As of today, at least three Ohio government employees (including a police clerk!) have admitted to using government computers and resources to find information on Joe to smear him in the public square.

The contrast could scarcely be more stark. The Left exploits the homeless for its own political gain and endangers the integrity of our elections, while it declares war on the shop keeper, the plumber, the entrepreneur and the businessman.

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