Murtha, Murtha, Murtha!

(To be repeated like Jan Brady’s, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”)

The “Right Wing Attack Machine” has been resurrected according to embattled Johnstown Congressman John Murtha. And what is the “Right Wing Attack Machine” doing? They are simply playing audio clips of Murtha:

Slamming his constituents as “racists”

Slamming his constituents as “rednecks”

Claiming that no G** D*** way will a “carpet bagging” [Marine] be elected in his heavily Democrat district

And lest anyone forget…..

Accusing our Marines in Iraq of committing cold blooded murder

It seems to this observer that all of the Murtha “attacks” are all actually self-inflicted. Now Murtha is appealing to for support, and in an email to supporters, is begging for an additional $1 million to fight these “attacks”. You gotta love it – Murtha begging for campaign contributions in order to respond to his own sound bites.

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